Note: Movie-verse



"I fear you did your job too well." Aragorn shook his head in amusement.

"Is something amiss, my Lord?" Faramir asked, puzzled. "All four hobbits are still recovering from their injuries, Frodo and Sam most of all. I had hoped that the softer linens would be soothing to their skin as they heal from their ordeals."

"They are soothing indeed," Aragorn said, "and that is the problem. The feather pillows, brushed cotton sheets, and down-filled blankets you procured for them are so luxuriant, they scarcely wish to leave their beds at all. They need to regain their strength with healthful walks and exercise. However…" He sighed. "They are so content, I find that I cannot bring myself to disturb them."

"If I may," Faramir said, "I believe that their instincts are correct; they are regaining things just as important as physical strength. Perhaps it is rest and quiet, soft beds and leisure, good meals and the comfort of one another, that they need most at this time."

"Perhaps," Aragorn conceded.

"Besides," Faramir chuckled, "they have walked enough in recent months, have they not?"

Aragorn smiled. "You show great wisdom, my friend."

"Nay, it is our guests who are wise in this matter. 'It's just plain hobbit sense', as Sam would say."

The sweet sound of laughter burst forth from the hobbits' room, followed by a peaceful silence.

"They will ring the bell I gave them if they need anything, my Lord," Faramir said. "But I deem that, at the moment, they have all that they require for healing."