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It is our baby boy graduation day from high school said Jonathan Kent to his wife. As Clark enters the house from doing his morning chores sees his mom walking over to him.

Martha runs her special young man and embrace him her arms. Son, me and you dad are so proud of you. It feels like yesterday that we found you. I remember when first time I held you in arms Clark.

We both remember when we found you hi father told him.


October 1989

Jonathan what happening screams Martha. Jon tries to driving with things falling out of the sky.

Then the truck flipped over with them in it. Jon sees a boy coming towards them, yells Martha. We can't keep him Martha want are we going to say.

He found us. We didn't found him.

End of flashback.

So son, have any plans for the after graduation. No, dad why.

At graduation Clark hears strange ringing noise in his ear. Chloe looks over at him and said what wrong Clark.

Nothing, Clark responds back to Chloe.

After Graduation

After the graduation ceremony Clark didn't see his mom but, he saw is dad. Jonathan yells over here Clark. Dad where is mom. She is home waiting to see her college boy. They get home Jonathan open passenger side door of the truck for Clark. Dad what is up asked Clark?

Nothing son why do you asked Clark?

You are acting very strangely dad.

What do mean I am acting strangely? I'm just so happy for you Clark.

Wait out for minute Clark.

Why dad.

You will see Clark.

Martha are you ready for Clark to come in the house.

She shouts yes I am Jonathan, let him come in. Son, mom is ready to see you now.

Clark walks in the house sees is dad and mom looking at him. Martha starts crying when see her son Clark for since he graduate from high school.


Jonathan we are luck your mother such a pack rat. Martha we can't keep him.

Hi Jonathan we found the rest your truck.

This little guy has some strength.

Hi Martha whose is this little guy.

Ethan this is our son Clark I thought my family name would make good first name.

We just get back from Metropolis from adopting him.

End of flashback

Sweetheart we thought maybe time we show this Martha told Clark.

"Show me what mom," said Clark. Mom and Dad what is up?

Martha I think we should wait till late show this to Clark Jonathan whisper his wife. "Martha and Clark lets go to the Talon," says Jonathan to them.

Why are we going to the Talon dad, asks Clark?

Son I can't tell you that Clark, responded Martha.


Jonathan where is Clark have you seen him. I need to find him so I give a bath Jon.

Ok sweetheart go look for him Jonathan tells Martha.

Thanks Jonathan that big help.

Anything for my sweet, lovely wife and mother of our special little baby boy.

Thanks again Jonathan she says as she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Sure honey anything for you he says to her as he walks out of the upstairs bathroom. He heads outside to look for Clark. Clark where are you. Are out here Clark son, Jonathan looks down at the ground a green rock and Clark lay next to it. Clark buddy please answer me. He picks Clark and carries him house. Martha came quick he scream has he lays Clark down on the couch.

What is it Jonathan? What is wrong Martha asked?

Its Clark he not breathing, I found him laying by a green rock.

She came run down the stair as fast as she could. When she precious little boy lying on the couch lifeless and pale as ghost? She started cry when turn to her husband.

Jonathan wrapped his arms around her. He is going to be alright Martha. He is going to be alright.

End of flashback

At The Talon

At the Talon there was Clark friends include Pete who moved to Wichita with his mom last year. Each them share their points of views about Clark.

Pete's POV

Clark, I since met you that first day of first that we would be great friends. You were always there for me. You trusted me with your secret man.

End of Pete POV

Lana POV

You are great friend and boyfriend. I also know when something bothering. In addition, I know when you are not telling the truth. Thanks for everything Clark.

End of Lana POV


I remember the first time I met you. You showed around the school and you told me that you lived on a farm. You bought to your house because I thought you were Amish and then we want up to your loft and I kissed you.

End of Chloe POV

Lois POV

Congratulation to Smallville may be we will run into on other future. From the first time meet you Clark there something put finger on.

End of Lois POV

The end