Chapter One

The Planning

Summer Roberts paced the lawn nervously. People were bustling about all around her but still everything seemed to be going too slow.

"Come on people!" she yelled. "We need this done by six pm on the dot." She looked down at the checklist in her hand and gasped in shock at the number of un-ticked boxes left over. "I need a drink," she muttered quietly.

"A drink for the damsel in distress," came a voice from over her shoulder. Summer found herself smiling as she turned to see her boyfriend Dominic holding out a plastic cup filled with champagne.

"Ah, the economy glasses," she said. Dominic laughed, showing off his even white teeth.

"You should taste the champagne," he said, kissing her on the temple as he put the glass in her hands. Summer raised her eyebrow and took a sip. It was so dry it grated down her throat.

"Oh my God!" she gasped. I ordered French Champagne! Is this what has come?"

Dominic laughed and shook his head. "No, that's the champagne reserved for the workers." He gestured to everyone around him, still bustling about with ladders and other work-y things.

"Oh, and there was me thinking that they stuck to coffee."

"This is Newport," Dominic gasped in mock-horror, "No ghastly coffee for these workers."

Summer laughed. As far as she was concerned Dominic was simply perfect. No nonsense, just straight-out amazing. She still couldn't believe she was his girlfriend. After a childhood spent dreaming about marrying a successful man, she was now marrying the success story of Newport. At only twenty-seven, three years older than Summer, he was the Vice President of Newport's branch of Fieldings, a successful Law Firm with a high reputation. Tonight was the fifth annual Newport Fieldings dinner dance, and Summer – as the boss of the town's premier events management agency – had been offered to organise it. It was an offer she now regretted.

Summer looked at her watch, 3:15pm. She gasped again and kissed Dominic quickly on the lips. "I'd love to stay and chat, but I have got an event to plan," she said quickly, heading over to the marquee that had been erected in the centre of the Newport Social Club's expansive lawns to check for developments.

"You go do what you do best honey," Dominic called after her, before turning and heading back into the Social Club.

Summer shook her head affectionately before turning to her assistant Meagan.

"How's it coming along in here?" she asked, gazing around silently impressed. Meagan had been left to her own devices and had obviously done a pretty good job. White fairy lights were suspended subtly from the roof of the marquee adding an enchanted atmosphere, while the plants placed around the perimeter were large and exotic. Summer had ordered them personally, but she knew more than anything that the magic was in the presentation, and Meagan had presented them beautifully. Round tables were set up around a central stage where a microphone and a piano had been set up. The tables were covered with delicate silk tablecloths, and white Calais lilies made up the centrepieces. Along the back of the marquee a long table had been set up where the table was to be kept.

"Its fine," Meagan said, breaking Summer out of her silent inspection. "Everything's on schedule."

"It's beautiful," Summer concluded, smiling warmly at the small auburn woman in front of her. Meagan smiled brightly, obviously pleased at her handiwork. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have three fountains to connect and more rose bushes to be added outside."

Seth Cohen sighed out loud and stared at the ceiling in his bedroom. He threw the haversack in his hand at the ceiling again and smiled as it made a soft thudding sound. He knew that the old Mrs Grain in the apartment above would be complaining any minute now, but he didn't care. He was depressed.

"Seth?" A girl's voice echoed through his apartment and he sat up quickly exhaling in deeply.

"In here," he yelled. He had been tempted to simply ignore his flatmate Cady and hibernate with his self-pity until tonight was over. But then he realised that a) that was stupid, and b) His Mom would never let him.

Cady opened the door to his bedroom tentatively, as if scared of what she might find there.

"Its okay," he laughed. "I was getting sick of the smell of mustiness so I washed"

"Gross," she said simply, as she sat beside Seth on his bed. She brushed her long brown hair over her shoulders and looked at Seth. "So buddy, what you hiding from?"

Seth shrugged at her. "Nothing."

"hmmm, you wanna revise that statement?"

"What? I finally get away from Newport to find that I actually still have obligations to the place that I swore never to return to."

"Over-exaggerate much?" Cady laughed. Seth smiled his crooked smile and shrugged.

"So, how's life out there sugar?" he asked, nudging Cady on the shoulder. "You'll have to tell me blow by blow, it's been a while."

Seth's comment was light-hearted, but he couldn't hide the edge from his voice. Since he had quit his job at Wild Storm he hadn't been outside for much more than ten minutes, and even then that was just because Cady refused to go to the Deli over the road and buy him some Ding Dongs.

"Oh you know," Cady grinned. "Death is still roaming the streets and children still point guns at each other."

"Oh hey, thanks for cheering me up there Cady, I was getting a little too depressed for a moment there."

"Hey, well it is the LA"

"Yeah, we love the LA"

"Ha," Cady giggled. "There's that famous Seth sarcasm that I've missed for so long."

"Well its back for a vengeance because guess what?"


"I have to go in… Oh my God now! I'm going to be late. I havn't even packed." Seth panicked as he jumped up and tried to throw his entire closet into his holdall which was lying pathetically empty on the floor.

"Chill Seth. I'll pack, you get a shower."

"But I just had one."

"Seth, three nights ago does not constitute as 'just'"

Seth stuck his tongue out and headed into his en-suite. He looked at his watch. 4:34pm. He had to be in Newport by six. He hoped that bombing down the interstate would get him there in time.

AN: Yeah, that's it. I've wanted to do a Seth Summer future fic for a while now and this is it. BTW, I'm English and so don't know how far LA is from Newport. Oh…kay so there will be a lot of Seth Summer goodness coming up, but you know it can't be that easy. A lot of complications lie in store but hey, it's Seth and Summer, they're destined for each other!