Title: It's Only a Matter of Time

Disclaimer: Would I be writing this if I owned them?

Rating: PG

Pairing: Literati, of course

Summary: It's after season two. Dean is thinking about his relationship with Rory and her relationship with Jess. It has little clips, I guess you could say, of Rory and Jess.

A/N: We have no cable, therefore no internet, and I was bored. So I decided to write something. This is what came out. It's just a little drabble. Even though I hate Dean, there's no bashing. I know I already did the summer after season two revisited, but I decided to do it again a little differently. I kind of changed the storyline a little. Rory never left for Washington, her and Jess decided to just forget about the kiss. They went back to the way it was before and are even closer. This is only a one-shot fic. Plain writing is Dean's thoughts, italicized is Rory and Jess or Rory and Dean. I hope you enjoy. Feedback is very much appreciated. Criticism is welcome. Please R/R.

A/N2: I would like to thank everyone who has reviewed any of my stories. Especially Encarta who has reviewed every one of my GG fics. Thank you.


We've grown apart. I don't know why I stay. She's probably with him right now.

"Hey Jess," she says as she sits next to him on the bridge.

They're probably discussing stupid books that I've never read or bands I've never heard of.

"You actually like Gavin DeGraw?" he asks incredulously.

I thought that since she chose not to go to Washington we'd be able to work on our barely existent relationship. Instead, she decided to spend her every waking moment with him.

"Coffee please," she tells him as she sits on a stool at the counter.

"My shift ends in ten minutes, want to go check out that new bookstore in Hartford?" he asks as he sets her coffee down in front of her.

"Sure," she replies, right before she gulps down the brown liquid.

Every time I talk to her, we end up arguing over him. She tells me there's nothing to worry about; he's just a friend, she loves me. And honestly, I think she actually believes that. But she doesn't see the way he looks at her, the way she looks at him. There's definitely more then friendly feelings going on there.

"I'm tired and I can't sleep. Will you tell me a story?" she asks while laying down in her bed with the phone to her ear.

"What kind of story?" he asks her with a small smile on his face.

"A fairy tale," she says while trying to stifle a yawn.

"Ah, ok. Once upon a timeā€¦" he began.

She hasn't been the same since I got back from Chicago. In the beginning of our relationship she wanted to be with me all of the time, even if it meant going to every one of my basketball games where she didn't understand a thing. Now, it's like she can't get away from me fast enough.

"I'm sorry Dean, but I've got to go. I have a load of homework, and semester tests are in one week. I really need to start studying."

Since when does studying involve a movie night with him?

"What movie did you bring?" she asks as she lets him in.

"Almost Famous," he tells her.

"Please Jess, not again," she groans.

His only reply is the smirk on his face.

It's only a matter of time before she realizes that I'm not the one she wants anymore.

"Please don't run away again," he slightly pleads as they pull away from their kiss.

She smiles as she lays her hand on his cheek, "I'm not going anywhere."

It's only a matter of time until my heart gets broken.

The End


By the way, I am a fan of Gavin DeGraw. I just figured Jess wouldn't be.