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Chapter Seven- Goodbye

For a moment Seto thought he was still unconscious. Then he realized he couldn't be unconscious if he was conscious to speculate about being unconscious. He looked around. Slowly his vision returned to him. The moonlight washed over the landscape like a welcome flood, and the wind chilled his naked chest viscously.

He was in a graveyard. The stones were stark cement against the somber grass, and the lone owl hooted mirthlessly as it streaked overhead. He couldn't move his arms. His legs were spread before him, his pants his only item of clothing, but he was tied to what he assumed was another tombstone with rope.

But it wasn't all of this that disturbed him. It was the view. He recognized this place. And before him lay a grave he visited often.

Mokuba Kaiba


Dragon's Lost Brother

Kaiba's breathing became strained as he struggled like a wild animal against his bonds.


He roared, the strength of the drug at its fullest as his rage assisted the effects.

" There's not much of your family left to insult. " said a quiet, familiar voice.

Seto's eyes narrowed as Yami stepped smirking out of the shadows. Casually he sat down on Mokuba's grave, and started playing with a long, curved butterfly knife. His eyes were red and tearstained, but bitter, and Kaiba saw that his wrists were bleeding.

" YAMI! What is the meaning of this! I'm going to TEAR YOU APART!"

Yami's watery smile widened, and he moved the knife in a negative gesture.

" So fearsome is my Asian dragon." He thought aloud. " So cold and mean and utterly blind to all." The Egyptian nodded towards the headstone. " Your life went with him, didn't it? You were right about the archives; I know everything about you, Seto. Even though you treat me like dirt and don't tell me anything, I worshiped you. I know what he meant to you. I thought it would be appropriate for you to die with him. The only one you've ever loved."

Seto paled involuntarily.

" What are you talking about!"

He growled defiantly, watching as Yami made his way slowly to him. The Egyptian placed himself inches away, then reached out and ran his fingers through Seto's hair.

" It's over." He said, his voice filled with delirious anguish. " Your empire will be divided among the ravenous until it is either exposed or burns itself out, and you, the person, will be forgotten.

" Except by me. You've trapped me, Seto. You took away everything and left me in a prison. Now even when you die there is no hope for me. I'm a servant to the cycle, and I'll die of grief when you go because I've burned all my other bridges."

The Egyptian's tears flowed freely and made Seto all the more angry.

Where was the god? Who was this shattered saint of sin that kept him so bound?

" All I ever wanted was you." Yami continued. " You or rehab. Either one. But really you. Why couldn't you love me, huh? WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!"

" You're insane." Kaiba murmured, but said nothing else, for his hands had touched something that stopped his head from spinning and froze his blood.

His knife. Hidden in his left wristband.

" Look at us, Seto." Yami whispered, the knife coming up and slitting another large gash in his own wrist. " We don't deserve to live. The Crocodile god will most certainly devour our souls. The blood on our hands is unwashable. And I hate you for that .I hate you for loving you and condemn you for condemning me. And I swear by the gods that I will make sure you precede me into hell."

Kaiba flinched as the knife pressed hard so that it left a large, red " X" on his chest, where his heart was.

" See!" Yami said with the eerie glee of a child, his face still streaming. " I'm doing the hurting! You can't hurt me anymore!"

The former lutennient grabbed the sides of the brunette's head and leaned forward. Seto's mouth opened to the kiss, if anything to buy more time. In such tender moments Yami was bound to drag this out.

Sure enough, it was the best, most passionate embrace he'd ever received from this particular deity, and the finality of it nearly brought the human in him to compassion.


At last Yami broke off and rested his head on his shoulder.

" Goodbye, Seto." He sobbed.

" GOODBYE!" Seto roared, and pushed the Egyptian off of him.

With a yell he raised his own blade, but Yami knocked it aside and punched him in the eye.

" NO!" he protested furiously, then vaulted over a headstone to regain his bearings.

Seto stood and flipped his weapon, then lunged at the former lutennient. Yami ducked and Kaiba went careening over his head, landing hard on a crucifix stone that knocked the wind out of him.

He could hear Yami coming up behind him, sobbing and cursing madly. Quickly he ducked low and turned, slashing at the Egyptian's stomach.

Yami dodged, though his hands were slick with his own blood and he lost his grip on his weapon. Quickly Kaiba seized it and ran at him, but Yami soon disappeared into a cluster of life-sized mausoleums.

" Come and find me, Seto!" he pleaded. " Let's play hide and seek!"

Seto gripped the blades tighter and grit his teeth. The crickets chirped sadistically as he inched his way around the first stone, his ears straining for a sound, his eyes spinning with images, real and imaginary.

Then he caught it; a rustle from behind. Seto spun around just in time to see the end of a tanned heal. He pivoted and met Yami as he tried to cross to another stone, and slashed in the air with his stick knife. It cut clear through the branch Yami seized to defend himself, but Yami moved in and shoved him up against the stone.

With a quick twist to the wrists the blades fell to the ground, and soon he was pummeling Kaiba mercilessly, insanity defining every inch of him.

Seto didn't stand for this long. With a bellow of primal fury, the brunette kicked out, putting distance between himself and the Egyptian, then drove his boot into his stomach viciously, wrenching a groan from the former lutennient. Fluidly he straddled him and fought to pin his arms down, adding blood and bruises to the Egpytian's flawless face. When he was weak and barely moving Seto closed his fingers around the tan, tender throat.

" You should never have challenged me, Yami." he hissed.

But his hiss was cut off and morphed into a grunt of pain and surprise as the Egyptian leaned forward. Yami had acquired the fallen stick knife, and jammed it right where he'd carved the bloody X.


So this is how it ends. His grief contorted face stares above mine as I fall to my knees, the searing agony shooting through me with every pulse of my slowing heart. This, is my companion to the grave. This drugged monster of my creation whose very sanity depended on my love.

I am happy to be rid of the annoyance. My vision is leaving me again, for what I hope to be the last time. A beautiful numbness spreads throughout me now…it's all going away! The pin and fear and remorse and dread. The drama and pressure and strength of memory. I'm free of it all.

I smile, for my last victory has been gained.

The victory of release.



Yami watched as the light in his eyes faded. Seto's face was paler than the moon as he fell, the knife leaving him devastatingly wounded. To the Egyptian's grim astonishment Seto laughed once, sending blood trickling down his chin, and then he was no more.

Just another hapless corpse among the bones.

Yami threw the weapon aside, then fell as well, his head splitting, red eating at the edges of his vision. Despondently he looked down at his gore-covered arms, at the self-inflicted gashes he knew he would have made again, so great was his anguish.

Then he too, began to laugh. He laughed and laughed as he stared with failing eyes at his dead companion. This beautiful creature he had slaughtered. His tormentor and dealer of pleasure and pain. His life.

The laughter quickly gave way to violent sobs as an inhuman wave of depression swept of ver him. Yami lay down beside this body, so recently murdered; the flesh still warm, hair still lustrous. Unrevolted he took the corpse of Seto Kaiba in his arms and buried his face in the still-bleeding chest.

" Look Seto." He whispered. " Look! I found it! I found your heart!"


Officer Valentine wrinkled her nose as she gave the forensics team leave to take the bodies.

" I'll tell you Pegasus, I've never seen anything like it." She exclaimed. " You saw! Just curled up in eachother's arms as if it were, I don't know, planned or something."

Her white-maned partner shook his head thoughtfully. " It might've been a ritual suicide."

Officer Valentine's violet eyes sparkled. " But then how does that explain the smack? These two had enough hash in their blood to kill some horses."

" Was there any ID?" Pegasus inquired.

" Not a scrap. Not even a dog tag! Guess it's another John Doe grave for these two."

Pegasus was about to agree, when something caught his eye.

A business card, lying bloodied on the ground. Quickly he picked it up and read the two words written in fancy gold font.

The Dragon

" What do you suppose this is?" he murmured.

Valentine shrugged. " I don't know. A motorcycle gang, maybe?"

Pegasus frowned. " Do me a favor. When you talk to the gentleman at the morgue, ask to have " The Dragons" inscribed on the tombstone if nobody claims the bodies. I'll pay for it myself. Also, if they remain unidentified I think they should be buried together. It just seems wrong to pull them apart."

OfficerValentine laughed heartily. " You're an oddball Max. What do you care! I'll tell you one thing, though. This'll make one hell of a news story. I mean, imagine what people will write about this!"

Pegasus smiled sadly. " Yes, there will be much speculation. But no one will ever really know what went on here last night. I would've given anything to see it. What could've possibly driven two healthy boys to such an end?"

Officer Valentine shrugged again, characteristically detached. " Beats me, but quit whining already and lets get some coffee. For some reason this has made me tired."


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