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The Wizards of Hogwarts

Chapter 1: Darkness

"Any sign of him?" Hermione asked as Ron came into view.

"No. Bloody toad probably doesn't want to be found." He replied with a huff.

"Hey, did you guys find him?" Ron and Hermione turned as Harry came down a staircase towards them.

"No," sighed Hermione. "What if we don't find him?"

"He's been found before and we'll find him this time," Harry reassured her. "Have either of you checked down this wing yet?"

"No," they both replied in unison.

"Well then," Harry said, "come on. If nothing else we can stop by McGonagall's office and ask her to be on the lookout for him."

The Trio continued down the Transfiguration corridor, only splitting up every once in a while to look inside a classroom. From where they were they could barely hear the oversized grandfather clock in the Entrance Hall chime the hour.

Hermione looked at her wristwatch, "Is it really nine o'clock? We should really be in the Common Room right now."

"Ah, come on Hermione. Were almost done and we have to stop by McGonagall's anyway. I think she'll realize we're not in the Common Room. Besides, we're trying to help, so I doubt she'll punish us." Ron said.

"Fine, let's just hurry up," she agreed. The Trio were almost done when they heard the voice of Professor McGonagall call to them.

"Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, Miss. Granger. What are you three doing down here? Do you realize that it is," she checked her watch, "ten minutes past curfew, and Gryffindor Tower is no where near the direction you are headed?"

"We know Professor, but we were looking for Neville's toad. He lost it this morning and we promised him we would find it for him. This is the last place we were looking. We were actually on our way to see you; to ask you to be on the look out for him." Hermione explained.

Minerva McGonagall gave her a knowing look. Neville Longbottom had lost his toad, Trevor, at least once a month since his first year at Hogwarts. On many occasions he had come to his Head of House for help and more often than not, she would help him search. Minerva nodded, "Very well. We'll check down here then I'll walk you three to Gryffindor Tower so you don't have to worry about running in to Mr. Flitch. I spoke with Madam Pomfry at dinner and she told me that Mr. Longbottom is fine but he will have to stay in the Hospital Wing for at least another day."

The Gryffindors had been in Potions that morning working on a Dreamless Sleeping Drought. When they were done it was supposed to be dark blue, but before it had exploded all over him, Neville's had been a violent shade of neon green.

"Has anyone figured out what went wrong, Professor?" Harry questioned.

"No, but at least he's alright. Now," Professor McGonagall said with a businesslike tone, "it's getting late so let's finish up and get you three to the Common Room."

They searched for another five minutes before Hermione exclaimed, "I think I see him!"

Harry followed her into the closet she had just disappeared into after they both lit their wands. Ron and Minerva made their way over to the half opened door.

"Umm, Professor, I think you need to see this." Harry said, his voice full of worry.

Minerva lit her wand and walked in, "What is it Mr.-."

She stopped when she crossed the threshold and starred open mouthed for a moment. Harry stared at her with a look of bewilderment and fear, while Hermione held a death grip on him.

It seemed as though they were standing, or floating rather, in a black abyss. She looked down at her feet and saw that she was standing in the same open space that they were. She took a step towards her students and found that it seemed to hold her weight.

"Harry, Hermione," she began in a soft shaky voice, "I want you to come over to me… slowly." She held out her hand and Harry took hold of it. Just then the door opened wide and Ron walked in.

"Well, have you found Trevor?" He stopped and looked around. "What the…"

Suddenly the door swung forward and slammed shut with a deafening bang.