"Raavven…helllooo in there."

"Ugh, Beast Boy what do you want?" Raven said in an annoyed and groggy voice, squinting at the door which he stood behind.

"Dude it's almost noon and I know you had a rough night last night and everything, but noon is still not normal for you." He replied a little worried.

"I'll wake up when I want to Beast Boy!" she snapped at him from the other side of the door. She really didn't mean to be like that, but with the prophecy and all that had happened it was kinda tough not to.

She didn't here a reply and figured he went off pouting somewhere. She closed her eyes once again and snuggled into her purple silk covers, pulling them up to her chin. That comfortable position lasted about 5 minutes….


"Waakee UP!"

Her eyes shot open and noticed a falling Beast Boy coming from his hiding spot on the ceiling. She screamed when he hit the bed, sending her body in the air and then back down. She just laid on her back looking at the ceiling with an evil look on her face.

"Are you awake now?" he asked hovering over her face with a smirk.

"Yes, thank you." she replied in a sarcastic tone and sat up, taking her hands and shoving him off the bed.

"Ugh, why'd you do that?" he said rubbing his head.

"Because your annoying me."

She got out of bed and walked over to her dresser and began to brush her hair.

"Do I really?" he asked matter factually standing behind her and making funny gestures in the mirror.

"Yes really."

"Well I don't think you think I'm annoying….wait that's how you say it right?" he scratched his head trying to think.

Raven smacked her forehead with her hand and shook her head not believing how naïve he could be. All of a sudden she felt arms wrap around her waist and before she knew it she was thrown onto her bed, Beast Boy sitting on top of her stomach making funny gestures with his fingers. It finally hit her was he was planning to do.

"Beast boy I swear I'll kill you if you…"

She tried so hard to hold the laughter in as his fingers moved rapidly along the sides of her stomach.

"Come on Raven you know you want to laugh," he taunted with a smile.

Tears started to form in her eyes as she tried desperately to not laugh and not lose control of her powers.

Beast Boy decided to do some more taunting and put his face about an inch away from her face and whispered, "Laugh."

She felt the warmth of his breath on her face making another emotion pop up and making her lose it.

"Hahahahah!" she burst out laughing for about a minute till something finally broke. The light broke, sending them into complete darkness.

Silence hit for a few minutes until Raven spoke up.

"Look what you made me…."

She was cut off as something hit her lips and a hand found her cheek. She didn't want to kiss back, she didn't want to like it, but she knew she did and after a few seconds of being shocked and thinking things over quickly, she kissed back. Her hand found its way into his hair and the other resting peacefully on his neck.

The kiss stopped after neither could breathe, but they still remained face to face. She just starred into nothingness as did he since they could just barely see each other.

"You idiot look what you made me do," she said in her monotone voice and shoved him onto the floor once again. Another pop was heard a ways in the tower and a 'Raven!' from each of the Titans.

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