The Room of Necessity

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Chapter Fifteen

Last Time:

Hermione did not understand, she did not know; but she did not need to. She was there and that was enough. She held him as he trembled, stroking him back and murmuring soothing nonsense into his ear as he cried.

It was enough.

Draco had run out of tears. All the emotion that had been bottled up for years had been released, and Hermione's shirt was soaking. Guiltily he pulled back from the embrace and wished her a dry shirt, but nothing happened; she needed to want a dry shirt too. Why didn't she? If it was him or anybody else he knew that would be the first thing on their mind. Oh well.

Draco reached up to dry his cheeks but found he didn't need to. Two gentle thumbs had already brushed his tears away - Hermione's hands had lingered on either side of his face. Briefly Draco held one of her hands there with his own before letting it drop. He and Hermione were sitting facing each other; he could smell her. He could see a small mole on her neck. If he reached out he could touch her bushy hair…

"Want to talk about it?" She sounded concerned but not pushy. She didn't demand an explanation she simply asked if he'd like to get something off of his chest.

And then Draco knew. Instinctively he trusted her and knew she wouldn't tell a soul. He could tell her and she would understand.

"The Dark Lord. My father."

"Ah." Hermione leaned back, reeling under the wave of realisation. She didn't need Draco to elaborate.

"At the end of this year I'm supposed to join his ranks, or disappoint father." Draco imitated waving and pointing a wand. "Crucio." He muttered bitterly.

Hermione had never realised, she never could have guessed.

"Oh Draco." Her shoulders slumped.

He looked at her sharply.

"Don't pity me."

"Oh Draco." She said, smiling slightly and shaking her head.

He was getting angry now. He wouldn't have told her if he had thought he'd be pitied. He shouldn't have –

"So what are you going to do about it?"


Hermione repeated herself, and was mildly surprised at Draco's expression. It seemed as if he hadn't thought of doing anything at all; hadn't considered an alternative.

At her words Hermione saw something flash behind his eyes and plunged on.

"Draco, do you remember Sirius Black? He ran away from home at sixteen because his family were You-Know-Who supporters."

That shocked him.

"Where did he go?"

"The Potter's."

Draco snorted.

"Potter to the rescue huh?"

Hermione looked at him sternly.

"Sirius went to a friend's house until he could get a place of his own. He did what he had to for what he knew was right, and people jumped to help him. The same would happen for anyone." She gave him a sly look and he raised an eyebrow. "Anyone, Draco."

"Didn't Sirius try to kill Potter at some point?"

"No he only ever tried to kill Peter, but that's behind the point and you know it."

Grudgingly Draco admitted the truth in what Hermione had just said.

"I'll think about it."

"Good." Hermione smiled before pulling him into a quick hug. She liked hugging him.


Draco was startled when he was rewarded with a hug, but happily he wrapped his arms around Hermione. He could get used to this…


Just as Hermione was about to pull back, Draco wrapped his arms around her and what had originated as a quick 'I'm-happy-for-you' friendship hug was prolonged. And it was then that Hermione's senses made themselves known. You see, you're awfully close when you're hugging someone, and Hermione became abruptly aware of this, along with the thousands of butterflies that had just apparated into her stomach. Oh dear. Oh Merlin. She could feel his hot breath fluttering the hair by her ear. She could swear she felt his heart beating, more and more rapidly, keeping pace with her own. She was acutely aware of his hands on her back, arms resting on her hips. Her own arms tightened around his neck as he pulled her even closer. She could feel his body heat through her top. Hermione pulled back slightly and looked into Draco's face. His eyes were flicking frantically between her own, unable to focus on both at this distance, but then her vision was filled with his lips; his soft, pink lips. They were getting closer.

"Promise not to bite?"

But before she could answer, Draco had pressed his lips to hers and she sighed in pleasure, her eyes closing. Gently he kissed her; it was tenderness epitomised. His tongue slid in next to hers and their hot breath mingled, Hermione was in heaven.

Then his hands started to wander, and her eyes snapped open; but this time she could pull away and did so – but only slightly.

"Er…" Hermione gulped. "Draco?" Her eyes searched around the room, trying to find inspiration.

"Hmmm?" He said, leaning forward again to continue the kiss.

"Is that a door?"

Draco whipped his head around so fast that he cricked his neck, but he ignored the momentary pain as he bounded over to the door and suddenly stood quite still. Tentatively he reached out a hand to the doorknob and Hermione held her breath.

Slowly, Draco turned the doorknob and the lock clicked. The sound of it echoed around the Room even as the door swung very gently open. It was only open a little, but Draco could see the corridor beyond.

Hermione sat very still on the bed. She was watching Draco's every move and her body tensed as he peered through the gap in the door. He turned to face her and she breathed in relief at the look on his face. He looked like Ron would if he had been given Honeydukes for Christmas.

Draco sprinted over and with a squeal Hermione was lifted off of the bed and into the air, and then he was spinning her around and around and they were yelling at the top of their lungs in happiness.

They were free.

"I can't believe we're actually going to read it! There goes our reputation: down the drain."

"Hermione will never let us live this down." Harry agreed unhappily.

Ron and Harry were on their way to the library. They had finally decided to read 'Hogwarts: A History' in case it held any gem of information in regards to secret moving rooms governed by mysterious entities.

Then they rounded a corner and Ron noticed something that hadn't been there before. He drew Harry's attention by elbowing him painfully in the ribs and pointing excitedly at the door. It was only then that the delighted screams coming through the half-open door reached their ears.

"Oh Draco!"



Harry's eyes met Ron's equally wide ones.

"Bloody hell, what's he doing to her in there?"

"If that bastard…" But Harry didn't finish, he was too busy dashing towards the door, wand in hand. Ron raced after him, rolling up his sleeves as he ran.

"YES! YES! YES!" Draco spun around, holding Hermione high in the air.

"DRACO!" She screamed and he set her down gently, so she stood gazing into his eyes. "We're free." It was unbelievable.

Both spun around as the door banged open, and instinctively Draco stepped in front of Hermione; but it should have been the other way around. Harry stepped inside the doorway and started shouting random curses, wielding his wand in Draco's general direction. Meanwhile, Ron charged at him like a bull.

"Harry! Ron! STOP!" Hermione screamed, trying to pull Ron off of Draco while at the same time trying to bodily protect him from Harry.

Eventually, reluctantly, they backed off and Hermione helped a bloody, beaten Draco to stand.

"What the hell do you think you're doing Hermione?" Harry asked in a dangerously low voice. She met his eyes defiantly.

"What do you think you're doing Harry? Ron? C'mon Draco." Hermione grabbed their wands from beneath the pillows on the beds before draping Draco's arm across her shoulders and helping him to hobble towards the door. "I'll see you guys later." She said back over her shoulder.

Ron sat on the floor nursing his fist. As Hermione and Draco passed Harry, Draco smirked and winked suggestively at him. Harry lunged for Draco but missed as an oblivious Hermione manoeuvred them out of the door and helped Draco to walk towards the Hospital Wing.

"C'mon Ron," Harry mumbled, helping Ron to stand. "Let's go to the Common Room and wait for 'Mione to get back. I think we need to have a little chat…"

Ron nodded and led the way out of the Room, but before he followed Harry surveyed the Box. So this was The Room of Necessity. Harry's eyes missed nothing, sweeping over everything. He took in every detail from the giant bath sunken into the floor to the toilet with no screen, to the single unmade bed in the corner. He emitted a low growl before he turned his back on the Room of Necessity and stalked away. Harry made sure that the door slammed loudly behind him.

Somewhere else, Fate was smiling; another job well done.

She leaned back in her chair to watch the repercussions of her meddling, and helped herself to another lemon drop.



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