Crossing A Fine Line

Summary: When Riza's mission leads to her disappearance, what will Roy do to get her back? Will he even make it in time?

Chapter One: To Loose A Love He Never Found.

Hello hello hello, welcome to my second attempt at a Full Metal Alchemist fic. I posted my last on "fullmetal-alchemist. com" and I had a reviewer say that they loved the parts with Riza and Roy. So, if figured I write a fic with the two of them…and one Oc, but nobody's perfect. I dedicate this to that one reviewer.

Disclaimer: I don't own Full Metal Alchemist or any of its characters.

If you get the chance, you must check of "The Way To A Man's Heart Isn't By Crushing His Ego" by Kaiya-Chan. It is a wonderful fic and I think you'll enjoy it.

Riza and Havoc can be seen walking the vacant city streets. The cool chill of the night air made them shiver slightly.

"Tell me, why isn't the Colonel here again?" Havoc asked as he rubbed his arms with his hands.

Riza gave him a dirty look, "Because he decided to hunt down Ed and Al," she said bitterly.

Havoc looked over and noticed the disapproving look on Riza's face, "You're mad because he didn't ask you to tag along aren't you?" he asked, a sadistic smirk spreading across his face. Riza groaned with irritation, but didn't say a word. "Haha! You are!" Havoc yelled as he pointed at her.

Riza blushed slightly, "Shut up before we're spotted," she scolded, tempted to shoot her partner.

The smile faded from Havoc's face as he looked forward once again, "If we're afraid of being spotted, why are we walking down the middle of the street?" he asked, seeing how this was a bit odd.

Riza rolled her eyes, "Because the alleys are dark and we have a better chance of running into trouble," she said, as if this made any sense.

Normally Riza was smarted than this, but the thought of Roy going on a wild goose hunt without her, was beginning to tick her off. The anger she was feeling seemed to cloud her better judgment.

"Did you find anything?" came the loud voice of a man from behind them. Both Havoc and Riza spun around. Riza pulled out her gun and pointed it at their intruder. "Don't shoot me," Armstrong said defensively as he put his hands in the air.

Riza sighed with irritation, "With all do respect Major, you really shouldn't sneak up on people like that," she scolded as she stowed her gun.

"Yeah," Havoc chimed in from where he was hiding behind Riza, "We could get caught," he said as he walked around the blonde and straightened his uniform.

"Too late," Armstrong said as he pointed behind the two of them.

Havoc and Riza spun around. Riza caught site of a man with his hand raised in the air. She saw him bring it down and felt a sharp pain in her head, then all was black.

Roy got out of his car and slammed the door, "I'm sick of this. I can't get away from the office for two days and I'm already called back," he said bitterly.

Roy walked into his office. Havoc and Armstrong we're standing in the center of the room.

"This better be good," Roy scorned as he walked to his desk and sat down, "Do you realize how early it is?" he asked bitterly. He looked up at Havoc and Armstrong, realizing that they were both in pretty bad shape. They were bruised and battered. Havoc's arm was in a sling and Armstrong had a black eye. Roy gave them an odd look, "What happened to the two of you, bar fight?" he asked, laughing at his own comment. Armstrong and Havoc looked at each other. Roy's smiled faded, "What's wrong?" he asked in a more serious voice.

Both the men sighed before looking at Roy once more, "Havoc, Hawkeye, and I were sent on a mission to hunt down a serial killer," Armstrong said in a solemn voice.

Roy's eyes widened with surprise. His eyes slowly crossed the room and stopped when they fell on Riza's empty desk.

A look of horror appeared on his face, "There was a bit of an accident," Havoc said, figuring it was his turn to speak.

Roy stood up, his eyes still on Riza's vacant desk, "Where's Hawkeye?" he asked, his voice still cool.

"Well, we were standing in the road when…" Havoc began again, his voice trembling slightly.

Roy looked over at him fire in his eyes, "Where is Hawkeye?" he asked again, his voice very stern.

Havoc swallowed hard, still avoiding eye contact with his bitter superior, "Some men came up behind us and…" he began again.

Roy's temper went through the roof, "I asked you where she is! Answer me Lieutenant!" he ordered.

Havoc looked Roy dead in the eyes, "She's gone sir," he replied quietly.

Roy's jaw dropped as he looked down at his desk. The two men looked at each other. They figured it'd be best if they left the room at this point. They headed to the door but were cut off by the sound of a desk drawer slamming shut. They turned around and saw Mustang standing behind his desk, putting on his white gloves.

"Well boys," Roy said before looking up at the two of them, "Let's get my lieutenant back," he said, fire raging in his black eyes.

First chapter, short and fast, but it's only the intro. I hope you like. It gets better, don't worry.