Series: Samurai Champloo
Title: One-way
Characters: Jin, Fuu
Genre: General
Rating: G
Summary: And for a short, fleeting moment, fate has done her work. They have met, they have seen, they have said goodbye. Set after the end of the series. drabble
Disclaimer: I do not own Samurai Champloo.


It was for a fleeting moment. He was the one who recognized the face, the movement of cloth, the child-like smile, the imperious glare, even before she noticed he was standing, watching her. She was welcoming men into the inn. He was walking across. He saw the lips of one of the men move, and then laughter. A dark tanned hand extended itself to the girl he once knew and a flash of white slapped the hand away. The man laughed again while Fuu scolded and Jin fought the urge to draw his sword kill the man then and there.

Old habits die hard, he supposed.

And then their eyes met.

He was the first to break the contact, as he was the first who made it, and decided to direct his attention to the small children: two boys who played 'sword' with sticks.

She wore a darker kimono, still the shade of red. Her hair a bit longer, looking more like russet than auburn.

He wore the same, dark sapphire clothing. The same midnight hakama. The same eyeglasses.

But many things have changed.

Between him. Between her. Between them.

And so he walked. And so she smiled. And for a short, fleeting moment, fate had done her work. They have met, they have seen, they have said goodbye.

He continued walking and after a while, stoped. He turned his back once, just once, and walked again, recommencing an unfinished journey. A journey which he knew no end. Perhaps she found hers, and maybe he would find his, but something told him it would be the last time they'd find themselves standing on a similar crossroad. He'd take the right, she'd take the left, and they'll find themselves in opposite sides of the pole without ever seeing the other again.

And she glanced back, a quick and sudden glance, and saw a man whom she once knew. A man whom she once traveled with. A man whom she once loved.

But Fate interferred and they're on opposite sides of the road again.