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Hai – Yes

Iie – No

Aishiteru – I love you

Mou Hitori No Boku – Yami

Aibou – Partner

Hikari – Light

Tenshi - Angel

'People's Thoughts…'

Warning: YugixYami Yaoi.

Chapter 10 – Home Sweet Home

It had been a few months since the Dartz incident had taken place and everything was normal again. Everyone was going along on his or her merry little ways for the rest of the summer.

Some of them were working, or some where hanging around, or some where even on trips. Or some of them were inside a Game Shop, being with each other. Enjoying every moment they had with the other…

"You can't catch me! Nah-nah!"

"That's what you think, Aibou!"

Yugi meeped as Yami chased after him through the Game Shop. He ducked under the kitchen table. Yami entered the kitchen and smirked, pretending like he didn't know where Yugi was.

Yami teasingly sang, "Oh where, oh where has my little Hikari gone? Oh where, oh where could he be?"

Yugi tried to hold in his fits of giggles. He had no luck there. Yami peeked down under the table, behind Yugi and grabbed him.



Yami chuckled as Yugi squirming to get away from him. But Yami had a strong grip on him. He carried his hikari to the living room couch and plopped him down on it. Yugi was about to get up and run again, but Yami laid on top of him first, pinning him down.

"Meep! No! Let me go!"

Yami grinned. He put his hands under Yugi's shirt and started to lightly…

"AH! I-Iie! YAMI! S-Stop!" Yugi laughed very loudly. He was so ticklish.

Yami smiled down at Yugi, laughing lightly.

"Nah…I think I'll keep tickling you. It's so much fun."

Yami continued his tickle attack on Yugi, tickling him a little bit faster.

Yugi was squirming and hollering with laughter.

"P-Please Yami! Stop tickling M-me!"

Yami chuckled and stopped. "Alright, Alright. Just cause I love you, Tenshi."

Yugi smiled and giggled up at Yami. "And I love you too, My Mighty Pharaoh."

Yami grinned.

"You know…I suddenly have the urge to play 'Pharaoh and Servant'…"

Yugi smirked, which was rare for him, and got up off the couch. Yugi quickly zoomed over to and up the stairs – Yami soon following after him.

Yugi meeped as Yami tackled him onto their bed. Yami had that goofy grin on his face. He started kissing Yugi senselessly. Yugi giggled and kissed Yami's kisses back.

From their room, could be heard giggles and moans. They were going to have a good night again…


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