Okay, so I sadly don't own Teen Titans. But you know that because I'm not old and I wouldn't be writing these fanfics I'd be giving them to my artists. So in this chapter there's just humor, so just add BB, CY, Robin, the emotion lust and Starfire and you'll get most of what this chapter is about. Please R&R. )) Oh and I'm sorry for the wait. A lot of things have been coming up lately so I haven't had time to finish this until now.

Chapter Three

Lustful Raven?

"Uhg, what hit me? Oh, hey Lust. Hey Preppy." Raven said sitting up. She realized what was wrong. "Ahh!"

"Raven what is it?" Starfire asked running into the room, followed by the rest of the Titans.

"Don't come in here!" Raven ordered. Lust smirked and went over to Robin. "Hey, get away from him!" She ordered it.

"Why?" Lust giggled. It ran her fingers through his hair, she leaned into him.

"And who are you?" Robin asked smiling at Lust.

"Raven." It told him.

"Robin, that's Lust! Don't let it fool you." Raven warned.

"GET YOUR NEWLY TANGIBLE HANDS OFF MY BOY!" Starfire yelled. She pulled Robin away from Lust. She glared at it as she held Robin behind her.

"Dude that was almost normal English." Beast Boy whispered to Cyborg.

"Scary." Cyborg whispered back.

"Lust! Preppy! Just get back in the mirror." Raven ordered.

"We can't! Oh wow! B.B. you should get out! 'Cause he broke it! Yeah! Yeah! He broke it!" Preppy, the techno-colored Raven, cheered.

Raven jumped out of bed and ran to her dresser. She sank to her knees as she saw her meditation mirror in shambles.

"Who all got out?" She asked them.

"Duh! Like it's not obvious? Lust and I hate to be alone. We--" Preppy said.

"Even Rage?" Raven interrupted.

"Probably. You never let it out." Criminal put in.

"Man…oh man…oh man…" Raven said as she tried to put the mirror back together.

"Here Rae, let me help." Beast Boy offered.

He knelt down and started to help her.

"GET AWAY!" Raven yelled. Her eyes shined red and flared. There was even an extra set of eyes on her forehead. She gasped and covered her mouth, falling back. "It's still inside." She returned back to normal.

"Rae here." Beast Boy said handing her the fixed mirror.

"Beast Boy…" Raven said quietly, she set the mirror down and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Thanks."

She leaned in and kissed him. They broke away and Raven went to her escaped emotions. Beast Boy smiled dreamily.

"Nice, B." Robin whispered.

"Never thought it'd happen." Cyborg whispered.

"Raven why are you…moody?" Starfire asked.

"Star, I only have two main emotions in me right now. Rage and…you know." She couldn't say it.

"Love." Beast Boy filled in.

"Shut up." Raven blushed.

"Awe…how cute. Isn't that adorable Robbie?" Lust said clinging to Robin.

"Adorable. Why-why don't you go see Beast Boy?" Robin suggested.

"That's a good idea. See and that's why you're the leader and I'm not." Lust said. She went over to Beast boy and ran her fingers through his hair.

Robin went back to Starfire and took hold of her hand. He whispered to her, "I think I'll stay here."

"Uhg…I've got one week to live." Raven said. She looked over at Beast Boy and Lust, who was whispering in his ear and playing with his hair. "And Beast Boy's making out with me."

"Hey, I haven't kissed her, yet!" Beast Boy yelled pointing at Lust.

"He's right, Raven. But that is a good idea." Lust smiled at Beast Boy.

"Wait, Rae." Cyborg realized what Raven had said. What do you mean only a week to live?"

"No one can live for long without emotions." Raven explained.

"So, we have to get them back in you?" Robin asked double checking.

"Yeah." Raven said impatiently.

"How do we do that?" Cyborg asked.