Chapter 2

Georgia smiled happily as she finished sorting through the papers that Mr. Lawson had given her. She got out of her chair and headed to his office.

"Finished sir, and write on time." She chuckled as looked up at the clock in his room. It was eleven o'clock exactly.

"Ah thanks Georgia, you know I would have given ya more time if ya needed it." He replied, taking the papers from her.

"Oh no, don't worry, I had plenty of time." She smiled.

"Ok, that's good, go have a break and go tell Carol to stop lying around." Mr. Lawson chuckled.

"No problems got it." She smiled and headed out the door towards the staff room.

She found Carol sitting down on the sofa, eating cake.

"Hey you, Mr. Lawson told me to tell ya to get to work and I find ya in here eating cake." Georgia laughed.

"Georgia this stuff is nice, you know that cake shop down town where it's like thirty dollars for half a cake, well it's from there." Carol replied.

"Really?" Georgia replied.

"Yeah, have a piece." Carol said, pushing the box towards her.

"Oh no, I'm fine, I only had breakfast a few hours ago." Georgia explained.

"Oh well suit yaself." Carol replied, taking a bite.

Just then Carl and Kargon walked on in to the room.

"Oh yum cake, we better grab a piece before she eats it all." Carl laughed, looking at Georgia.

"Oh yeah ya right." Kargon replied.

Georgia looked at them disgusted, then turned around and headed into the women's bathroom.

Carol saw Georgia walked off. "Fuck you, you stupid assholes." She said and walked off to find Georgia.

She found her standing next to the mirror, whipping her eyes with her handkerchief.

"Oh sweetheart, don't listen to those assholes." She said walking over to her and patting her on the back.

"No I'm ok, I gotta try and not let them get to me." Georgia explained.

"Just tell Bill and he'll get rid of them." Carol suggested.

"No, I can't do that." Georgia replied.

"But they're causing you stress Georgia." Carol explained.

"I'll be fine." Georgia said.

Carol sighed. "Ok, I'm not gonna argue with ya."

Georgia walked out of the bathroom and headed back to her office.

She stayed in there, typing up reports on her computer when she looked at her watch and realized it was time for her lunch break.

"I'm heading off for my break, Mr. Lawson." She called out as she headed out the front door.

"Good, away from those creeps for an hour." She said to herself.

She walked past the newsagents and decided to buy herself the paper to read.

She walked in to get the newspaper, when something caught her eye. She walked over to the sport section and picked up the latest wrestling magazine. The Undertaker was on the cover. She smiled as she flicked through the magazine, she'd had a crush on him since she could remember, and her dream was to meet him. To tell him that he was one of the only few people apart from her mom that made her happy.

"Would you like to purchase that Magazine miss?" The shop keeper asked walking over to her.

"Oh well…" She began, then looked in her purse to find she didn't have enough money to buy it.

"I don't have enough, so I'll just take the daily paper please." She replied, putting her purse back into her bag.

"Sure, no problem." The shop keeper smiled and picked up a paper and handed it to her as she gave him the money.

She tucked it under her arm and headed off to buy herself some lunch.