The real reasons this-or-that happened.

Summary: Ever wonder why Prue really died? Or why their dad really left? If you have then this is the story for you. It's basically a list of reasons why this-or-that happened. It's M just to be safe.

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Chapter 1: Why something didn't turn out this way…

Why Prue died instead of Piper:

Phoebe liked Piper more.

Phoebe wanted Prue's room.

Shax was supposed to kill Dan but he got mixed up. (Must've been high)

Why Patty and Sam really gave up Paige…

Sam was drunk on the conception night.

Because they accidentally dropped her on her head. And nobody wants to deal w/ a brain-damaged baby.

Patty didn't wanna have to go through the hell she went through breast-feeding and changing her.

Why the Source chose Cole as the new Source…

Cole was the only one who could pull off the traditional black robe.

Cole bribed him by sending him a basket of mini muffins.

With Cole's eyes and Phoebe's hair that would be the hottest Source ever!

The Seer couldn't pronounce the name of the guy who was supposed to be the Source, Cole just came out easier.

The Seer said if they didn't she would bring Prue back.

Why the Elders really didn't want Piper and Leo to be together.

It's hard to say how hot someone is when her boyfriend is right there.

They didn't want to risk ending up with a blonde haired brown-eyed baby.

Leo supposedly had some untreatable STD's.

They'd be damned if they did and damned if they didn't.

The reason Chris really came back from the future.

Phoebe turned him down in the future; maybe she wouldn't if she didn't know whom he was. (Gross)

He wanted to see if Wyatt was right when he said Chris was an accident, he was right.

He thought Greg the Fireman was his dad, nope half witch half fruity Whitelighter.

How Grams really died…

A spell backfired and killed her instead of Prue, damn!

She heard there was an all-you-can-eat shrimp buffet in hell.

She was being hunted down by the FBI because of Tax Fraud; everyone knows you can't charge a dead woman. Her granddaughters are another story.