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Dashing thought the snow

Touya fangirls look around wildly to see Reishyo bashing. Then they spot him chained up, on skis and going down Everest screaming like a little girl at the top of his lungs "AHAHAHAHAHA! HELP ME! MY BEAUTIFUL FACE WILL GET HIT BY A TREE!"

Upon seeing this sight, they fall down laughing.

Then they see Jin flying beside Reishyo and dumping gas on him. Jin fangirls come and faint at the sound of his voice when he says "Dude, that's kinda the point."

Touya fangirls go crazy as they see Touya skiing on the other side of Reishyo and also dumping gas on him. They scream when Touya says " Yah." And smiles.

On a pair of broken skis

While Touya and Jin fangirls are fawning over their bushies, Yusuke comes outa nowhere. Yusuke fangirls appear and scream when he says "What would happen if I did this?" and some faint when he shoots spirit gun at Reishyo's skis. They go wild when he says "Oh, that's what happens." And smiles. They run after him when he disappears.

Over the hills I go

Touya fangirls and Jin fangirls call Reishyo-haters and they laugh has he falls over a random cliff, screaming like a little girl. They all quiet as Jin and Touya start to talk.

"Touya, ya got the matches?" asked Jin, who is still flying beside Reishyo.

"SHOOT!" Touya yells, who is now some how flying on the other side of Reishyo. "I forgot them!" Touya says, mad and punches Reishyo to get some of his anger out. Fans and haters cheer.

Hiei comes out nowhere and Hiei fan girls follow him. "Hn. I'll help," he says and sets Reishyo on fire then leaves with his fans following him.

"Thanks!" Jin and Touya then flash a sexy smile.

Crashing into trees

Reishyo, who is still on fire and falling and screaming like a little girl crashes into trees and snow falls on him, making the fire go out. "I'm saved!" He cries with joy.

"Not for long," Jin and Touya say, giving Reishyo and evil grin.

The snow is turning red

"I'm in pain," Reishyo says, who has random cuts and bruises all over his body.

"Do you think we over did it?" Touya asks. Touya lovers and Reishyo haters gasp in shock and horror.

"Do you?" Jin asks him. Jin lovers and Reishyo haters gasp in shock and horror.

"Nah," both say. Touya lovers and Jin lovers and Reishyo haters cheer.

I think I'm almost dead

"Why must I go though this?" asked a more-then-half-dead Reishyo who was twitching on the ground. Touya fangirls, Jin fangirls and Reishyo haters laugh at the stupidity of the question.

"Your being bashed cuz your mean to Touya," Jin said, sticking out his tong. Jin fangirls awe at the cuteness of the sight.

"Yah!" Touya agrees, also sticking out his ting. His fangirls hug their Touya plushies.

They both start to kick a still twitching Reishyo as fans and haters laugh.

I woke in spirit world with staples on my head.

"Where am I?" Reishyo asked, finally being able to move.

"In spirit world. Jin and Touya did ya in. I'd tell you every thing that happened, but this fic would go up to M with in ten seconds," said a org while smiling.

"Oh," was all Reishyo could say.

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Jin: I'm loved.

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