Rain Falls Down

By: UniqueWolfLover

Summary: Serenity and Kaiba, could a drop of something more exist between them?

Rating: PG-13 for later chapters

Spoilers: Not sure, gomen if there is!

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh!

Pairings: Serenity/Seto maybe some Yugi/Tea and Mai/Joey

Warnings: Seto and Serenity are both a little if not a lot out of character so please don't hate me!

Dedication: To all the non-yaoi peoples out there! I personally can't stand yaoi but no offense to those who do! I luv you all!

Chapter one: Sprinkle

It was pretty safe to say Serenity was soaked. All she wanted to do was take a nice, leisurely walk from school to her and Joey's apartment a few blocks away, but no, it just had to rain. She sighed in resignation. She just knew she was going to catch cold. Serenity looked up at the sky wondering if this downpour would ever let up. The rain just fell harder, seeming to laugh at her predicament. Just then Serenity heard the sound of a vehicle pulling up next to her. She looked over to see the head of a familiar little boy sticking out the window of a long, black limousine.

"Hey Serenity! Need a ride?" Asked Mokuba.

"Hey Mokuba, that would be great, that is if your brother doesn't mind," Said Serenity. Mokuba's head disappeared inside the limousine and reappeared a second later.

"Seto says it's okay," Said Mokuba happily.

"Great!" Said Serenity jumping into the limo, very happy to be out of the rain. Mokuba gave her a big smile and she returned it wholeheartedly.

"Thanks so much Mokuba. I really appreciate it," Said Serenity.

"No problem Serenity," Said Mokuba. Serenity's attention was then caught by the sound of fingers typing away on a keyboard. She turned around to see the eldest of the Kaiba brothers typing madly on his laptop.

"Hey Kaiba, thanks for the ride," Serenity said.

"Don't mention it," Kaiba shrugged glancing at her for a moment before returning to his work.

"He really is very handsome," Thought Serenity before returning her attention to Mokuba. They carried on friendly conversation until they reached Serenity and Joey's apartment.

"Thanks again Mokuba and Kaiba, I really do appreciate it," Said Serenity. She began to exit the car when a warm hand clasped around her wrist, stopping her.

"Yes Kaiba?" Serenity asked curious as to why he stopped her.

"There is something I would like to discuss with you," Said Kaiba, his cold blue eyes meeting her warm brown ones.

"What is it?" Asked Serenity.

"Not right now. I will meet you back here tomorrow at eleven a.m.," Said Kaiba. Serenity nodded. Tomorrow was Saturday so she would be home. Kaiba released her and went back to typing. Serenity gave one last goodbye to Mokuba before climbing out of the car and heading up to her and Joey's apartment.

"Joey, I'm home!" Yelled Serenity, throwing her book-bag on the couch.

"Hey Ren, was that Kaiba's limo that jus' dropped you off?" Asked Joey trying to control his fast growing irritation.

"Umm…yeah, so?" Answered Serenity. Frankly she was sick of this little rivalry between Kaiba and her brother.

"You let that cold, unfeeling, jerk take you home!" Yelled Joey. Serenity's frustration at their childish rivalry boiled over.

"Okay, number one, yes I did allow Kaiba to take me home. Number two it was actually Mokuba who offered me the ride because I was getting soaked in the rain. Number three Kaiba isn't as bad as you make him out to be. And number four, I am sick of this stupid fight between you two!" Yelled Serenity. Joey just stood there astonished. Serenity huffed loudly before storming to her room.

"What's up wit' her?" Joey asked himself before shrugging and flopping down on the couch to watch TV.

(Serenity's room)

"Why did I just flip out like that? Why am I defending Seto? Why did I just call him Seto? What does he want to tell me? Why am I asking myself so many questions? I am not getting anywhere!" Serenity thought throwing herself heavily onto her bed.

"I'm so confused!" She said out loud.

"But he is cute and he has an inner kindness that I would love to see more of, not to mention those gorgeous blue eyes," She thought before realizing what she was thinking and slapping herself on the head. "Oh crap, I'm falling for Seto Kaiba! Joey's gunna kill me!" She thought before drifting into a light sleep.

(With Seto and Mokuba)

"Hey Seto?" Asked Mokuba leaning over Seto's laptop effectively blocking his view.

"Yes Mokuba?" Asked Seto focusing on his little brother and ruffling Mokuba's hair. Mokuba smiled mischievously.

"Do you like Serenity?" Asked Mokuba blatantly. Seto blinked in surprise, not expecting a question like that from his little brother.

"I refuse to discuss a Wheeler," Replied Seto trying to control the blush making its way unto his cheeks. Mokuba noticed his slight color change and smiled.

"So you do like her!" He proclaimed happily.

"Mokuba!" Yelled Seto diving for his little brother and tickling him mercilessly, starting a huge tickle fight.

To Be Continued…..

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