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Chapter 1: The One Who Defied Him

It started out as a light drizzle, then became a full-fledged downpour in the streets of Tokyo. Unsuspecting citizens happily walking down the streets turned and fled for cover, seeking refuge under an overhanging ledge or under their newspapers. Soon the streets cleared, devoid of all life, and an eerie silence fell over the once-bustling streets save for the gentle pitter-patter of the rain on the concrete. Hours passed and it soon grew dark, but still the rain incessantly poured from the heavens. Most everyone holed themselves up in their warm, comfortable houses, thankful for the shelter and cheerful presence of their families. It was calm and peaceful, just the way they liked it.

Just the way he liked it.

A tall, stately figure calmly paced the floors of the Hyuuga estate with long, measured steps. Dark midnight hair swished from side to side as the heir to the long chain of business the Hyuuga so nobly possessed paced with a maddening aura of composure around the massive area of the regal room. Grayish-silver eyes narrowed and Neji came to rest, sitting in a chair of a rich, deep red-maroon hue.

He watched the rain slick the windows of the mansion with a mesmerizing intensity flowing about him in waves. It was one of his personal preferences, watching the rain slake the windows in an almost sensual way, for the waters cascading from the sky altered his normally stoic facade to something quite resembling serenity. Lowering his eyelids, he continued to observe the slow drip-drip-dripping of the rain down to the gutters below.

A sudden noise made him turn, somewhat in annoyance, but never would Neji allow any emotion to ever cross his face other than pure impassiveness. He quietly observed the servant standing before him in the entrance to the room.

"You inquire of me?" The servant nodded, and got right to the point.

"Your uncle requests your presence, Neji-sama." Neji let out a barely audible sigh, inhaling calmly through his nose.

"Very well. I shall meet him there; you may go." The servant bowed and departed.

Sighing once more, Neji lifted himself out of the chair with undeniable elegance and walked down the myriads of twisting and turning corridors which led to the foyer of his uncle's luxurious quarters. Knocking gently on the door, he waited for the permission to enter and opened the door, stepping in and closing it quietly after him. There he stood before his uncle with a perpetually wooden countenance, though his eyes betrayed the slightest hint of curiosity only one with a vast amount of experience in reading emotions could detect.

"You called for me, Hiashi-sama?" Hiashi nodded, matching Neji's deadpan visage with an apathetic gaze of his own.

"It seems I have quite forgotten your birthday, have I not?" This was answered by silence from the Hyuuga before him.

"It seems I should give you your present then." And with that, Hiashi drew aside a boy from behind him.

Neji scrutinized the ragtag youth standing with his head inclined in front of him. He certainly didn't look like one from a high social bearing, yet something about the way he held himself, whether it was his stance or the maddeningly serene aura which radiated from him in waves seemed to capture Neji's attention. Lavender-white eyes roved over his body, noting the slim gold-spun threads of his hair to the slender yet masculine curve of his arms, signifying well-sculpted muscles. A nudge from Hiashi made the boy raise his head, and for once in his life, Hyuuga Neji was absolutely speechless.

There was really nothing special in the other's facial features that made Neji stare; no, it was his eyes more than anything else. Those eyes were bottomless chasms of deep, fluctuating blue, now indigo, then changing to a beautiful cobalt that seemed to engulf the Hyuuga and overwhelm him completely. His eyes possessed a deep, underlying current of defiance, which rather impressed Neji though he did not admit it, and seemed to drown the Hyuuga in their limitless azure depths. Though upon closer observation, Neji could faintly detect a hint of desperate sadness, though the Hyuuga blamed it on imagination for it was gone the next minute.

"His name is Uzumaki Naruto, and he is yours to do with as you please."

Neji nodded his thanks out of sheer formality and abruptly turned, walking back down the long hallway out of his uncle's quarters. Naruto followed close behind, with a slow measured pace to rival Neji's own. This rather unnerved the Hyuuga; servants didn't usually walk with such an air of tranquility, they mostly scuttled along like annoying beetles to do your each and every bidding. Yet something about the way this one walked…Neji couldn't deny he had a fair amount of charisma behind that stone cold gaze.

A sudden flash of annoyance surged through him like electricity through a wire. Servants were meant to learn their place in society. This boy felt too much like one of a regal bearing. Turning around to face Naruto, Neji beckoned him to come closer. The boy obeyed, but somehow the glint of utter insolence intensified which each step he took towards the Hyuuga. This rather took Neji by surprise, but he didn't outwardly show it, walling up his emotions inside. Naruto walked towards Neji until he was an arm's length away, to which he was stopped by the Hyuuga with a gentle finger on his nose.

Those three small slashes on the boy's face intrigued the Hyuuga to no end. Reaching out, he slowly traced each scar on the boy's face with gentle fingers, running them lightly back and forth across the raised marks, caressing them in an almost gentle way. All this time Naruto didn't move, and the expression in his eyes remained the same if not intensified.

Neji turned and called softly for a servant. One came running up and bowed frantically at the Hyuuga's feet, asking for his command.

"Take this boy and wash him up, then give him a room in the servant's quarters." The servant bowed and ushered Naruto out the door and into the hallway, bowing awkwardly once again before bustling down the corridor and into the great recesses of the mansion.

Neji leaned against the door, crossing one slim leg over the other, his lean, lanky frame arranging itself into more relaxed position. He had to give his credit to his uncle; that boy was unlike no other servant Neji had ever encountered before. It would be amusing to play with him, though to what extent depended entirely on his behavior.

Naruto surveyed the walls of the mansion with awe, though he did not show any emotion other than impassiveness on his features. The servant leading him showed him into a room, then closed the door with a sharp snap. A bath was waiting in the middle of the room, with other servants already bathing, all male. They took notice of the boy, decided they liked him, and beckoned him to join them with energetic gestures of their hands. Naruto stripped and slid into the waters, sighing slightly as the welcoming warmth calmed his nerves and soothed his troubled soul. A servant made his way over to him and held out his hand in greeting.

"Are you new here?" Naruto nodded and grinned toothily at the boy with the disheveled brown hair.

"Yeah, I just arrived. My name is Uzumaki Naruto. What's yours?" The other boy smiled.

"I'm Kiba. Inuzuka Kiba. I'm one of the servants who works with the dogs." Naruto perked up curiously.

"We have dogs here?"

"Oh yeah, they're mostly Hiashi-sama's though. I love dogs, so I treat them like mine." Naruto nodded.

"So what do you do here?" The blonde boy thought for a while.

"I'm Neji-san's personal servant." At this the normally bright blue eyes turned a smoky indigo, and became filled with bitterness.

"I was a birthday present for Neji-san." The others nodded sympathetically. Another came forward.

"Don't worry, he'll tire of you soon. I was his personal servant about two years ago before he got rid of me. My name's Lee." Naruto nodded, observing the unusually thick eyebrows. He had to hand it to him though; this one emitted an undeniable optimism.

"I don't think he'll tire of me. He looked at me funny, like he was seeing right through me." The others nodded knowingly.

"The whole Hyuuga family has that latent ability, to see right through people. It is a genetic thing that started generations ago, yet Neji-sama does it far better than anyone else." Naruto smiled, but it was laced with puzzlement.

"He didn't look at me that way though. It was as if he felt…intrigued by me or something." Kiba laughed and tapped Naruto on the forehead playfully.

"Those eyes of yours could be seen from a mile away, you know." Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Oh thanks. Now I'll have to go around wearing dark glasses, and people with think I'm a shady sort of character." Just then the soft peals of a bell sounded in the distance. Lee looked up.

"I think we have to get out now. Dinner is served." His eyes sparkled with hunger.

"And Shizune-nee-chan's the greatest chef in all of Tokyo. Just wait until you taste her food!" Kiba chimed in.

"I'm not that bad at cooking either." Naruto said softly. Kiba turned.


"Yeah, I was alone the majority of my life, so I learned how by stealing a recipe book from the store." The dog-boy winked.

"Smart kid." Naruto looked over at him with huge baby-blue eyes.

"You think so?" Kiba promptly burst out laughing at the sheer innocence laced in Naruto's voice. The kid sounded so cute….

"Not everyone can cook for themselves. C'mon, we'd best get going down to the kitchen. I'm hungry." Naruto nodded and followed suit.

Later that Evening

Neji sat with his hands folded on his mouth, thoughts revolving on the new servant he just received. Something about his eyes…something about his eyes separated him from the rest of the pathetic servants his uncle had accommodated over the past few years. Granted, Neji had seen and experienced countless blue eyes before in the sixteen years of his lifetime, but these eyes were oddly different in a way the Hyuuga simply couldn't place his finger on. His face bore great strength and suffering, shown in the way he held his mouth and the way his eyes seemed to glitter with a vast amount of hidden anguish.

Elegant lips curved up in a smile. How fortunate for him to obtain this rare gem among mere rocks. He was, after all, his personal servant, there to do his bidding at whatever cost it took. Perhaps he could toy with this boy, and delve deeper into the enigmatic depths of his soul, reaching for his deepest, darkest secrets. A sudden snap was heard, and the subject himself walked slowly up to Neji, his clear blue eyes dead to the world.

Neji turned and crooked one finger towards Naruto, almost enticing him to come closer. Naruto obeyed, though with each step he took, the temperature in his gaze dropped to almost glacial degrees. The Hyuuga before him felt a stab of annoyance. This servant was too defiant, and the look he was giving him was completely unnerving Neji to points where he was sure his hard-earned self-control would snap completely. Inwardly calming himself, he let a somewhat sadistic smile cross his countenance. The prospect of toying with this young pup was very intriguing indeed. The words slid almost involuntarily out of Neji's mouth.

"Come here."

Naruto complied, though his gaze seemed to penetrate into Neji's pure-white orbs and read the inner workings of his spirit. Long, slender fingers reached out and slowly caressed the blonde boy's golden locks, stroking them with an almost lazy feel before moving down to his cheeks where they traced the scars across the skin. Neji smiled a feral smile, a sure sign of danger, still continuing his slow ministrations.

All the while Naruto hadn't even batted an eyelash; on the contrary, the tranquil essence about him seemed to intensify and become, if possible, even more serene. Neji was a bit taken aback by the sheer obstinacy of the boy, but smiled and decided to use the silence to his credit. Standing, he circled Naruto much like a tiger would its prey, eyes scrutinizing every single detail of his frame. They lingered on his neck; it was a rare thing, that neck of his, longer and finer than any other neck Neji had ever laid eyes on before. It was a rather feminine neck, though Neji could see much strength under the whiteness of the skin.

"Such a beautiful neck…so fine and slender…it looks so delicate." Silence was Neji's only response, though Naruto could've frozen the entire room to sub-zero degrees with his gaze had gazes the ability to control the temperature.

Neji ran his fingers slowly up and down Naruto's neck, rather impressed by the stubbornness of the boy. Stroking it gently, he turned his hand over, running the backs of his fingers lightly over the milky skin of the other. Naruto was eerily silent, accepting what was being done, but nevertheless disregarding the action completely. A sudden rush of anger welled up in the Hyuuga, so intense and sudden that he almost considered strangling the boy for his impudence. Nevertheless, he calmed himself down, regaining his self-control once more. If the boy would act so indifferent to him, then perhaps he should respond in a way that the boy least expected.

Snow-white eyes glinting with just a touch of feral instincts, Neji let his eyes roam over Naruto's neck. It truly was magnificent; the white, creamy skin left pure and unblemished, the graceful, sensuous curves of where the neck connected with his shoulder. Just barely touching the smooth skin with the pads of his fingers, Neji found that his neck was unusually soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch. Naruto stiffened in spite of himself at the touch, and went instantly rigid when Neji continued stroking his neck. The Hyuuga drew back, amused. It was all right, really; Neji found it rather stimulating.

Lowering his lips to Naruto's neck, Neji paused, his mouth millimeters from the tempting skin. Though the blonde wasn't looking directly at him, he could feel the emotions rolling off the boy like water. What surprised him though, was that it wasn't fear or anger; no, the emotion emanating from this boy was…sadness. Opalescent eyes narrowed in confusion and shock. This boy felt sadness for what Neji was doing to him? Why so? And why….why when no other emotion jolted Neji's soul like this one…why did he suddenly feel so corrupted?

Naruto fought to level his breathing, inhaling deeply in his nose and passing the air out through his mouth. He could feel the want radiating from Neji, could feel the confusion emitting from the Hyuuga when he paused just before taking his neck. Standing absolutely still, making no sound whatsoever, he fought like the devil to keep his composure despite the fact that he could still feel the soft puffs of Neji's breath on the junction between his neck and his shoulder. He could almost feel the other's lips on his neck, though not quite, not quite.

Neji steadily controlled his thoughts, rearranging them into a more logical order. This one was just a servant, no more than a slave. After all, did not Hiashi-sama say he could do with this pup as he pleased? Yes, after all, this boy needed a lesson, and give him one he would.

The Hyuuga bent and brushed his lips gently across the slopes of Naruto's shoulder. Nipping gently at the flesh, he slid his tongue onto the slightly salty skin, smiling with a mixture of sadism and personal pleasure as Naruto once again rendered himself completely rigid, as stiff as a railspike under Neji's artful caresses. Tensing his tongue, he lapped gently at the other's neck, making his way up to Naruto's jawline and planting a soft kiss right in the crevice where his ear and his jaw connected. The temperature seemed to drop several degrees in the room, and Neji suspected he couldn't stand to look into those endless indigo chasms for more than two seconds before his soul broke down completely from the ice-cold gaze.

Naruto struggled frantically to keep his pulse under control. He would not….he could not let his…master…gain the satisfaction of seeing him break. He had to stay strong; it was absolutely essential that he brave out this treatment, for his honor as a boy of worth was standing on the line. He silently inhaled in his nose and through his mouth, taking deep calming breaths despite the way his heart raced when the Hyuuga laid his lips on his neck. He had to endure this….he had to endure this regardless of all costs. What Neji was doing to him had a dangerous air about it, and he suspected he could even be killed on the spot if he so much as moved an eyelash.

He felt the white-hot pain that stained his cheek before he saw it. He was instantly thrown backwards from the force of the blow, landing uncomfortably on the carpet that covered the floor. Naruto gritted his teeth, his golden-yellow bangs falling over his eyes, trying desperately to hold back the yelp that threatened to burst from his lips. Growling silently, he turned and captured the Hyuuga in his gaze. Neji's eyes were smoldering with fury, his jaw set in a tight, narrow line.

He didn't know what had come over him; all he knew was that a sudden surge of pure rage had flashed through his veins and the next moment the boy was on the floor and his hand was smarting severely from the force of the blow. The boy had crumpled silently, betraying no tell-tale outburst of pain. The Hyuuga looked on unsympathetically as Naruto slowly raised himself from the carpeting, turning to face him.

As those clear blue eyes came in contact with his pearl ones, Neji instantly felt as if something cold and sinister had seeped into the very depths of his soul, curling hungrily at the nooks and crannies of his spirit. He felt a sudden torrent of guilt so overwhelming that he almost dropped to his knees to beg forgiveness of the boy he had struck. Why was it, why was it that whenever he did whatever he did to hurt the boy, he always ended up feeling as if he himself had been injured twice as hard? It wasn't supposed to be this way; but then again, Neji had long since acknowledged that this young pup was different than all the others he had encountered.

Turning abruptly, he strode to the window with his back to the boy, looking out at the night sky with its perpetual darkness. Naruto slowly got to his feet, dusting himself off and standing silently at attention, eyes roving over the Hyuuga's body not with hate; on the contrary, it was with a deep interest and curiosity that the blonde surveyed the other.

"Leave me."

The command was uttered with a faint amount of bitterness in the tone. Naruto departed, sneaking one last glance at Neji's turned back before inaudibly letting himself out of Neji's quarters. Long after the young blonde left, Neji was seen to be pacing the corners of his room, a deeply troubled look on his finely sculpted features.

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