Title: Feeding the Fire

Special thanks to Captain Tiv of Our Stargate All the Time forum for the title!

rating: pg./pg-13? it mostly because of bad language (although if there is I don't consider it bad)

keywords: Angst, S/J Romance, D/J friendship

summary: I'm not good with summaries but lets give it a go-- When Sam suddenly falls victim to a mysterious illness on an off world mission, SG-1 finds themselves trapped on a, what seems to be, deserted planet. The team must race to find a way back to Earth before it is too late for Sam, but will they make it back in time, and will Jack be able to live with the consequences?

spoilers: Sorta kinda one for The Tok'ra, In The Line of Duty maybe more (mostly from the first couple of seasons), but nothing that will ruin plot lines for you. Besides if you blink you'll probably miss them anyway.

season: it could be anywhere in the series i suppose, but lets say early seven (if you ignore a few details here and there and pretend season 6 never happened)

disclaimer: Ah... same old rambling everyone is forced to write, you know all that the characters in this, they belong to Stargate SG-1, MGM/UM, Double Secret Productions, Gekko Productions, Showtime/Viacom, SCI- FI ...etc...etc... in other words they don't belong to little old me, sigh. No copyright infringement is intended, no money is being made from this, so please DON'T SUE ME! I have nothing to offer you anyway ;0). Last thing this story and only the story belong to ME, so please do not distribute, only and only if you have my personal consent, thank you.

dedicated to: I have always had it in mind that I would dedicate this story to my Junior High School English teacher, Mr. Besocke. This is because, he always cared and showed interest in not only this story, but in all my work. Be believed in me, and made me believe in me, so for that I thank him. Thank you, Sir!

Authors notes: This is my very first Stargate SG-1 fan fiction, or any FF for that matter, well first one that I actually plan on finishing! (there's still an unfinished X- Files one somewhere on my hard rive, and other SG ones too!) Anyway, this is the first thing (fan art related) that I have ever done that is related to Stargate SG-1, I actually started writing this when I was 17 years old, wow that seems forever ago! It's not entirely completed and not all chapters are typed up yet, so bare with if I don't update!

I would greatly appreciate it if you would please read my attempt at a story and review it. I would greatly appreciate some feedback, good or bad, I will take it all. Just do be a bit gentle since this is my first story and I am only a 19 year old kid who's a big shipper at heart. But that's beside the point. So, two more things, I apologize in advance if the characters are not...how do you say... characteristically correct. And I know absolutely nothing about medicine and anything relating to it, not my field of interest, so my apologies if you are and find my medical explanations dreadful. Also, this story may not have much Teal'c or Daniel in it, but they are still great and awesome characters, okay that was three things, oh well.

Text in between ' means thinking and text thats italizied is over radios

anyway, enough rambling... this is my (not beta) story-

No this is not happening. It can't be, not like this!'
Sam come on! Don't do this!Sir, could you please step aside?Come on, Sam'

Colonel, please move aside, now!

Colonel Jack O'Neill had no idea who was talking to him, only that who ever it was was ripping his hand away from Sam's and was pushing him away from her bed. Jack felt as if though he was losing his mind and soul all at the very same moment; and it hurt like hell, he couldn't stand it much longer. There were so many sounds; voices shouting orders, machines blaring and echoing, and Sam slowly slipping away. He felt useless there. He had to get the hell out of that room, fast.

He ran. Ran without direction pushing his way through the base personnel if they were to get in his way. Jack soon found himself in the embarkation room, alone, no airmen, no guards, blast doors shut. Some how his mind was able to register this as odd, and yet also inform him that no one was due in or out for at least the next forty- eight hours. Then he saw it. Just standing there, surrounded in darkness, towering over him, gleaming mischievously. Jack slowly eased his way up the ramp, the sound of his boots echoing in his ears. He suddenly became aware that he was crying. Anger rushed through his entire body as he looked up at the Stargate with a tear stricken face. He ran up the remainder of the ramp to the gate and started to kick and punch the huge ring with all his might, realizing his anger. Tears and punches flew and the blood from his arms soon followed.

You piece of crap! You worthless hunk of space metal junk! I wish they never had unearthed you...! Jack sobbed.

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PS: sorry for the loooong intro, really!