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This story is also inspired by one of the best movies of all time, "Sliding Doors." GO JOHN HANNAH!

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Chapter 1

She was late!

Daine was new to the sprawling urban centre of Toronto. She had just rented out her first apartment and was attending one of the campuses of the University of Toronto. It was too expensive to buy a car, so she got around like any other city girl; Subway.

She ran down the busy city streets, dodging through traffic and receiving some not so polite honks from angry passengers that followed up the gesture with a wave, which happened to lack four fingers. Daine turned around for barely a second to receive the gestures, as she muttered curses under her breath. It would be a miracle if she made it in time!

Entering the graffiti covered building she bolted through the door and scrambled to find her subway token. "I don't have time for this!" She yelled at herself. She couldn't afford to be late for her first day of university. Resolving that she wouldn't find it, she hopped over the counter and tried for the stairs. A man tried to follow her, yelling and calling her a thief, but Daine didn't look back. She heard the familiar "ding" warning that the subway doors were closing. Cursing she gathered up all her energy and attempted to sprint the rest of the way. It wasn't enough. The door had closed.

Daine just about screamed in frustration, pounding her fist against the closed door. The man from the ticket booth was getting closer.

"Come on!" somebody shouted from another car. There was a man holding a door open, shouting frantically. "The train is starting to move!"

Daine looked back to see a very angry man yelling for his money. Daine didn't hesitate. She ran towards the car with the man holding the door open for her, and the train has started moving. The man held out his arm, ready to catch her as she approached. Snatching her by the wrist, the helpful stranger pulled her inside.

Panting as if she had just ran a marathon Daine collapsed into the steel chair. Everyone in the car just looked at her. There was an old woman with a purple knitted hat who just stared appallingly at Daine. "Well I never!" she heard the old woman mutter. Blushing furiously Daine turned to thank the stranger.

She did not expect her savior to be so gorgeous! With shoulder length raven hair pulled back into a horse tail, and pearly whites mixed with a perfect tan. She melted even further into her chair. On top of all that he was tall. It wasn't in Daine's nature to dote over men like that, but she had to admit that this man was exceptionally good looking.

"It seems like someone slept in this morning," he said smiling. "My name is Numair," he added offering her his hand.

Daine accepted it with a firm handshake, "The name is Veralidaine, but most folk call me Daine. And my roommate unplugged my alarm clock this morning." She added at the end to explain her tardiness.

The man called Numair laughed. "That doesn't sound very considerate of her."

"Well, she had run out of outlets for her hairdryer. You see Miri (that's my roommate) had her straightner and her curling iron already plugged in but had no room for her hair dryer. She then grabbed the extension cord, unplugged my alarm clock and helped herself to my electricity" Daine explained.

Numair laughed at that. Daine smiled, "A little unconventional I know, but that's Miri for you." Daine continued to joke with Numair until the subway slowed.

"Ugh this is my stop," they said in unison. Daine and Numair stared at each other for a moment and then both laughed a little nervously. Daine quickly stepped out of the subway, and not paying attention where she was going and bumped into the same old woman with the purple knitted hat. Her books went flying everywhere! She huffed and glared evilly at Daine. Apologizing seemed to provoke the woman even more so Daine concluded that is was best to ignore her.

Daine gathered up what she could of her books and shoved them into her sack, she then went in search of stray papers that now covered the station. She couldn't possibly get all of them, and decided that her struggle was in vain and gave up.

"Here I think these are yours," Numair said handing Daine a pile of roughed up pages. "Oh what's this one?" he asked while handing her all of the pages but one.

"Oh that is just my schedule of my classes and professors, I'm attending the University of Toronto," Daine answered accepting the pile of papers. She still didn't receive her schedule. She tried to grab for it, but Numair teasingly pulled it back.

"It seems that you have this Professor Salmalin for one of your classes!" he said with a tone in his voice that led Daine to believe that he was keeping something from her.

"Is there a problem with that?" Daine asked.

"Oh no of course not," he said grinning. "It is common knowledge that he is the best professor there."

"You know the professors? So you must attend the university too!" Daine said excitedly, appreciative that she would have a friendly face in the crowd.

"Sort of…" Numair said impishly.

Daine frowned realizing that they were still at the subway station. She glanced down at her watch, just a simple digital watch. It was in complete ruins and she had to make a mental note to get a new one. "I'm sorry to cut this conversation short, but I think I'm going to be late for my first class." Daine started up the stairs to get out of the underground and back onto the street level. She stopped half way up the stairs and turned to Numair, "Thank you for all of your help!" she yelled.

"Your welcome!" he hollered back.

Daine was smiling to herself as she left the subway station. She had just met one of the sweetest guys she had ever seen and he was attending her university. He looked a little mature to be a student, but perhaps he was coming back for another degree. That wasn't uncommon. She really hoped she would see this man more often.

Her first day of university seemed to be going relatively well. Daine had just finished her first class with Miss Kingsford. The teacher seemed a little air headed, but Daine supposed she was nice enough. It wasn't until her last class that she received one of the bigger shocks.

The professor of her "mammal anatomies" class was Mr. Salmalin, as her paper read. Daine never dreamed that she would be already familiar with one of her teachers. As she walked into the lecture hall, she caught her first glimpse of Mr. Salmalin, or at least she thought it was her first glimpse. Her books fell to the floor in surprise, "Numair!" she said incredulously.

"Please, miss…" he stumbled over his words as he searched through some papers looking for her last name, "…Sarrasri is it? I would hope that the teacher deserves much more respect then what you have just given me. Please refer to me as 'Professor Salmalin.'"

"But…" she began, a little taken back.

"Miss Sarrasri you may take a seat," he suggested although Daine knew it was more imperative then anything else.

Daine couldn't believe what she was hearing. Numair had turned around on her entirely as soon as she entered the 'classroom'. He pretended as if he didn't even know her, but worst of all treated her like some second rate dimwit! Fuming Daine took a seat towards the front of the lecture hall; all the other seats had been filled up during their brief conversation. Throughout the lecture Daine had tried many times to catch Numair's attention, but it was frivolous. She couldn't believe that the incredibly nice young, handsome man from the subway was truly her bitter, old professor!

Numair's day had started off relatively normal. He got up and went to the subway and left for work. He could easily afford a car, but in the city the subway was so much faster, avoiding all the inconveniences of traffic. That morning was running smoothly until he caught sight of the disheveled young student running desperately to catch the train.

He had helped her into the car and realized quickly that she had to have been the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her beauty was wild; untamed. She also had a sense of humour and he could see intelligence in her blue grey eyes. She looked very young, but was obviously mature for her age. He was really enjoying his time with her.

It wasn't until he picked up her schedule that shock hit him. This girl wasn't just any student, she was his student. There had been a lot of flirting in that subway car so when he saw her in class he thought the only way to make up for the flirting was to be a complete jerk.

Numair discovered very quickly that this wasn't the wisest theory he had ever come up with. He really liked the smile she gave him on that subway, but since he embarrassed her and treated her like a child all she could do was give him a death stare. He hated not getting along with his students, especially the ones he saw a lot of potential in.

Still day dreaming Numair let out a big sigh, which caught Daine's attention. She briefly looked up, and Numair smiled awkwardly. Daine immediately snapped her focus back to her text book, pretending as if she had never noticed him.

Daine had never been more relieved in her life then when that class ended. She figured she would love the material if she could put her frustrations aside and concentrate. It was just that dratted Numair! How dare he have the audacity to say those things to her! Daine wasted no time swinging her book bag over her shoulder as she scurried out of the lecture hall. She was nearly at the doors; they were within arms length…

"Don't any one of you even think about walking out those doors before you hear the assignment!" Numair's voiced boomed with authority.

…she was so close.

"Two thousand word essay by the end of the week!" someone gasped after hearing the assignment. "But professor we have just started learning the material!"

Daine groaned, she couldn't believe it, it was the first day. Daine thought this would have been her favourite class. She couldn't have been happier then in an environment with animals. Professor Salmalin was turning this subject into the class from hell. Grumbling, Daine finally was able to leave the classroom.

Numair watched his entire class file out of the hall, looking very dispirited. He knew that they might see the assignment as a little outrageous, but he thought it was essential to put these students into a frame of mind where they had higher expectations from themselves. They would all thank him once they traversed deeper into their post-secondary education. Numair knew very well that wasn't the real reason that his conscience was nagging at him. After all he never felt guilty about handing out lengthy assignments before. It was Daine, he had upset her and he knew it. Maybe he could still apologize.

"Miss Sarrasri!" He yelled into the mob making their way through the doors. There had to have been 80 students in that lecture hall. "Miss Sarrasri!" he repeated.

"She's already left professor," someone answered.

Numair rubbed fatigue from his eyes as he collapsed back into his chair. Ah well, he could probably talk to her tomorrow. Waiting until all of the students had cleared out of the room, Numair began to gather his things together to leave himself. He had just packed up his briefcase and grabbed his black, long overcoat. A fellow colleague had met him at the door.

"Miss Kingsford, what a pleasant surprise."

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