Post-"The Greater Good," Charlie wonders with Claire, rather excessively, why it was Sawyer's voice that calmed Turnip-head and not his own. Humorish, including some light-hearted Charlie moaning. 350 word ficlet. Please feel free to leave any kind of reviews, since I am rather new at "Lost" writing.

"Just doesn't seem fair, is all."

"Come again?" Claire asked, perplexed, as she took her son from Charlie's arms.

"Well … it's just that … okay, I used to be in a band," he began to explain.

Claire chuckles, joyfully, "Yeah, you've said, Charlie. Several times, actually."

"Right. So my bloody question is … why does 'Turnip-head' here prefer Sawyer's voice to mine? I mean I used to serenade shrieking teenage girls with this voice. They would faint, Claire."

"Oh, don't feel bad. It's probably only because of Sawyer's accent."

"I've got an accent, too, you know!"

Claire considers this for a moment. "Well, that's different. Your accent is too similar to mine. I'm sure the baby's accustomed to my accent already ... and, therefore, also yours."

"Yeah," Charlie says, scratching his head, "that must be it."

She smiles and begins. "So, anyway, I wanted to thank you for taking such good care of –"

"No, Claire, wait! You just don't understand. I walked with that kid, I swayed for that kid, Hurley and I crooned to the poor sap and nothing kept him quiet. Then Sawyer the ponce just comes along and starts simply grumblin' to me and all is solved. It just doesn't make any soddin' sense!"

Claire sighs. "Listen, you, mister, are thinking way too much about this. Just let it go." With these words, Claire starts walking away.

"No, hey! Claire, wait! I'll have you know," he shouts, pointing after her, pathetically, "that Charlie Pace is a bloody rock god! And I don't care what your son, who is definitely off his rocker, by the by, thinks. Hey! Claire, are you listening to me!" he moans.

But all Claire is capable of doing is tilting her head back, roaring in laughter, and hugging her cheerful son closer to her body as she turns her head slightly to see Charlie and shout back, "Keep thinking whatever it is you need to keep your boat rocking, you sexy rock god you."

Grinning, Claire enters the cave, leaving Charlie alone, frowning and grudgingly kicking the sand beneath his feet.