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Malfoy vs Potter, the end of the party.

Hermione was the first to break the silence as I drew back from Harry so that we could catch our breath. "Draco Malfoy, if we'd known that you were going to make Harry your sex-slave if he lost the bet we would never have let you go through with it." She sounded outraged that I had my hands on the gorgeous Harry... I had to smile, and kissed the tip of Harry's nose before turning to her, the familiar smirk on my face.

"Harry doesn't mind my brand of slavery, do you Harry..." A quiet 'No, Master' was uttered from beside me. "He'll enjoy himself and I won't humiliate him. He'll do my bidding, but it won't be anything terrible...We discussed it in his room earlier. Not that it's any business of yours..."

"It is my business, Harry is my friend and I don't want him hurt, especially not by you." Hermione practically growled.

"'Mion, it's ok..." said Harry "I know what I've got myself into, and..." Harry looked up at me, need written plainly across his face. "I want this." Harry nodded once in affirmation, turning to Hermione. "You always want to protect me, and I thank you for it, but this time, I don't need to be protected by you... I'm getting to do something I've wanted for a long, long time..." With that, Harry looked at me then lowered his gaze to the floor.

"C'mon Harry, let's go." I murmered softly. "Some of the things I want to do to you right now...Well, I think Hermione might object a little strenuously." Harry looked back up at me and smiled, then handed me the end of his lead.

I looked around the room at my schoolmates. "I think it's time for my slave to leave the party. Say goodnight, slave." I ordered Harry.

"Goodnight slave." Said Harry, impishly smiling at his friends. I rolled my eyes and tugged on the lead hard enough to get his attention.

"You will come with me now, Harry."I turned to look at everyone and smiled happily. "Goodnight everyone, and thanks for the party, it's been great..." I leered at Harry and sauntered off up to his room, pulling him along behind me.

Once we were in his room I shut the door, turned and grabbed him, practically throwing him onto the bed, diving on after him, letting my body drop onto his, pressing him into the soft mattress, our hips together, both of us moaning as I bent my head to catch his lower lip in my teeth...Harry pulled away slightly, running his hands lightly down my bare arms.

"Draco...Master..." Harry whispered in my ear, his lips racing the edge of it, tongue flicking out to touch the soft flesh of my earlobe.

"Yes, Harry?" I questioned lazily, voice husky with lust. "Is there something you want to say?" I pushed up from him, resting on my arms but letting my hips press more heavily against his.

"Draco, I want to feel bare skin on mine..." Harry pleaded with me, eyes wide with longing.

I traced a line from his chest up to his neck and wrapped my hand around his throat, squeezing gently, trapping him. "You want? Since when does a slave get what he wants? You will do what I tell you, when I tell you. Do you understand?" I waited for a response.

"Yes, Master." came the soft reply. "I understand, I'm sorry... Am I to be punished Master?" The look on Harry's face was an amazing turn-on for me, eyes full of lust and need, but fear that I would reject him, somehow lessen him by not doing everything I wanted, make him feel unworthy of being my slave...My heart softened towards this boy, so long unloved...

"You are the best slave, Harry, but you will be punished for thinking you can beg me when I have not told you to..." I paused, trying to think of something to say which would restore Harry's confidence. "Harry, look at me." He obeyed, instantly, making me smile slightly. "Harry, I want you in every way, and I am going to have you in every way... You aren't just a slave, you're my boyfriend... You do understand what that means, don't you?" At Harry's confused look I sighed slightly and sat back on my haunches, pulling him up with me so that I was straddling him, my weight resting on his thighs, my breath catching as I pressed myself against him.

"I like you Harry, I want you, I want you inside me, me inside you, your cock in my mouth, mine in yours... I want that every night. I'm not going to leave you in the morning, no matter how complicated it's going to make classes..." I smiled at my lover, kissing away the tear which was slowly tracing a line down his cheek. "I'm falling for you, Harry Potter... You've been all I could think about for so long, I mean come on, have you never wondered why I never shagged any of the girls, and blokes, that wanted me?"

Harry shook his head. "You daft sod...It's because I've fancied you since I was about 15... You have no idea how good it feels to hold you at last..." With that I kissed him, holding the back of his head, my other arm around his back, holding me to him. "Now, where were we... Ah yes, I remember!" I pushed him back down onto the bed with some force and kissed him until all the noise we could manage were breathless little moans.

"Master," Harry begged. "Draco, please, I need you." I smacked my hand down onto his thigh, a great cracking sound coming from the soft leather of his trousers.

"I told you Harry, that I would punish you for begging when I haven't told you to..." With that I rolled off him, then rolled him over and began to spank his leather-clad buttocks. At first Harry acted indignant, squeaking and wriggling under my hands, but slowly he stopped wriggling and began to writhe instead, my hand measuring a slow tattoo against his backside.

"Say it Harry, tell me that you want me..." I ordered.

"I want you Draco, oh gods how I want you..." Harry moaned as my hand stilled on his buttock, stroking down his outer thigh, my hand tracing across his leg to the inner thigh, I drew my hand further and further up until my hand rested at the juncture of thigh and buttock. I leaned over him, my hand rubbing at that sweet point, pushing his legs further apart and slowly rubbing further under his body until I could feel the extra heat that was his cock, filling the black leather. My breath went out in a sigh and I licked a line across his back, just above his waistband, eliciting a moan of delight and making him raise his hips to give me easier access to his body. "Please Draco, please..." He groaned gently into the pillow.

I withdrew my hand to a mewl of complaint, turning it to a gasp as I rolled him over again. I crawled onto the bed, my eyes never leaving his as I threw one leg over him to straddle his hips. Kneeling upright, I began to peel off the tight sleeveless top I'd been wearing. I had a flash of self-doubt as I did so, hoping Harry wouldn't mind that I wasn't exactly the most muscular person in the world. The moan as my white flesh was revealed stopped my doubts, and the hand which trailed up to my chest stopped my breath, and all thought.

"How long have you had your nipple pierced, Draco?" asked Harry. I looked at him in confusion, causing him to tweak the ring in my right nipple - my back bowed and head thrown back as I moaned his name... "I'm guessing that feels good then, Draco?" purred Harry. I should have realised that was the only warning I'd get as I was thrown onto the bed and Harry's soft, warm lips descended on my chest, closing around my nipple, tongue playing with the ring, flicking accross the sensitive flesh, making me writhe beneath him as I had made him writhe with my spanking earlier.

"You like me doing this to you Draco?" Harry whispered, lips still pressed against my nipple, meaning the only response I could give was a frustrated whimper. "Do you want me Draco?" I nodded emphatically. Oh my god how I wanted him, leaning over me dressed like some fallen angel. My body ached to be naked in Harry's arms.

"Please Harry, take me... I want you..." I managed to say as he sucked on my nipple again, grazing it with his teeth.

"Harry!" I whimpered. I looked up to see him chuckling as he traced lines over my chest with his fingertips, watching happily as I shivered under his touch.

"We need to lose some more clothes..." Harry stood over me and began to pull the sheer top over his head, messing his hair up even more. I could only stare up at him, watch as he brought that shimmering cloth over his head, suddenly I realised that he was stading in front of me wearing only a pair of very low slung leather trousers which were doing nothing to hide the fact that he was seriously turned on - by me! I did the only thing that I could think of, and knelt in front of him, raising my hands to the waistband of the trousers, slowly pulling the cord which was all that was holding the beautiful leather to him. His breathing quickened as the cord finally pulled free, allowing the leather to part slowly from his skin. I looked up into his eyes as I peeled the leather down his thighs, concentrating on the simple act of removing his clothes. Harry rested his hand on my shoulder to steady himself as he lifted first one foot, then the other as I got rid of the trousers.

Once they were off I raised my gaze and gasped when I came face to face with smooth skin, a moan escaping me as I brought my hands up and hovered just out of reach. "Harry, do you want me to do this?" He looked at me, not understanding, eyes heavy-lidded as he waited for me to touch him. My lips twitched into a lop-sided smile. "I'll take that as a yes then..."

I let my hands close that last small distance, startling him into a soft moan. Taking that as an invitation, I slid the tip of my tongue over his stomach, smiling against him as he moaned, pushing me lower down his body.

How could I resist him? I did my best to pleasure Harry on our first night together - for hours we explored each other's bodies, touching and kissing, revelling in the feel of our legs wrapped around each other, skin to skin. Slowly we began to relax and doze in each other's arms as the quiet sounds of students dragging themselves to bed after the party.

"I think I love you, Draco Malfoy..." Harry whispered to me. "But tomorrow night, you're the one who's going to get fucked..."

I smiled at my lover. "You're going to be the death of me, my love..."

As I kissed him I realised that the sweetest thing in the world was in my arms, and I wasn't going to let him go...

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