Death by Chocolate

"Uchiha--I am not touching that."

It was a cake...well...sort of. It was small and mushy, full of extra odds and ends that stuck out of it, much like a Katamari (personally, Neji was surprised the little Green Prince from the game wasn't behind it, pushing it along across the Kitchen floor, instead of it sitting in a plate that Sasuke held). A few sprinkles fell off the sides and the rest of them were strewn about in a haphazard fashion, with some chocolate-covered strawberries and cherries were lying around the top in a very NOT artistic manner. Neji backed away from it, and Sasuke blushed slightly, looking a bit huffy.

"Why not?" Asked Sasuke. It was true--he was cute. Cut that--he was adorable. He was wearing his usual high-necked blue shirt, but he also had on a pair of short black shorts that hugged his upper thighs, a long pink frilly apron hanging down against his form. Egg and sugar and batter was sticking to his clothes and to his hair, and Sasuke wore this adorable huffy expression--one that made Neji just want to go and grab him and...hehe. Yeah.

Neji stepped back, and he just couldn't speak anymore. Something about the sight of the cake repulsed him, and he couldn't even say a word about it. It was just...such a mess...

"Try it." Sasuke urged, in a slightly-gruff but pure Sasuke tone. Neji almost kissed him--he had to fight the urge, that was for sure.

Neji shook his head, looking mortified. Well, as mortified as Hyuga Neji could be. That was just the slight widening of eyes, mind you.

"Why not?" Sasuke asked. He huffed and looked at the byakugan user with slitted black eyes, still holding the cake. "It's good."

"I'm sure it is." Neji said.

"Then why won't you try it?"

Neji sighed, and he shook his head. " belongs in a toilet."

Sasuke put the cake down on the counter and grabbed a fork from nearby--picking it up and getting a piece of cake, popping it into his mouth. He didn't chew or anything--just let it sit there in his mouth. Neji blinked and quirked his head to the side, not really sure what in the hell the Uchiha was doing.

But then, right at the wrong moment, his eyes widened.

Sasuke had pounced on Neji, pinning him to the ground. While in this state, Sasuke kissed him, his tongue pushing the piece of cake into the Byakugan user's mouth.

Neji was surprised with the contact at first, but he found himself chewing the chocolatey treat, swallowing it as a sweetness entered his tastebuds. It was...good. Tasty, even. The way the chocolate had the right amount of sweetness, and everything was blended together so the hell did Sasuke pull off making something so ugly-looking taste so damn good! It was hard to was just...well...

It was wonderful.

"Sasuke..." Neji said softly as the kiss broke. It was hard for him to use Sasuke's real name on certain situations--he was so used to "Uchiha" in public that he didn't attend much to his real name, even in casual conversation. But a rare smile came to Neji's lips, and he looked up at the smaller boy, although a bit indignant that he had to force cake down his throat with a kiss.

"Yes?" Sasuke asked.

"That was...delicious."

"Let me show you something even better."

And then Sasuke bent down to kiss Neji again.

I hope all you guys liked this one! Sorry—I've been on a NejiSasu craze lately…sorry if it was slightly OOC… .