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And now, presenting... (drum roll please someone?)

Dark and Light combine, Malfoy vs Potter - round 1.

"Come on Potter, let's see what you've got?" I smirked suggestively at Harry as he flushed with anger, eyes flashing, practically growling at me. "Oh give it up Potter, you lost the bet so you have to complete your forfeit."

"Screw you Malfoy." Muttered Potter, "I'm not doing it and that's final."

The occupants of the room looked on in amusement at the battle of wills developing between the two most sought after boys in the school - brought on by a game of truth or dare being held in the Gryffindor common room - members of each house had been invited, though Crabb and Goyle were told 'Sit, stay' by Draco so they were sulking back in their room.

"Harry, you have no choice, you lost the bet. Who knew Draco was going to be quicker than you?" Hermione piped up from her seat by the fire. "Just do it and it'll be over..."

Harry looked so lost as he stared at his friends. "I thought you lot would be on my side, not his?" He said in a small voice. Ron looked at him sympathetically and shrugged as if to say rather you than me, mate...

I leaned back in my chair, stretching my body out. My eyes widened when I noticed that Harry's eyes flickered down my body, resting slightly below my waist before he looked back up to my eyes, flushing brightly...

He's checking me out! Harry Potter, the Hogwarts Hero, is checking me out! My trademark smirk slowly slid across my face as the realisation hit me - Potter fancied me... This could be more fun than I thought... Hang on... Harry fancies me? My smile widened further. I am going to get soooooo lucky...

"So, Harry..." I drawled in my best 'Malfoy voice' "Are you going to go back on your word? You made a bet and you lost, so now you pay the price." I let my gaze crawl the length of his body - as my eyes met his, I slowly sucked the tip of my thumb before running it across my lips and smiling up at the (by now) very perplexed Harry and hoped that he would understand what I was implying and not think it was a joke... I realised with a start that I really didn't want him to think it was a joke... I wanted him...

Harry's breath caught in his throat. How the hell am I supposed to do this? Gods he looks so good like that, how am I supposed to pay the price, I'll be the laughing stock of the school. But... He's looking at me as if he likes what he sees... Harry's look of confusion deepened and I nodded gently... He isn't straight either? Oh this could be fun... Please tell me I'm not wrong...

I slowly stood up and stopped inches from Harry. "Tell you what, Potter, why don't you 'pay the price' in private, that way you might be less embarressed when you put your new outfit on to be my slave for the night?" Harry's face darkened and for a moment I thought I'd screwed up, but he calmed, unclenching his fists and nodding his head in defeat.

"Alright Malfoy. We'll go to my room, you can supervise my changing and then we'll come back here."

I smiled and led my new slave to his room.

Malfoy vs Potter, round 2.

I sauntered up the stairs in front of Harry and held the door open for him, waiting for him to pass through it so I could get him alone. I have no idea how I am going to get through this... Oh yes, think of Professor Flitwick and Professor Snape together... I shuddered violently and felt my body calm. Stepping towards Harry I tried to keep the smirk off my face - I knew I was going to enjoy this but I wanted him to realise that I wasn't enjoying it because it would humiliate him - I was going to enjoy it because he was so damn hot that it was all I could do to keep my hands off him...

"Harry..." I said softly, watching him as he stared out of the window.

He looked at me, startled. "You're going to make me do this, aren't you." He looked angry and I really didn't want him angry with me.

I sighed dramatically. "You don't have to do it, I declare the bet null and void, any forfeits are no longer necessary."

"You'd..." Harry looked confused. "Why would you do that for me?"

"Because despite what you might think, I don't really want you pissed at me, Harry... And if me making you do this is going to be too much, then I call it off." I stared at the floor for the whole of my speech, I didn't dare look at him and see what he was thinking.

A rustling noise made me frown, the sound of a jumper hitting the floor and I looked up to find Harry taking off his top.

I blinked in confusion and was rewarded with a wry smile "Well since you're willing to let me get out of this bet, I'll go through with it. After all, it's my own fault for thinking I could beat you. You're fast - nearly as good as I am!" Harry grinned and peeked out from under his fringe as I laughed.

"I was good enough to beat you this time... Are you sure you're ok with this? I urrr..." My voice trailed off.

"You urrr what, Malfoy?" Harry was still grinning at me.

I cleared my throat. "I umm, if you do go through with the forefeit, then... I'll return the favour and be your slave for an hour, after all, you could have won - you are very, very fast."

Harry stared at me with a strange look on his face. "Well... That'd make it fair I suppose... So, you will be my slave, say, tomorrow night then?"

My heart started to race and I couldn't help but smile at Harry, standing there in his trousers and trainers, hair tousled and smiling at me. I nodded and wondered why I was so happy at the thought of being his slave...

"Ok, tonight you're my slave and tomorrow night, I'm yours..." I realised what I'd said and blushed brightly as the cute guy in front of me started laughing. "Yeah yeah, now get changed, slave." I gave him my best imperious look as I handed him his outfit and ordered him to change. I flopped onto the bed, shin in my hands, legs kicking idly as I watched him take off his trousers...

"You've stopped!" I murmered sulkily. "Why have you stopped?"

"I urm." Harry blushed. "I don't really want to take off my pants in front of you..." He squirmed, holding his trousers in front of him like a shield.

I gave a long suffering sigh and turned my back so that I wouldn't see him naked. Well, not just yet... Anticipation adds spice, or so I'm told. I think I'm learning that it's true... "Let me know when you're ready and I can look. And trust me, this is the only reprieve you're getting..."

"Yes Master." Said a very subdued sounding Harry.

"Good slave." I smiled from the bed as I closed my eyes and waited. Several scuffling noises, some grunting and huffing, finally an exhalation.

"I'm ready, Draco." Harry said quietly.

I lifted my head from the bed and sat, turning to face him and nearly fell over, eyes widening in shock, a huge grin forming.

"My god Harry..." He scowled at me and sighed. "You look incredible..." I couldn't believe how good he looked in the outfit - ok so it was designed to be a sexy outfit but this was ridiculous. "The shirt..." I whispered, barely able to speak. "The trousers... My god I never dreamed you'd look like this..."

I stood and walked towards Harry, watching the play of light on the sheer bronze top, the skin of his shoulders and arms showing through the slits in the sleeves, the darker hint of nipple hidden by the shadows in the room. My hand drifted towards him, my fingers tracing a line from his shoulder to elbow.

A chuckle brought my eyes to his face and the look he gave me stole my breath away. "I didn't know, Draco..."

"Didn't know what?" I asked dumbly.

"That you fancied me..." He smirked at me, watching me squirm.

Damn. That's my reputation ruined. "I don't think anyone in their right mind would not want you, the way you look now Harry... Turn around?"

He did as he was asked, lifting his arms above his head to that the top just brushed his waist, the low-cut leather trousers on show with his tight arse filling them out oh-so nicely.

"Stand like that." I ordered as his back was to me. I took the last step towards him so that our bodies touched from shoulder to thigh and was rewarded with a small gasp from the object of my desires... Feeling adventurous, I let my hands rise to touch his shoulders, slowly pulling his arms down to his sides. Leaning into him I let my lips press against his throat, making him throw his head back, giving me the space I needed to bite his neck gently.

"Ahh Draco," Whimpered Harry. I stopped nibbling his neck. "No, no don't stop, please Draco, don't stop..."

I smiled into his neck and gently licked at the soft skin. "I think I like it when you beg me Harry..." I sank my teeth deeper into the flesh of his neck and pulled gently.

"Mmmm Draco oh god, please Draco, please..." He pleaded with me, to do what I'm not sure - I know he didn't want me to stop but beyond that I don't think either of us could think coherently.

"Turn around, Harry." I held his arms as he turned, not letting him out of my grasp. When he was finally facing me I ran my hands into his hair and pulled him towards me, only a breath away from kissing him. With a gentle sigh Harry closed the distance and pressed his lips to mine...