It was a beautiful day in Station Square and a pink hedgehog was walking back to her house. On the way she saw sonic surrounded by a group of pretty fan girls. Getting immediately jealous she walked up to them to tell them to back off.

On the way she heard sonic say "…. Yeah so there's this girl that keeps following me around an im like thinking back off but she keeps coming, WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS!". Amy Rose stopped right behind him wearing a face that said 'I heard everything and now your gonna get it'.

She tapped sonic on the shoulder. He turned around face turning from flirtatious to shocked. "So that's what you think of me huh?" Amy said tears pouring out silently "Well you can just go to hell!" and she stormed off.

Meanwhile Rouge was trying to steal the Master Emerald (again). What she didn't notice was a figure sitting in front of it. It was Knuckles as she came closer and she found he was talking to Tikal inside it. "Rouge keeps annoying me it's like she thinks she can seduce me or something GOD WHY IS SHE SO ANNOYING!".

"YOU ASSHOLE!" Rouge screamed as she too stormed off.

Unfortunately the heartbreak doesn't end there. Cream walked to Tails' workshop earlier to see if he could come out and take a break from all his tinkering. As she walked closer she heard voices inside. "….it's not like I don't have any of these problems too" she heard the faint voice of Tails inside. "Oh yeah, such as?" Sonic's voice. "Well it's about Cream see keeps thinking that im seven it's like jeez give me a break will you" said Tails. Cream couldn't take it anymore she kicked open the door and yelled "SO YOU THINK I'M ANNOYING HUH? WELL TAKE A LOOK AT YOURSELF FIRST" and she stormed out.