Chapter 6- Oh nag, nag, your needs.

Why did Phoebe live in New York?

That's where the prostitutes make the most money.

If she stayed she would've had to help pay for Grams' funeral.

Let's see, New York with a bunch of hot straight guys or San Francisco with a bunch of hot gay guys?

Why did Paige wait so long to contact the Halliwells?
Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow? Or after the oldest sister dies?

She didn't want Piper to know that she had been stalking them at P3.

Because she was hoping for a second that her mom was Cher.

If Leo's spyed on them their whole lives, how come he never mentioned Paige?

(The real reason) Because Leo didn't even know about Paige, remember?

Then who would he have to spy on while they were in the shower?

Because it's called the 'Power of Three' not the 'Power of Three Plus One.'

Why ruin a good thing.

He met Paige once, and he didn't want that freak in the family.

What happened to Dan after he left?

He got thrown in jail and now gets human booster shots from a guy named Molly.

He's still trying to find proof that Leo is a fraud.

He moved to Saudi Arabia.

He was standing near a fire and his greasy hair caught fire, his body was burnt beyond recognition.

Why does Prue really squint?

She's as blind as a bat, she's just too damn proud to get glasses.

Because Brad Kern didn't realize her eyes were crooked.

Because flipping people off to use her power just seemed a little harsh.

How Many of the sister's guys has Grams slept with?

There are too many to count.

54, she married one of them, he was her 6th husband.

The real question is; how many of them hasn't she slept with?

Basically all of them from the time they were in High School, except Jeremy, seeing how she was dying in all.

Do you mean before or after she died? Lol

What other kinds of magical freaks have Piper dated?

There was a Leprechaun.

A Werewolf, who she thought just had a hair problem.

An Ogre, who she thought just had a hygiene problem.

A vampire, who she thought just was allergic to garlic and was friends with Paige.

A Wizard, who she thought, was just really obsessed with Lord of the Rings.

A Wood Nymph…it was her curious phase during college.

What other demeaning ways to die did the producers have in mind for Shannen?

She could've tripped down the stairs.

Someone could've tricked her into eating chocolate. (She's allergic to chocolate.)

She could've fell down an elevator shaft. (Always a classic.)

She could've been thrown through a wall. Oh wait, she was!

She could've been hit by a garbage truck.

She could've been thrown into a cabinet.

She could've walked into my house and said 'Charmed Sucks'

Why does Chris really hate Leo?

Because Leo took him to a gay strip club for his 18th birthday. He just assumed…

Because when he was born he accidentally cut something else instead of the umbilical cord.

Because Leo didn't support his 'Street Mime' phase.

Because Leo showed him the tape of his and Piper's honeymoon to explain the birds and the bees.

Because when he was 10 Leo and Wyatt put his hand in a bowl of warm water at his slumber party.

Because Wyatt got a big mythical sword and he didn't.

Why does Daryl continue to let the sisters, and his wife, boss him around?

Because…(Sniffle) That was Andy's job. (Cry.)

Because he realized that Piper had the ability to blow him up, Paige could orb him into a volcano, Phoebe could scratch his eyes out, Prue could TK him into a wall, and his wife could make him sleep on the couch.

Because he's too darn stupid to just stick up for himself.

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