Chapter 1 – Heart Break

"1683. 1684, 1685, 1686, if I can't get to 5000 kicks I'm going to have to do 2000 handstand pushups" Lee once again could be found in the small training ground near his school. Not only did he work hard in class during the day but he spent his free time training as well. No sooner did he finish his kicks did he start doing the handstand pushups even though it was supposed to be a punishment for not doing the kicks. It was just the kind of person Lee was. He lived to train. He was counting out loud as he did his pushups and didn't notice someone walk up behind him. smack Lee was slapped on his bottom and he was so surprised that he fell forward and rolled into the log he had been kicking. His eyes were out of focus from the rolling and the person was laughing. He didn't need to be able to focus his eyes to know that voice. "Very funny Neji. Why don't you spend your time training instead of interrupting mine or someday I will surpass you." Lee was now sitting on the ground slightly embarrassed he hadn't noticed Neji behind him in the first place. Neji walked over and sat next to Lee.

"All you ever do is train and you still have yet to surpass me. I don't think I have much to worry about." Neji said with smugness in his voice that angered Lee.

"Now you just wait a second, I..." his words were cut short as Neji, using impressive speed placed a hand on Lee's face and pressed his lips against Lee's. Lee's eyes went wide in shock for a moment but then softened and embraced the kiss. I few moments later Neji pulled back and leaned back against the log.

"I like it better when you're not complaining." Neji said fixing his hair that had seemed to fall out a little.

"Don't think I'm going to take it easy on you just because of our relationship Neji. I will still surpass you someday." Lee said with confidence in his voice.

"Relationship? And what exactly do you think our relationship is?"

Lee looked a little confused. Did he not just kiss him? Did they not spend so much time together almost daily in this very spot? Lee was in love with Neji and he assumed Neji also loved him. "Aren't we lovers?" He asked it in an almost scared voice and as if adding to the fear he now had in his heart, the sound of thunder could be heard. Neji laughed. He laughed in a way not many people see Neji laugh. He was laughing so hard it hurt. This angered Lee but he waited for him to stop so he would answer his question. There was another crash of thunder.

"Lovers! You and Me? What ever gave you that idea?"

Lee was shocked. "If you don't love me then why do you come here everyday? Why do you act like you care? Why do you hold me and kiss me?" Lee was in between great angry and deep sadness.

"Don't be such a fool Lee. I'm your rival. I simply like to play with you. Your feelings... emotions... and body. I never had any real emotions for you. It just proves that you are not strong enough to even come close to being my rival. I suppose your going to cry now huh"

It was true Lee could feel the itch of tears in his eyes but he told himself he would have to stay here all night training if he let tears form in his eyes. Instead softened his expression and forced a smile. "And all this time I thought I was the one using you. I guess we were thinking the same thing." Neji was a little surprised by this reaction. There was another crash of thunder.

"You're kidding. You honestly don't have feelings for me?" said Neji a little wide eyed. Lee forced himself to laugh in the same manner Neji had. This laughter to him was more painful then any emotion he had ever felt before but he forced himself to laugh.

"Oh please, like I would have any kind of emotion for you other then hate and anger. Now that the cats out of the bag I guess we don't need to fool each other with these little meetings so you can stop coming around." Lee stood up and brushed off some dirt from his pants. There was another crash of thunder and it started to rain." Now if you don't mind I still have training to do" He turned and walked to another training log and started to punch it as the rain started coming down. Neji Stood up. He had to admit to himself that he was impressed. He never thought Lee had it in him to do something like that.

"Hey Lee it's raining. Stop your training for today." Lee ignored him and continued punching the log. The rain was getting harder and harder and Neji just shrugged his shoulders and hurried off. The rain was now pouring down. Lee was soaked from head to toe. Every time he punched the log water splashed out. Puddles quickly formed around him. Drop of red started to splash out with each punch as he was hitting the log so hard it was causing his knuckles to bleed. The rain was now masking the flow of tears that had started running down Lee's face. An endless stream that he could not stop. He had never been more grateful to the rain. Lee spent the night in that very spot training. He had let himself cry.