Title: Missed Opportunities

Author: Ebony-Jayne

Disclaimer: Although I'd like to I don't own House M.D.

Missed Opportunities

Dr. Gregory House hobbled out of his office and into the elevator. He stepped in and used his cane to push the button for the ground floor. At the bottom he hobbled out into the parking garage. As he walked towards his car he noticed Dr. Allison Cameron's car in the parking lot. 'Must've come in to pack her things' he thought to himself. As he walked past the car he realised that there were people in the car. Dr. Cameron and Dr. Robert Chase he saw as he moved closer, and they were kissing passionately. He stopped and stared feeling a strange sensation in his chest. 'I think Allison Cameron just broke my heart' he thought miserably. As he moved away form the car, and the two young Doctors, House came to a sudden realisation: Cameron had moved on. He had missed his opportunity. And that was the moment that Dr. Gregory House realised that his whole life was just one big list of missed opportunities.


Just something I thought up in Geography class when I was bored.

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