Brother/Sister Societies

Chapter 1- Awaiting in her room

As she stepped out of her car and made her way to the suit she shared with Paris, Rory couldn't help thinking that she might enjoy Friday night dinners with her grandparents if maybe her mom would start attending again…She didn't know if she could keep going alone, and being drilled by her grandmother about her mother. Sighing, she unlocked her door and walked in.

Rory's mouth instantly flew open as she stood in her doorway in utter shock, it wasn't till a minute later that Stephanie noticed her there and came over with a giant smile on her face.

"Hey Rory, Cat got your tongue?"

"Umm… Steph….What's going on?"

"Oh no…Logan didn't tell you did he? He promised us this was ok and that you knew. You don't mind do you? We took care of your annoying roommate, she is staying with that editor of your for the week. I can't believe Logan didn't tell you…. I'm going to wring his neck one of these days…"

"Logan did not mention anything to me today; I only got a brief voice mail saying in omnia paratus. I thought he was just goofing around. He has been leaving me those messages since I was inducted into the LDB. But what I really want to know Steph is why my suite is filled with LDB members, and why is my suite set up like some sort of headquarters?"

"Because it makes the perfect headquarters she smiles they will never expect to find us all here. They know where the rest of us live."

"Wait who are "they" and why do these people know where you all live? Why is a headquarters required? And..."

Before Rory could continue asking every question in her mind Steph cut her off

"Rory do you remember in your induction to the LDB what you signed up for?"


"And you remember us telling you that we are an organization with many secrets and that as a member you would slowly learn these secrets and to embrace them?"


"OK, so welcome to one of our largest secrets!"

"Do you mind telling me what secret it is that I am supposed to take from every LDB member being in my suite, that has now been set up as a headquarters against some mysterious "they" and the reason everything has been decorated with the colours blue and gold?"

"Well not every LDB member is here, you may notice a certain three missing."

"Ok Steph, I'm really tired and just got back from one of my oh so much fun Friday night dinners with my grandparents and I'm not really up to games at the moment, WHAT is the secret!"

"Logan's right, angry does work for you"


"Ok ,ok… So I know you think the LDB is a very exclusive society right? You already know its super hard to get in, and then once your in you can never leave, not that anyone has ever wanted to… But anyways so we may not be as exclusive as you think…… "

"What exactly does that mean…?"

"Well lets just say that we happen to be a chapter of the LDB, and that other chapters of this society exist around the world."

"Ok Steph, you guys told me this was not like a frat? Now you're saying we have the same set up as one?"

"Well yes and no, Though we have the same chapter system, this is still a very exclusive/ secretive society and so there is only one chapter in any given country, and at that we only have 20 countries that are involved. It's part of the LDB history your yet to learn, but basically our founding fathers liked to travel a lot, and when they traveled they were always up for some adventure, and so they enlisted others who had the same heart of gold, loyalty, blue blood and omnia paratus spirit in them."

"Is that why my suite has been turned into a blue and gold fortress?"

"Well blue and gold happen to be our specific chapter's colours, every chapter is assigned different colours on what they find is important to them, it also helps us recognize another group during large events. Which you will see is very useful in the very near future."

"Does this near future explain why my room suite is a buzzing fortress, and there is a thick layer of excitement in the air?"

"It's a very big possibility…."

"Steph you promised me when I was inducted into the LDB that I wouldn't be blindfolded or kept in the dark anymore!"

"Well I don't know much to tell you, the entire LDB is here waiting for the troublesome three to get back with the information we require about this upcoming event."

"OK so this is what my investigative skills have told me thus far. We have another country coming in for an event, in which colours need to be known, and for some reason requires everyone hiding in my room….. Steph why would another chapter be coming to Yale? What am I missing?"

"I knew there was a reason Logan called you Ace. OK so the LDB doesn't welcome new members very often, as in nearly ever. We relay on old bonds and blood to keep us going. If a certain chapter feels that an individual fits the requirements of everything the LDB stands for, before they can enroll this said individual into their chapter, they must first present this person to the other chapters. Which answers your question of why it took a few months after your first group outing before being enrolled? In order to be approved you not only need a majority vote, but you pretty much need every single chapter to accept that said individual."

"People in other countries who I don't even know… Know who I am! I've been judged and these people don't even know me. Let me guess there is a folder somewhere with everything there is to know about me on it? And you've been investigating me? Here I thought you guys were my friends…"

"Look don't be a cry baby, you obviously passed the test, or we would not be standing here right now. And if you had let me finish what I was saying!...In your case, 19 of the 20 countries allowed you entrance, but one wasn't sure you were in Omnia paratus enough for them. And so They have issued a challenge to our chapter in order for you to prove that your made of the right stuff."

"What right does this other chapter from god knows what country have, to deny me acceptance into a society, when the chapter I'm entering has no problem with me? What kind of test am I going to be put on? "

"Look Ror its not a big deal, you have the entire USA LDB on your side, and ready to fight with you, for you, we just need to know exactly what the challenge requires us to do, and for that we need to wait for the 3 musketeers to come back."

Just them Rory's door flews open the boys come in, each carrying a large envelope yelling the words, "in Omnia paratus!"

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