Disclaimer: I don't own Kel. Tamora Pierce does.


I flirt
I smile

I get tired
Of people in love

Annoy me.

People say
Because I was never in love
I don't understand

I love too much
People I never met
People I know too well

The idea of a family
Of thinking of that
It baffles me

When men are away
From the ones they love

They lose a part of

I haven't felt that

Alanna loves
She pinned
Over her missing daughter.

Crushes don't do that
I have had crushes
Several in fact

When we are separated
I don't long
I wish I did.

My story is the only one
that doesn't end with love

I am a feminist
All action
No romance.

I'm in love
With the idea of
Being in love

I want that longing
Just as eveyone else

Someday I will love
Real love
Where every time I think his name
I shutter

I know I will

Not today

I'm too busy

But someday.