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A kiss didn't mean all that much to Rubedo. It was just another something in the long line of somethings that happened between people once in a while. He just wanted to know what it felt like to kiss someone- it seemed to him that every author who had ever written tended to make a great deal about nothing when it came to kisses. Ornate, poetic prose, inner dialogues, pages upon pages or lead-up. When it came to kissing, writers pulled out all the stops.

Which told Rubedo that there must be something to it. He was a brilliant and quick-witted battle tactician- Yuriev had made him that way afterall- but like most children Rubedo was on the dense side when it came to emotion. It never once occured to him that kissing was only a big deal when you were kissing someone you were in love with. It never once occured to him that Albedo might not be the best person to "test" his kissing method on.

"This is stupid." Albedo muttered when Rubedo pinned him against the wall.

"Oh, just shut up Albedo. It won't take long."

He practically attacked his brother with his lips. Albedo was caught mid-protest and sucked air through his nose urgently as all the breath went out of him. It was very clumsy and almost hurt at first until Rubedo realized that he was supposed to be gentle about the entire thing. He pulled back a bit and Albedo allowed their lips to slide together, a sigh escaping his chest once he caught his breath. He dug his nails into his twin's shoulders and drank in the kiss greedily- Rubedo had to drag himself away with some effort.

Albedo stared at him in the darkness, disappointed, while Rubedo studied the wall.

"That was... interesting." The redhead announced, "But not nearly as good as they say it is. What the hell is wrong with 20th century earth writers anyways?"

Albedo had no answer. His mind had gone blank and fuzzy as he raised his fingers to his lips, suddenly aware of urges, desires and thoughts that he previously hadn't thought existed. Rubedo shrugged out from beneath his hands and Albedo shuddered violently at the loss of physical contact.

A kiss may have meant nothing to Rubedo, but to Albedo it meant everything.