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13 Chances

Robin awoke quickly throwing on a casual outfit of jeans and an Aeropostale t-shirt. The store had gone into business only a few months ago, but Robin had a taste for their clothes. He gelled his hair and ran downstairs. Starfire was listening intensely to the commercial on the screen of the TV.

"Starfire, would you like breakfast?" Robin said quickly without thinking, 'Damn! She hates me, why would she want breakfast?' To Robin's surprise Starfire leaned over the couch and politely exclaimed, "That would be wonderful! May I have some eggs, please?" Robin, completely unaware of what had happened raced to the kitchen to make eggs.

After a delightful breakfast, and an extremely excited Starfire, they silently exited the kitchen. Robin, who decided to break the ice, decided to ask her out, again. "Starfire, would you like to go to the mall with me? On a date." He added the last part on pure whim. She couldn't stay nice after what had happened.

"Of course Robin, I shall go to my room of the sleeping and get dressed!" She raced up the stairs (more like flew) and left Robin to stare like an idiot at the ceiling. Out of nowhere a note appeared on his hair. He opened it up and read…

Dear Robin,

You imbecile creature, for every bad date we erase her mind, you don't think you could actually get 13 dates with a horribly upset girl, do you?

Anyway, we've got poker in 43 minutes, so make this date last longer than you last; we want to enjoy our gambling night.


King and Queen (your nightmares) of Tamaran

Robin wanted to take the note and put it in his back pocket, but when he reached for it, he found it disappeared. 'Oh well', he thought to himself as Starfire giggled down the steps. "Are you ready to go, friend Robin?" Robin nodded, and led her towards the R-Cycle. "I hope you don't mind, I let Cyborg take the car." Starfire nodded approvingly, and hopped on the back.

When they reached the mall, he mounted the R-Cycle and led Starfire clamber off the bike. "Hope it wasn't too bumpy for you, Starfire." Starfire gave a fleet grin and they walked inside. "Oh, Robin, may we go shopping!" Robin knew the city had given them quite a big budget for new clothing, groceries, and such, so he raced after her, whom was running towards numerous stores. After many hours of shopping (or what Robin would now call 'the death of breath') they walked towards the food court.

"What would you like to eat Starfire? There are many choices." Starfire pointed towards a Cajun chicken place where she and Robin both ordered bourbon chicken with white rice. Starfire sat down at a near table and began to eat slowly. "Robin, this ca-jin food is very good!" Robin nodded, picking at his white rice. "Starfire, where would you like to go next?"

Starfire pointed towards a lingerie store to the left, I need some 'camisoles' as the Americans call them. Robin turned green but nodded a slight response and off they went. As Starfire raced trough the store picking out what seemed like a dozen camisoles and trying them on, she'd reached her verdict, three black camisoles, one lacy pink bra, and three multi-colored tank tops. She bought them quickly, unaware to Robin's discomfort.

"So, Starfire, are you enjoying yourself?" Starfire gave a slight response of a grin and nod, before turning towards a bookstore. "I need some 'books', I believe that is what they are called?" Robin, once again, nodded and faced defeat.

He walked in slowly, while Starfire went towards the nearest rack of books. A young black-haired woman walked up to him and asked if he could get her a book from the top shelf. All-in-all the women was pretty short, so Robin grabbed some dramatic 400-page book that she'd request and hopped down from the stool. "There you go ma'am." As she smiled and said 'thanks' Starfire rushed over.

"Robin! I thought you were having a joyous time with me!" Starfire looked near tears as Robin gave a confused look. "What are you talking about Starfire, I am!" Starfire pointed to the black-haired woman who was paying for her book. "I was helping her get a book off the shelf, that's all!" Robin said, getting frustrated.

"I am oh-so positive you were!" Starfire stormed off with her bags, leaving Robin in the renovated wing of the bookstore. He trudged out, heading towards the R-Cycle. "You do ONE thing for another person, and the person you love wants to throw you into the ocean." He shuddered at the thought of an upset Starfire throwing him out of a window, and quickly sped off.

I finally finished my third chapter, of the fanfiction which hadn't been updated in a while. I know it sounds kind of weird but basically, in the middle of writing this chapter, I couldn't think of a way for her to get mad except if another girl approached him.

As for the black-haired girl. She has nothing to do with this story. She wasn't flirting with him or anything, she was an extremely short women (5'2) and he is about (6'2) so being a foot taller, you'd ask for help too if you wanted a book badly. Read and review, thanks for being loyal!