Series: Samurai Champloo
Title: Different
Characters: Jin
Pairing: implied Jin x Fuu
Genre: General
Rating: PG
Summary: Love and infatuation are two very different things. Spoilers from episode 11, minor spoilers from 24 and 26. drabble
Disclaimer: I do not own Samurai Champloo.


He did not expect to find himself feeling a deep affection towards two persons of the opposite sex. He knew not, at first, the difference between the levels of affection he had for the two. He just knew that he felt strongly for both, be it a feeling of kinship or something else. But by the by, he realized their difference and sameness.

Infatuation is a short-lived passion, a sudden spark of desire with a sudden beginning and a sudden end. One needs not reason and at most times, it is a foolish emotion.

Love is a growing feeling between two persons, a longer-lasting bond, and most often ineffable. It could be a deep feeling of affection mixed with gentle desire, bitter yet sweet.

He was attracted to her silent despair and the vain attempt to hide it. Unlike the other, she understood the joy of speaking without words. She was an embodiment of calmness in present danger. He found her beauty desirous, her miserable state almost bewitching. She was the woman who filled his body with satisfying pleasure and prevented him from any rational thinking. Perhaps it was the fact that he somehow saw himself in her that he was able to understand her deeply, that ignited the strong feelings of defending, protecting her as if she was his mate.

However, that rhapsodic relationship did not last due to inevitable circumstances and that short amount of time that seemed like forever ended. He had to say farewell to a woman who captivated him, entranced him, and attracted him despite the fact that he knew so little about her.

Days passed and he was once again left with his companions who, soon after that incident, tried to cheer him with utmost sincerity. Passion faded as time washed it away yet the gentle caring prevailed. The string was not strong enough to tie both of them into an everlasting relationship and it grew weaker, in a sense that it was the feeling of kinship that remained.

He did not regret leaving for he was able to grasp something that he would have lost had he stayed. Soon, he found himself feeling a growing fondness for another who, with her cheerful and optimistic demeanor, made their journey enjoyable despite all the hardships and problems they had to go through.

In truth, it was she who did the saving, not vice-versa.

She, the girl whom he treated and saw as a sister until the night he realized that once this journey would end, life would be dimmed once again by an unwelcome feeling of loneliness.

Perhaps…he did love her.

But like a million other people who realize things when it is already too late, he lost the chance to tell her.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I just edited chapters one to five. I might start watching the series again in a month or so and when that time comes, I might start writing again. Thanks to Youkai no Yume who revived my interest with Samurai Champloo fanfics with her awesome story, Sweet Nothings.