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(Last time on "Rain Falls Down")

"Serenity, will you join me on the balcony?" He whispered into her ear making her shiver almost imperceptibly.

"Of course," She smiled and allowed Seto to lead her to the blacony.

"What fate awaited her on that balcony?" She wondered

(And now the continuing story)

Chapter Five: Downpour

Serenity shivered as the somewhat chilly air hit her. Seto noticed this and valiently offered her his jacket. She smiled and let him place it over her shoulders. He smiled back. Seto couldn't help but admire the way the moon caught the natural highlights in her hair and made her eyes sparkle. Serenity looked out over the balcony to the glistening lake below, unaware of Seto's stare.

(Serenity's POV)

I wonder why he brought me out here. Maybe he wanted to thank me for my services and kindly inform me he never wants to see me again. Maybe he wants to say something to me. I thought I saw something flicker in his eyes when we were dancing. Dare I hope the great Seto Kaiba has fallen in love with me? I couldn't get my hopes up, but when I felt his warm hand placed over mine on the railing I couldn't stop my heart from racing. His effect on me amazed me.

(Seto's POV)

I couldn't help myself. I had to touch her. She was just so beautiful, so I placed my hand on hers. I wonder if she knows how her mere presence effects me. Here I was, the great Seto Kaiba, who was supposed to be heartless, finding myself head over heels for a girl, a Wheeler no less. Now that I had fallen there was no turning back. So I gently called her name hoping she would turn her soft gaze on me. It was time to take the plunge.

(Serenity's POV)

When I heard him call my name I almost jumped in surprise. I was too wrapped up in my thoughts. I turned to him and was immediately lost in his beautiful blue eyes.

"Yeah Seto," I answered him.

"There is something I would really like to say to you," He said. For the first time in my life I saw Seto nervous. It almost made me giggle. He was adorable when he was nervous.

"Yes Seto?" I asked him with a smile.

"Well you see...um...oh this is stupid! I can talk to an entire room of CEO's and the President of any country but it's you that makes me speechless," He said exasperated. My heart gave a little jump of joy. I made him speechless! I watched his face change as he realized exactally what he had said. His face blanched. I smiled again. Genuine happiness was bubbling inside me.

"I make you speechless Seto?" I asked him.

"Umm...yes, you do alot more than that to me Serenity. You're the first woman I am truly comfortable with and you make me happy Serenity. Happy is a big thing for me," He said smiling. I thought my heart would explode with happiness. I made Seto happy! I felt like dancing but I restrained myself for Seto's sake.

"You make me happy too Seto," I said placing my hand on his cheek and gently stroking it. No declerations of undying love were needed. We had said enough outloud, our eyes and actions could communicate the rest. With one swift motion Seto pulled me to him. I let out a small laugh and put my arms around his neck. He put his arms around my waist and claimed my lips with his. I smiled through the kiss knowing I had found the one I was meant to be with and now that I had him I was neer going to let him go. Never did it feel so good to fall.


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