Brightfang - Second Thoughts is going to consist of different ThunderClan cats expressing what they think of Fireheart becoming leader. I am open to suggestions so in your reviews I would appreciate if you would put down the name of a cat you would like me to write on. Thank you! D

Graystripe was on boarder patrol by himself, but if a cat were to come up behind him, he wouldn't be much a patrol. He was mostly pacing back and forth, inching along the river. Fireheart had just left after a short goodbye to go to Moonstone to get his nine lives and his name. With only slight realization, he knew he was in awe of Fireheart. The same cat her met as a kittypet, trained with, became a warrior with, and got into a lot of trouble with since they were apprentices; this same cat… he closest friend…was now going to be the leader of his Clan.

He stopped after a few moments of pacing and realized he was instinctively inching towards Silverstream's grave, as he usually did when he needed help. He blinked the sadness from his eyes and remembered his kits growing up safe in RiverClan. Featherpaw and Stormpaw are well taken care of he told himself for about the millionth time since he left them.

As difficult as it was, he forced himself to stop thinking about his kits, and allowed his mind to drift back to Fireheart. Maybe things would never be the same, but that wouldn't stop him from trying to make them okay, it never did. He thought back to his time at RiverClan, when he did everything he could to see Fireheart, even though it usually meant betraying his new Clan. He thought things would never be the same then, and they turned out alright in the end. He would see his kits at Gatherings, and Mistyfoot and Stonefur helped him keep in touch. He also got to be in ThunderClan with his friends where he belonged.

A strange thought flashed to him Who will Fireheart choose as deputy? If he were leader, Fireheart would be the first on his list, but would his best friend feel the same way? Would Fireheart worry about hurting his feelings? He couldn't let that happen. In his heart, Graystripe knew that he hadn't been in ThunderClan long enough to be respected as a warrior, let alone a deputy. Come to think of it, in come cats eyes (like Darkstripe) he had hardly earned the respect of a kit, they probably liked kits more.

All of these thoughts whirling through his head, he looked across the ThunderClan boarder, then into the sky and thought Silverstream, help me get through this.

With a sudden shock through him, he picked his head up and shook himself hard. "Think positive Graystripe," he muttered to himself, "your moping around like an elder." When Firestar got back, he would talk to him; tell him that he wasn't the right choice for deputy. His best friend would understand, he knew it, and then things would go back to normal after a few days.

He wasn't going to let his friendship with Firestar fall apart; everything would be okay. He whirled around and padded back to camp. The closer he got, the more he believed himself. He should know Fireheart better then to be the type of cat who would leave his friends behind. He'd said it before, but Fireheart was the best friend a cat could have, and a changing name didn't change that.