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/Yami to Hikari/

/'Hikari to Yami'/


Tenshi – Love

Koi – Love

Hikari –Partner

Aibou – Partner

Hai – Yes

Iie – No

Warning! Contains Yaoi, Yami x Yugi.

Chapter 1 - Getting sick

'Yugi should've been home by now.' Suddenly the Game Shop's door swung open and a wet figure walked in, shutting the door behind them. Yami looked up at the figure and smiled.

"I was getting worried about you, Aibou."

Yugi smiled lightly at his Dark.

"Sorry to worry you so much, Yami. A-A-ACHOO!"

Yugi sneezed, covering his mouth and nose with his hands. Yami blinked.
"Bless you. You feeling okay, Aibou?"

Yugi nodded lightly, shivering slightly.

"Hai…I'm just a bit cold from this rain we have…"

Yami blinked.

"Dear Ra! You walked from school in the rain? Why didn't you call? I would've come and picked you up."

"But I know how much you hate to drive…"

"But that doesn't mean I won't drive you I need to! Now come on; we need to change you into something warm."

Yugi nodded lightly and followed Yami upstairs to their room. Yugi sat down on their bed while Yami fished out some pj's from the dresser for Yugi to wear. Yugi looked at the pj's Yami handed to him and blushed slightly.

"I need new pj's…"

Yami chuckled. "I think the Teddy Bears look cute on you, Aibou." Yugi smiled lightly, trying to hide his blush.

"T-Thanks Yami..."

Yami smirked and kissed Yugi's forehead.

"Come down stairs when you finishes changing, alright?"

Yugi smiled and nodded. Yami smiled and walked out of their room, shutting the door behind him and walked down the stairs, to the living room. Yami sat down on the couch and picked up his book he had started reading.
Yami was in the middle of is reading when he heard Yugi coming down the stairs. Yami smiled at his Light and patted the seat next to him.

Yugi giggled and climbed into Yami's lap instead. Yami just chuckled and wrapped his arms around his Tenshi. Yugi cuddled in Yami's arms and rest his head on Yami's shoulder. Yami smirked and kissed Yugi's forehead. Yugi giggled and buried his face into Yami's neck.

Yami smiled and caressed Yugi's cheek. Yugi felt himself blushing bright red. Yami smiled and pulled Yugi into a tight hug. Yugi looked up at his Yami and smiled faintly. Yami noticed Yugi wasn't looking too good.

"Aibou. Are you feeling alright? You seem pale."

Yugi nodded lightly. His head seemed to be throbbing.

"Hai, I'm fine."

Yami put a hand to Yugi's forehead just to make sure. He blinked.

"Dear Ra, Yugi! You're burning up! I think you need to get to bed."

Yami quickly picked up Yugi and carried him bridal style. Yugi liked being held by Yami and cuddled a bit in Yami's arms. Yami smiled softly at his Light. Yami reached Yugi's room and walked over to the bed, setting Yugi down gently. Yami pulled the covers up about to Yugi's chin. Yami brushed some of Yugi's golden bangs out of his eyes.

"Sleep now, Koi. If you need anything, just let me know through the mind link."

Yugi looked up at Yami.

"Will...You stay with me?" Yugi said, a bit of begging in his voice.

Yami blinked but nod and picked up the covers, scooting Yugi aside a bit and laying down next to him. Yami pulled the covers over them both and wrapped his arms around his Hikari. Yugi smiled lightly and rest his head on Yami's shoulder, closing his eyes half way. Yami buried his face in Yami's hair, breathing in Yugi's sweet sent.

"Sleep now, Love."

But Yugi was ahead of him. Yami looked down at his beautiful snoring Hikari. Yami just smiled and closed his eyes, soon falling asleep.

Yami yawned as he awoke. He sat up, rubbing his eyes. He then looked down at Yugi, and smiled.

'He's so adorable.'

Yami stroked Yugi's cheek softly before getting up and out of the bed. Yami made sure Yugi was covered with the sheets so his Aibou wouldn't freeze. Yami walked out of the bedroom and went downstairs to the kitchen, to make Yugi something to eat for when he woke up. Yami looked at the kitchen clock to catch the time.
'8:30 PM.I guess I'll make something light. Maybe Tomato Soup will do the trick'
Yami smiled softly to himself and went to work.

Yugi yawned, blinking lightly as he woke up. Yugi rubbed his eyes, but stayed laying down. Yugi went to look at Yami but Yami was no where to be found. Yugi felt scared.

'Where is he? I hope he's okay.'

Yugi took the covers off him and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. Yugi stood up, and went to move, but he suddenly fell. He landed hard on the room floor, his head was stinging, blood trickling down his forehead. Yugi had hit his head on his desk, on his way down. Yugi weakly sent a message through the mind link.


Before Yugi could finish, He passed out.

To Be Continued...

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