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Epilogue: New Horizons

"For every age, there is a time of trial. The rocks faced such a fire before they were the strength beneath our feet. The plants braved vast winds before their roots could give us life. As a Sage of considerable years, I have known only one such great ordeal. But the heroes it created will be champions for all time!" Samos said to finish his speech. Everyone cheered for the sixteen Channelers as they left the stadium and prepared to go their separate ways.

Later, Jak, Keira, Bryan and Lauren stood in the center of Sandover, bidding farewell to their friends. They kept in mind that this might be the last time that they saw everyone. Keira had finished the Rift Rider yesterday and everyone had come back to see Jak, Samos, Keira and Daxter before they left. Jak shook hands one last time and gave a hug to Margaret, who was setting off with Veston, Cara and Retep for Brigands Bastion. Cara was going to overthrow Nicolae and take her rightful place on the throne. Retep had been reluctant to join them at first but eventually caved, realizing that he would be apart from Cara for a long time. No Warp Gates were on Brigands Bastion, something that the Sages were planning on changing. After the goodbyes, everyone went their separate ways. The Warp Gates had been removed from the houses of the Sages and were now open to the public. Jak waved goodbye as, one by one, his friends left through the Warp Gates.

Andrew and Tiffany stepped out of the Warp Gate in Santar's lab. They looked with pride at Volcanic Crater, their home. The arena where Jak had once trained Benedict and battled Santar was still being reconstructed, but the town had decided to change it into a town square of sorts. A court for basketball, a table for chess, checkers and other such games, and an obstacle course had been set up, with other places in mind as well. As a wedding gift, Andrew's parents had built a stable and small ranch for Tiffany and Andrew to live in in one of the roomier sections of Mountain Pass. They had built the house after Tiffany's parents (who had been thrilled to discover at the tournament their daughter was still alive) had bought the land and fixed it up. Tiffany and Andrew had decided to live off the land while finding and raising horses.

"We still have a lot of work to do, don't we," Tiffany said softly as they looked at their hometown.

"Yeah, but whatever the future brings, we'll face it. Together," he added as he kissed her. They leaned against each other as they walked to their home, looking forward to the future…

Liz stepped out of the Warp Gate with her father and waited for Ferrid. "I still don't see why we're doing this…" he grumbled as he stepped out of the Warp Gate. Liz rolled her eyes, knowing that he knew perfectly why.

"Because I want to live here and you want to live in Wasteland Metropolis. We're going back to your place next week."

"How did you get me to agree to this?" Ferrid grumbled with a smile on his face. Despite his complaining, he was looking forward to living in a new village, at least half of the time. It had been decided between Zeorro and his parents that every week, they would travel back and forth between Rock Village and Wasteland Metropolis. While staying with Zeorro, Ferrid would sleep in the garage, which was fashioned like a small home, since that was where Zeorro did his experiments. Often, the Blue Sage would work into the night and the dawn, which was why he had put a bed, refrigerator, and bathroom in there. While Liz was in Wasteland Metropolis, however, she would be staying with Ferrid's sister, who had an apartment big enough for two people to stay comfortably.

"Come on; let's go racing in the Basin!" Liz said as she dragged Ferrid with her. He smiled and ran with her. Zeorro smiled as he watched them. He sighed before going to the garage where Ferrid would be staying. He had work to do, and was looking forward to completing a new machine that would not run off Eco. He smiled, wondering what kind of golden high-tech age he might be responsible for creating.

Richard and Meredith entered their house in Wasteland Metropolis. It was above the dojo they had opened up. Samos had urged them to pass their talents on to the young, saying that there might well come a time when every able bodied elf and Lurker would need to fight, and would have an enormous advantage of being able to defend themselves up close. Richard sighed and stretched out on the couch, only to be slapped by Meredith.

"Get up; your class starts in ten minutes!" Richard groaned but rolled off the couch and changed into a uniform. He went downstairs and looked at the young eager faces in front of him. He smiled, thinking that perhaps he would enjoy teaching.

Julia walked out of the Warp Gate in Pampas Islet and looked around. It would be quieter around with Margaret going south with the pirates and Retep. Still, there were compensations, she thought to herself as she walked into her home. She was shocked when she turned on the lights and her family, hr boyfriend, and his family shouted surprise.

"Wha- what's the occasion?" she asked, surprised by the chorus of singing.

"Come on now? Did you really forget your own birthday?" her boyfriend asked as he embraced her. Julia grinned as she remembered the date and kissed him.

"Guess I did. Where would I be without you Tom?" she asked.

"I don't want to know. Come on, blow out your cake," he said as he led her to a table. "Don't forget to make a wish," he added as she took a deep breath. Julia thought to herself and smiled as she realized what she wanted to come true.

"You're sure you don't mind moving here?" Emma asked Harrison as he crawled out of the Warp Gate.

"Yes," the giant said as he stood up and stretched. "I've been living with Ferrid for the past year, and I can still go and visit him," he said as he walked down the road to Emma's shop. Retep had signed it completely over to her, since he was going south to Brigands Bastion. She smiled as he began moving furniture in the apartment around to better suit their needs as she went downstairs and heard the tinkling of a bell.

"Welcome to Emma's Exceptional Equipment. How can I help you?" she asked with a smile as she looked at the customer.

Jak went to go visit a small patch of ground that had been dug up recently. He stared at the place where an elf was buried and looked at the epitaph in his hands. He put the large stone on the ground and smiled as he read it.

"Here lies Benedict Riddle: A Channeler of Ecos; a true friend."

Two weeks later…
Cara sighed as she sat down on the throne and looked at Retep. They were scheduled to be married next week. Neither thought they were ready, but Cara needed to follow the laws of her people and marry within a month of taking the throne. Better Retep than some guy who wanted the throne. Retep had publicly declared that he would not go any higher than a trusted advisor when it came to power, and that if Cara died before they had children, the throne would pass to someone else. He had no desire for the responsibilities and was more than happy to help Cara. Veston and Margaret walked in to let them know the fleet was up and running and the trade route was established.

"Funny innit, we did more in two weeks than Nicolae did in a couple of months," Margaret said as she sat down. All of them nodded, remembering the battle with Nicolae, who had sold his soul to the Shirhak in exchange for power. "Still, plenty to look forward to, eh?" she added, and once again everyone smiled and nodded. The future was looking bright indeed.

"Jak, I talked with Daddy, and he said you're staying here tonight," Keira said as she forced him on a couch. Jak shrugged and laid back. Let Daxter spread the gossip: who knew how long their journey into the Rift Ring tomorrow would take. He fell asleep with Keira wrapped in his arms, looking forward to the future.

In another place…

"Sir, tomorrow is the day of prophecy," a man with bright orange hair said as he bowed before his ruler.

"Up the patrols. If the rumors are true, I want the elf captured."

"Do you think she spoke true?"

"I do not know. She merely said that tomorrow an elf that would be able to save our city would arrive, and she has never given me reason to doubt her in the past."

"Yes sir," the man said as a demonic flash lit his eyes. How dare the old hag think that there was someone more skilled than him, that there might be another who would stand a better chance than him of facing the most powerful being on the planet.

"Mark my words, I'll find you," the man said after he had been dismissed. "And when I do, you'll wish you had never been born."

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