Professors Snape and Falconbridge spent their first night together at Hogwarts, in their own private quarters in the dungeons. When the feast was over, he led her in front of the door to their love nest, and he took her up in his arms, before entering the room together. Although it was not the first time for none of the two, they had agreed to follow traditions till the end, and wait for their first wedding night to make love. Their hearts and souls yet belonged to each other, and in that night full of passion, as their bodies became one, the wedding rite came to its full completion. At daybreak, Severus brusquely woke up in a state of agitation. For a moment he had feared it had been only a dream. As soon as his eyes fell on the sleeping form of his wife, lying there by his side, he drew a deep sigh of relief. He stood there a few minutes, tenderly watching her sleep. A sweet smile gently arched his lips. He snuggled closer to her, careful not to wake her up, and peacefully went back to sleep.

That morning he was the first to wake up. He silently slipped out of bed, and headed to the bathroom to have his morning shower, letting her sleep a little longer. For the first time in ages, as he stood under the running water, he felt like singing. He began singing a merry song, as he finished washing himself. In the bedroom, Alexandra slowly woke up, welcomed by the deep melodious notes of his husband's voice. She turned on her back and waited for him to come back. A few minutes later, Severus emerged from the bathroom door wrapped in his wood green bathrobe, his wet hair combed backwards.

"Good morning Mrs Snape," he whispered, bending down to kiss her.

"Good morning Mr Snape," she smiled.

"I didn't know ravens could sing like nightingales," she smirked teasingly.

"I'll take it for a compliment," he whispered, with his trademark arched brow.

"Do you know what I'm wearing beneath this bathrobe? Nothing. What about taking advantage of the fact to repeat tonight's performance?" he lustfully suggested. She giggled at his smug expression.

"I'm afraid we'll have to save it for later. We are supposed to see the students off for their summer vacations," she soothingly said.

"But we just got married!" he protested.

"I know, but it's our last Heads of House's duty. We'll have the rest of the day all for ourselves. By the way, tomorrow we'll leave for our honeymoon. Remember?" she said, covering his face with small kisses.

"Alright," he muttered resigned, and he went to the wardrobe to get his clothes, while she got up and headed to the bathroom.

After breakfast in the Great Hall, the four Heads of Houses and the Headmaster stood at the feet of the entrance stairs to wish the students and fellow teachers a nice summer. Students filed in front of the four Professors to shake hands with them. The sixteen students, who had been at Hogwarts during the second war, shook hands with their own Heads then went to say goodbye to Snape too. During that conflict, they had learned to know him better and respect him. Snape was rather pleased to see them approaching, and tried hard not to smile when a shy Neville Longbottom stretched out a slightly shaking hand to him.

Then came Hermione, Ron and Harry's turn. Harry was not very cheerful to leave Hogwarts, because it was the only place on earth where he really felt at home. To say the truth, the prospective to see the ugly, disappointed face of uncle Vernon waiting for him at the station was not an helping hand to raise his mood. The Dursleys were never happy to see Harry back home, and they did not make the slightest effort to hide their discontent.

"So you're back again!" was the acid welcome he usually received from uncle Vernon and aunt Petunia, not that Duddley was happier.

Snape noticed at once the melancholic expression on the boy's face. How could he not recognized it after he had been wearing that too on his own face, during his seven years there as a student? But he knew well how to cheer Harry up.

"I presume you're going back to those Muggles for the summer, isn't it?" Snape smirked.

"Yes, sir," Harry answered in a hallow voice.

"I've discussed about your particular situation with Professor Falconbridge, and we agreed that you can come and stay with us over the summer, once we're back from our honeymoon. Obviously, supposing you want to come?" he casually said. Harry's face suddenly lit up at that invitation.

"Do you really mean it, sir?" Harry said in disbelief.

"Of course I do. I don't talk nonsense. Certainly, if you'd prefer to stay with your uncle and aunt ... we'll understand," he sneered.

"No, sir. I'll be more than happy to come! I promise I will behave. You won't even notice I'm there! Oh please, sir. Please!" Harry enthusiastically pleaded with him.

"Calm down, Potter. I already said you can, and it's not going to happen before a month! When we get back, you'll receive a letter, then we'll came to take you," Snape said, trying to restrain the boy's excitement.

"Uncle Vernon will have a fit, when he sees you!" Harry said grinning.

"I'm quite curious to have a close look at these Muggles. It could be fun," Snape smirked mischievously.

The sun shone brightly on the castle grounds, on the calm waters of the lake, on the emerald green grass, and on the dark school carriages taking the students to Hogsmeade station. It's rays kissed the Hogwarts teachers at the front door, who were waving their students goodbye. It shone on Professor Snape and his wife he was tenderly holding to his side. It shone on their hair, on their happy faces, and on his white gold and emerald cuff links, and on her sapphire pendant, on the snake and the eagle.

Harry took the Hogwarts Express with his friends, in a very improved mood.

"Harry, are you mental? You want to spend your summer with Snape!" Ron shouted in shock.

"Why not? Believe me, nothing is worse than staying with the Dursleys!" Harry said.

"Ron! When will you stop this thing against Snape. After all the things happened during the Second War, don't tell me you still can't trust him!"Hermione said, exasperated by his childish behaviour.

"I think that with Snape there's more than meets the eye. Hagrid is right, it won't be that bad to get knowing him a little better. Don't forget that he's the only living magical relative I have!" Harry wisely said.

Snape seemed to be another person, since the war ended. Professor Falconbridge's love had really taken out the best of him. Harry had learned to look at him through different eyes, and the prospect of living with his two teachers for a while had a great appeal on him. Harry tried hard to imagine how it was going to be his life at Snape Manor, while the train slowly took him away from Hogwarts and towards a summer full of surprises.

The End

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