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Thirteen Chances

Robin awoke with a thud to a clattering noise in the kitchen, "Oh great they are at it again." He sighed and rolled his head sideways getting dressed in uniform for the day ahead. He brushed his teeth and made sure to gel his hair, he imagined what life would be like without his lovely gel, and of course his love of life, Starfire. Starfire loved anyone and no one more in particular, he knew that, but ever since he formed this team she had always been his dream girl. Maybe it was hormones, maybe it wasn't but whatever it was, he loved Starfire, he could never tell her, she was a team member, and too kind for a rejection, but he could never find a way to tell her how he felt, it was impossible, he got all jittery and couldn't speak when he was around her, Starfire just hugged him and flew down the hall, she was compassionate and fun, and was always nice to everything, but even she had become a little more hyper, with less sleep around herself. Cyborg had a meeting with Bumblebee over at Titans East and was staying the week, Robin personally thought it was something between him and Bumblebee, but he never said anything.

As for Beast Boy and Raven, he offered to take her on a cruise over the European sea, she who loved to travel over water quickly accepted, Robin wished it were him and Starfire sometimes, but Starfire was the object of his affection, he wished he could tell her, and it was almost like he could ramble on and on about her. I mean, what's NOT to love? She's gorgeous with her fiery red hair and lean body, she was tall and her smiled glowed sharply. Her mind, although not the brightest she loved to try new things and was always kind to anyone. He quickly snapped back to reality, he WISHED there was clattering downstairs but no, only Starfire reading Martha Stewarts newest book. He sighed and opened the fridge knowing it was an excuse to see Starfire. He was deeply buried in her book and constantly flipping a dictionary, he smiled at her and she had not made any movement. He muffled a sniffle and walked up to his room where creepily

Starfire's father and mother stood. "H-Hello?" He whimpered as the king overshadowed him, he spoke with a mellow tone. "You have feelings for Starfire and as she comes of age she must get a husband, so we are giving you the Tamarainian love test, you are given thirteen days to prove your love, you will learn from your mistakes each day, you are not able to go back and correct them, but everyday you must take her somewhere new and try to win her affection, she is aware of this plan and knows her part in it, she must give you a grade every day and we will average that, if you fail we must take your heart for all eternity, so you may never breaks one's heart again, if you succeed, well, we'll talk about that later?"

The kind finished his speech before ordering a Latte. "A Latte, you want me to court your daughter and you ORDER A LATTE?" Robin broke out you could hardly tell if she was angry or laughing. "Well every king needs an energy boost!" He said defensively. Robin got back up and shook the King's hand, "I agree to do this on one condition." The king raised an eye at Robin but listened "You must get me a latte aswell!" Robin ordered as the king bellowed out in laughter and gave him a coffee. "You have humor boy, hopefully it'll work on Starfire." Robin stood poised and proud of the praise he was receiving while he thought of the thirteen days he had with Starfire, 'I must impress her' he thought, as the battle in his mind went on the king talked to the queen about re-decorating the palace in purple, the queen listened contently but Robin not wanting to break out in laughter quickly left the room to go see Starfire. "Starfire, I have accepted the challenge and will fight for you with my honor!" He stood high and mighty while Starfire glanced at him. "Thank you Robin, I would have no other do this!" She grinned and winked at him before jumping off to her room to join in the decorating fiasco. Robin shrugged and made himself a sandwich, 'this will be a long day', he thought. Robin wished he could say hello to Raven and Beast Boy, and Cyborg only had called once, he flipped the TV to the Food Channel and perked his ears up as he heard a recipe that sounded familiar, he quickly grabbed a pen and paper and wrote it down. He looked at his finished copy and smiled, he had written down the ingredients and cooking instructions for 'Chicken Parmesan', 'Caesar Salad', and 'Chocolate Tart with Raspberry', he was SURE to win her heart now.

He quickly ran upstairs to find a tuxedo, seeing he had none he grabbed his wallet and went to the door. "I am going out for a while be back soon!" He heard the muffled goodbyes of the family and ran out to the mall. He traced the upper level and soon found himself with three bags, one of Abercrombie and Fitch, one of Armani Exchange, and one of JC Penneys, he threw them into his car and stopped at Titans East to see Cyborg. "Hey Cyborg, I have thirteen days to court Starfire!" He yelled with excitement while Mas Y Menos fought over a picture of her. Cyborg gave him a punch in the arm, "Wow, they're really strict, I mean thirteen days, just make-out with her and win her love!" Cyborg exclaimed before being stung in the arm by Bumblebee. "Ignore him, just treat her right and she'll fall for you!" While Cyborg and Bumblebee argued over the best way to win her over Robin quickly slipped out of the tower and drove back home, coincidentally he got a page on his communicator; it was Beast Boy with a lei around his next doing the hula and Raven in the background smiling.

"Hey Robin, how are you?" Raven exclaimed while being cut-off by Beast Boy who lightly kissed her and turned his attention to Robin, "So how are you doing?" Robin, a tad agitated at the double question responded and told his whole story of courting Starfire, her parents, and his trip to the mall, when he ended with his famous latte joke Beast Boy cracked up while Raven took the screen. "Good luck; here is a hint, Starfire LOVES teddy bears." Raven said it with a grimace but continued on with her likes and dislikes after about number fifty-seven Beast Boy cut her off and told Robin they had to go as Robin turned off his communicator he got a surprise call from home. "Hey Starfire, how are you?" Starfire not willing to chat so much said three words "Come home, soon!" She giggled through the screen and showed that her parents had gone, Robin thought the perfect way to show her his love would be to surprise her with romantic gestures, but first, he said to himself, 'I must get her that teddy bear', he trusted Raven after all, Starfire did have an enormous collection of animals, he smiled at the thought of Starfire and removed his toothy grin to the one ahead of him. He took a left turn on Main Street and turned into Hallmark Inc., he jumped into the store looking at everything, the store owners thought he was some type of weirdo and they had an employee follow him.

Robin finally found a 'You are special' card and a stuffed cat instead of bear, he purchased them hurriedly and then rushed out the door, not noticing anything, his car which had been parked quite far from the store was a stretch away and he didn't notice the petite girl he had bumped into, "I'm so sorry!" He said to the girl, it was Bumblebee! "Bumblebee, what are you doing here?" Bumblebee burned with redness and covered her face. He knew what she was onto "Cyborg's birthday is coming up, I got him a Playstation Portable and some new games, but hey no birthday is complete without a card!" She shrugged and headed into the store, he grinned ear to ear and hoped into his car to drive home. He smiled while listening to Eminem on the radio, although the songs were a bit explicit he tuned himself in to relate to the songs and even sang along at one point, he felt really weird with the window of his convertible down but he didn't show it and completely forgot about everything until he reached the tower, he snuck upstairs to his room to hide the gifts, hopefully no one was home……..

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