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Harry woke up with a splitting headache. He tried to bury himself deeper in his blankets. He inhaled the comforting smell of clean sheets, medicine and Draco Malfoy. Wait a second. His bed never smelt of clean sheets. Especially when he had just had Draco over to stay, thinking about it, his bed never really smelt of medicine either.

"Draco," croaked Harry, twisting in the heavy blankets of the hospital wing bed. His unprotected eyes tried to focus in the midnight dark haze.

"Shh," Draco's voice soothed, his pale hand running through Harry's hair comfortingly.

Harry clung to Draco in the darkness, his hands grasping around his waist. "Is he dead! Did we kill him?" he cried, his voice urgent.

"Shh," calmed Draco. "Don't worry, Harry, you killed him and he is never coming back."

"Good," Harry mumbled. "What about the others, are they okay?"

"Blaise and Goyle are asleep," Draco whispered. "No permanent damage done."

"What about Hermione and Ron?" Harry asked, half asleep.

Draco froze in the darkness. "They're fine," he said thickly.

"Good," Harry mumbled, falling asleep with his hand still clasped in Draco's. "I'm glad you didn't die, that would be quite sad."

Draco laughed gently. "I'm delighted to hear you're glad I didn't die."

"What would I have done without you," Harry crooned in his sleep, using Draco's arm for a pillow.

Draco shakily kissed Harry's forehead. "What would I do with out you?" He whispered back to the sleeping Harry.


"Italians are extremely orgasmic," Blaise stated.

"I thought you're only ¼ Italian," Draco smirked over a ridiculously old magazine he found in the hospital wing.

"That's still a ¼ more orgasmic than you, fool," Blaise leered.

"I'll have you know," said Harry, (who Draco and Blaise had thought was sleeping), "Draco is extremely orgasmic."

Draco squealed excitedly and bounding over to Harry's bedside. "You're awake!"

"And I've got hell of a headache," Harry mumbled, sitting up. "Did you sleep in that chair all night?" he asked Draco.

"Yes, he did, the silly boy," Blaise said childishly.

"You shouldn't have done that, Draco, I'm quite used to sleeping in the hospital wing," Harry reminded him.

"I was fine!" Draco assured. "Though I didn't sleep on the chair much, as you wouldn't let go of my arm."

"You could have pushed me off," Harry blushed.

Draco smiled. "But then I wouldn't have been able to hear you talking in your sleep.

"I don't talk in my sleep!" Harry said nervously.

Draco smirked shrewdly.

"So… where are Goyle and Pansy?" asked Harry; changing subject from his night habits.

"Off shagging; most likely," Blaise remarked. "Took them long enough."

"So they're a couple now? How long have I been asleep?"

"Just the night," Draco said happily. "Those two have always liked each other. I think the end of the war shocked them into realising it."

"I knew long before," Blaise said in a matter of fact tone. "I guessed when Pansy shouted out Goyle's name when we were having a go at it under the Quidditch stands."

"That's kind of weird," Harry remarked.

"Not as weird as the time Blaise tried to elope with a cricket bat."

"Hey, you said you wouldn't bring that up again! How many times do I have to tell you? It was love!" Blaise said, his eyes skimming through a magazine. "One day you will feel it, and want to elope with an inanimate object as well! Or maybe even a human." He looked suspiciously at Harry. "Anyway, I've got to go."

Harry and Draco watched as Blaise scurried out of the hospital wing, taking a handful of rubber gloves with him and muttering something about a counseling session with Dumbledore

"He just keeps getting crazier," Harry laughed as Blaise disappeared behind the door. "He's like a mad dog on speed that only has three legs."

Madam Promfey, seeing Harry was awake, came bustling out of her office with jars of potions for him to drink. She wobbled over, glaring at Draco, as if his very presents utterly aggravated her.

"Nice to see you awake, Mr. Potter, and may I be the first person to thank you, your contribution to our wizard community has been so great!" She shook his hand, as Draco failed to hold back a snigger.

"Now you! You wretched boy! I told you to return to your own bed!"

Draco, who was sitting on Harry's bed looking prissy, scowled angrily. "Piss off," he said curtly. Madam Promfey huffed and stomped away angrily, mumbling about the youth and their terrible manners.

"Draco, that was very rude," Harry laughed.

"I don't care, the quicker she went away the quicker I could start ravishing you!"

"In the middle of a hospital?" Harry asked, rising an eyebrow.

"Yeah sure, why not?" Draco pounced.


Kings Cross station was bubbling with heat and noisy people trying to find their right train. Summer had arrived in London, leaving every one hot and fed up of the season already. Business men in long white shirts and somber colored ties swarmed from train to train. Parents with boisterous children, screaming for ice cream, scuttled about in the heat. Old crazy bagwomen, with hundreds of layers of clothes scampered around the train station, feeding pigeons and mumbling to themselves.

A group of outrageously clad teenagers loitered between plat forms nine and ten. One, an Italian looking boy, dressed in five different shades of purple, watched all the different people going pass suspiciously. Pointing out animatedly when he spotted an extremely fat one, or an extremely proper looking one. The only girl in the small gang, who was wearing bright red lipstick and bright red nail polish, was being held from behind, by a very scared looking boy, three drum sticks stuck out of his back pocket. Also with them, were two other boys, who were very discreetly holding hands.

"Harry! I don't like this!" whined one of the boys, who was shockingly blond and held a new guitar case in his hand (which was a gift from the boy, his boyfriend, next to him, since his last one had been unmercifully destroyed).

"I told you, Draco, you didn't have to come, my Uncle and Aunt will be here to pick me up in a minute anyway!"

"Can you just come to Italy with us?" moaned Draco.

"Yeah, we have all worked so damn hard these last couple of months getting the single out, you deserved a break!" Pansy, the girl said.

"Marius wouldn't mind if you came to stay," said Blaise, the boy dressed in purple.

"Who cares if Dumbledore thinks you should stay with your relations till you're 17!" Draco spat angrily. "The old fool doesn't know what he's on about!"

"Don't speak about Albus like that!" Blaise said angrily.

"Don't get in a fight over this!" Harry said his eyes still roaming for his Aunt and Uncle.

A little girl, who had sneakily snuck up to Blaise elbow, tapped it gently. "Hello," she said quietly, "Are you the band Ostentatious by Nature?"

Blaise crouched down beside her, smiling like a loon. "Yes, we are, what's you name sweetie?"

"Rosy. Can I please have your autograph, my older brother listens to your music and I steal his cd and listen to it! He will be so jealous once he finds out I met you!"

When they had all signed a strip of paper for Rosy and she had wandered off looking extremely pleased, Goyle let out a deep breath.

"I will never get used to that!" Goyle said shakily. "A year ago I didn't know what a CD was!"

"When we were told we were known in the Muggle world, I never thought we would have fans!" Draco said, shocked.

"Erugh," Harry said, unattractively. "There's my aunt and uncle, I better go."

He hugged Blaise and Pansy, and did a sort of manly hand shake/pat on the back with Goyle.

Draco who looked like he was about to start blubbering, hugged Harry tightly. "I'll see you soon," he whispered, their eyes locking for a brief moment before Harry picked up his guitar case and Hedwig's cage and wandered out toward his aunt and uncle.


Harry hated Dudley's birthday. That's why he was still in bed. Covered in blankets, silently wishing he couldn't hear his aunt's foot steps coming up the stairs to drag him from his warm nest.

"BOY!" her voice shrieked. "KICTHEN. BACON. NOW!"

Harry sighed, rolling out of bed and landing on the floor. As he studied the grey boring carpet, he decided this was not the life of a Rockstar, especially one whose debut single, Your Absinthe Kisses, had just reached number one.

"BOY!" shouted his uncle from down in the kitchen. "I WANT SOME BACON!"

Yes, this wasn't the life Harry Potter, savior of the wizard world, lead singer of Ostentatious by Nature had expected. He pulled on a pair of faded jeans.

Firstly, he had wanted to be in his own house, still asleep, since it was a Saturday, besides his the wonderfully beautiful Draco Malfoy. Who had imagined to be naked, hey maybe he was even cooking Harry the bacon.

As Harry descended down the stair he sighed heavily out his nose. Harry hated Dudley's birthday. When he was younger he would always imagine what it would be like if Harry got all of the things he wanted for his birthday. He smiled wickedly. He didn't think his aunt and uncle would appreciate that if it ever happened. Especially because what he wanted now for his birthday involved a gorgeous blonde pounding Harry into the kitchen table.

"BOY! STOP SMILING LIKE A FOOL AND COOK ME AND YOUR COUSIN SOME BACON!" Uncle Vernon shouted angrily as Harry entered the kitchen.

Harry's smile dropped as he dodged his way around all of Dudley's gifts to the stove-top.

Dudley, who came down shortly after Harry, started ripping through the presents at once. Harry's interest was suddenly captured when Dudley ripped they papers off an electric guitar.

"What have you got that for?" Harry asked rudely.

"Dudders wants to be a rock star, don't you?" Petunia smiled happily at her son.

"Yeah, I'm going to be fabulous!" Dudley squeaked. "Just like that new band Ostentatious by Nature!"

"You like them?" Harry asked in shock.

"They are my favorite band!" Dudley squealed. He strummed incoherently on the guitar, making Harry's palms itch in annoyance.

"I'm going to be just like Draco Malfoy! He's so talented and good looking!" Dudley said, squealing even louder.

"Who?" Uncle Vernon said, suddenly pale.

"Draco Malfoy! Isn't it a wonderful uncommon name?" Dudley said happily.

Uncle Vernon looked Harry straight in the eyes and shuddered. "Who else is in the band?" he asked, not looking away.

"Blaise Zabini! He plays Bass like a nut. Greg Goyle, he plays drums, and then there is the lead singer, his voice gives me the shivers, I don't know what his name is, I've heard him been called H.P though, I wonder what it stands for..."

Harry blinked a couple of times at his cousin's dumbness.

"H.P you say?" Vernon said angrily, still glaring at Harry.

Suddenly the door bell rang loudly through the house. Aunt Petunia scurried off to get it, leaving the kitchen in an awkward silence.

She returned a minute lately, extremely pale looking. "We have a guest," she said bluntly before collapsing into a kitchen chair.

Draco Malfoy stood in the kitchen door way, his blonde hair elegantly sweeping past his chin. His grey eyes watched the kitchen smoothly. Harry and Dudley both let out twin squeals.

"I'm sorry," he purred, "I seem to have interrupted a celebration."

Dudley was speechless, he watched up thunder struck from the chair his to large bottom sagged over. "Dra..co Dra...co Malfoy!" he said at last.

"Oh… I see Harry's been talking about me," Draco said with a look of distaste as he glared at Dudley.

"Harry? Why are you talking about Harry? Aren't you here because I'm your best fan and you want to invite me to join your band?"

"Sorry to disappoint you," said Draco as if he didn't really care how disappointed Dudley was. "But I'm here to have a word with Harry."

"Why him?" Dudley asked angrily.

"Well, to tell the truth," Dudley said crossly, "I'm here to kidnap him and take him to our flat we share with our band in London. Oh, and I got those pictures you sent me, Harry. How on earth did you manage to take that yourself at that angle?"

"I'll show you later," said Harry, blushing very red.

"I don't understand what's going on!" cried Dudley.

"I'm kidnapping Harry because I need the lead singer on my band and I want to ravish him senseless," Draco said slowly.

"But he's not 17 yet!" Vernon said angrily.

"Shut up you tub of jelly-- I'm going to take him anyway! Come on Harry, fetch your things".

"You're not allowed to do this! Dumblebore wants us to look after him till he's 17".

"I wont tell if you don't," said Draco bluntly, following Harry up to his room to help pack.


"And the bathrooms in there," said Draco happily and he showed Harry around their London apartment. "And to the left is Goyle and Pansy's room".

"They have a busy shagging sign?" Harry asked with a laugh.

"Yep," said Draco shuffling away from the room. "I'm sure they will come out and greet you later…if we're not busy sha… anyway… Blaise's room is up here!"

The door open briefly and Harry heard Ricky Martin being played loudly from within the room, also a tan naked figure jumped quickly out.

"Blaise!" shouted Harry happy to see the Italian. "Where are your pants?"

"No, no," he said with a French accent. "Harry Potter has confused us; I am Basal, Blaise's twin".

"Oh, hello," said Harry nervously.

Suddenly the twin face of Blaise poked his head out the room. "Basal! Where are you?... Harry! What are you doing here!" and out jumped Blaise, (who was dressed like a vampire). He gave Harry a quick hug before grabbing Basal and dragging him back into his room.

Harry turned to Draco. "That was… Different… Should we be worried?"

"I think I heard Dumbledore voice coming for within that room this morning," he said with a distant voice. "I would go in and check… but I'm afraid I'd never come out again..." He shock himself. "Anyway, next room!"

"Is this our room?" asked Harry with a happy smile.

"Well, I thought so," said Draco, suddenly looking nervous. "But if you wanted your own room… I wouldn't be offended."

"Silly Billy, of course I want to share a room with you!" Harry declared with a huge smile.

"Good!" Draco said, looking extremely relieved. "Come on Mr. Potter your future awaits!"


Harry woke up with a splitting head ache. He tried to bury himself deeper in his blankets. He inhaled the comforting smell of bacon. Wait a second. His bed never smelt of bacon. He was always the one cooking the bacon for his aunt and uncle, never the other way round. 'Wait, something else was out of place' thought Harry as he jumped out of bed completely naked. 'This isn't my bedroom'.

Then suddenly, Harry remember how he got to this new fabulous room, and smiled joyously. But where was Draco? Harry looked around the spacious room and couldn't see the mischievous blond anywhere. Then the smell of bacon got heavier and into the room walked Draco, completely stark naked, carrying a tray of bacon.

"I brought you some breakfast," He said quietly placing the tray carefully on Harry's lap.

"I hope you didn't try cooking bacon totally naked, I would hate it if you got burned in an inappropriate place," Harry said, taking a sip of orange juice.

Draco smirked. "Talking about inappropriate places, hurry up and finish!"

"You're so forceful, Draco!" Harry laughed. "Are you going to tell me why I should hurry up?"

"Because I been researching a new spell all holidays and I want to try it out!" Draco said taking the tray from Harry and placing in on the side table. Draco grabbed his wand, and with a wave of it, Harry found himself, stuck upside down to the roof. With another wave Draco was dangling next to him.

"Hurry!" Said Draco "Before the sticking charm disintegrates, or the blood rushed to our heads!"

"You're serious! Your really want to have a go at it on the ceiling!" Harry laughed.

Draco smirked. "Harry, when it comes to you, I want to have a go with you everywhere!"



One last thing, a few people have asked the question 'where's crabbe?' I have purposely ignored the question, because I have no idea where the poor fellow is. I like to think of Crabbe as a metaphor for restriction, and with out him the rest of the band where able to move on….. Ok I'm just full of shit, I had no use for him a killed him off. Or maybe he was there but was invisible; you choose which ones most fitting.

I hope you enjoyed.