First, I would like to say that the Idea of and Main characters of B5 and WC do not belong to me. But I will throw in a few characters of my own. I hope you like them.

Some background first.

In the Wing Commander universe/games, there was the game of Privateer. In the game, an alien probe starts to track the main character, and in the end of the main story, you have to destroy the probe or die trying. On the way to the attack, you have picked up an ancient alien weapon, "a Steltek cannon". The Steltek are the WC Universes answer to the first ones. But before you face the drone, you meet with the confed admiral at Perry Navel station, and he tells you where the fleet is set up to meet the 'unknown attacker'. On your way to the final fight, you meet a real honest to goodness Steltek. Then after some good ole fashioned horse-tradin. You get them to repair/enhance your cannon to full ability. You use the cannon to destroy the probe, and win the storyline. It's here that I am going to throw in the curve ball. Hee hee hee.

In the B5 universe, the Humans of earth in their ignorance/stupidity? have managed to really piss off the Minbari one of the oldest of the space faring younger races. Who now want to wipe out every human in the universe. And things are not going well for the humans. How will the humans who are at war deal with these new people? And what will the Minbari think of them? Only time will tell.


Chapter One

Fleet Admirals Log: 2665.120 (May 30, 2665) the blockade fleet is currently awaiting the arrival of a privateer named Laqua. Apparently an unknown ship has been following his course for the last few weeks, and Confed wants this ship captured or destroyed. When I received the information about this assignment from Admiral Terrell, he informed me that the Intel boys and girls had no idea where this ship had come from. The only thing we know about it is that its power readings are massive for a ship that size. Its shields have deflected most of the scans of it. I have reviewed the data scans that we have of the ship, and the data on the ships it has destroyed. Any fighter craft that has gone against it has been destroyed in the first volley of fire from it. That is why I have decided to only use the larger weapons of the fleet against it. The fleet is currently set up at the jump point from Ragnorok, and is holding steady position.

I was fortunate, in that Admiral Terrell sent a few extra ships to join us. The fleet I'm commanding consists of my group, the TCS Mastiff, the Attack carrier TCS Manila, the Cruisers Bull Run and Normandy and the Destroyers Baldar, Cu Chulainn, Galahad, Huan-Ti, Jason, Perseus, Tyr, and the Yoshi-Iye. Admiral Terrell has sent us 4 Paradigm Frigates and 2 resupply tenders. I almost feel sorry for the pilot of that ship, but then I just look at the destruction in its wake.

Vice Admiral Luke Douglas was interrupted, by a call from his Fleet Captain. "Admiral, the jump point is activating, a Centurion is coming through."

"I'm on my way to the bridge."

The admiral rushed to the bridge, and once there had the comm. officer open a channel to the privateer.

"On screen Admiral"

"Hello Mr. Laqua, welcome to blockade point Alpha."

"Thanks admiral, what's your plan?"

"We have the ship on long range scans in the Ragnarok system. It should be here in about 6 minutes. As soon as it clears the jump point, I want it to see your ship. It will most likely come after you first, and when it does, we are going to hit it with every weapon we have."

"That sounds good Admiral, but let me shoot it first, I have a little surprise for it."

The Admiral was a little leery about that statement, but if this man wants the first shot, he was more than willing to let him take it. The privateer moved over just to the port of the Mastiff, and the fleet prepared for the unknown ship.

When the jump point flared again, everyone saw an egg shaped ship, pure black in color, except for the green eye like areas on the front of it. The privateer fired at the ship, and hit it twice. The green blasts from his ship hit the target, and its shields flared for a moment, then failed.


At least a dozen antimatter shots were fired, but only one hit. This little ship was fast, and it had dodged almost all of the shots. Apparently the pilot realized that it couldn't win, so it was making a run for the jump point. Mr. Laqua was right on it, and fired again as it activated the jump point. His shots ripped through the small ship, and it exploded. The EMP blast from the ship was off the scale, and most of the systems on the ships shorted out. Then the crews saw that the energy that was released was causing the jump point to fluctuate strangely. The next thing the Admiral knew, he and his ship were floating in darkness.

"Captain Tate, what the hell just happened?"

"I don't know admiral, but I'll find out."

It was then that the admiral realized that the AG was offline, and he could see people floating in the dim emergency lighting of the bridge.

"Damage control, what systems are down?"

Lt. Commander Langford looked at the Admiral.

"Sir, it would be easier to tell you what still works."

"Proceed commander."

"Well sir, the blast wave popped most of our circuit breakers, and shorted out a few systems. We currently have short range scans and comm. working right now. Our weapons are offline and shields are just starting to recharge. With any luck, we may be able to get her fixed in about 2 days sir."

The admiral looked at her, "You've got one Hershell."

She smiled at him now, "Yes sir."

True to her word, the commander had most of the systems back up in 26 hours.

. The rest of the fleet had been hit just as bad, and the repair crews, pilots and even the marines were working on getting the ships back online. The admiral's first worry was over, now to find out where they were. Fleet captain Tate came to his ready room and knocked.

"Come in."

"Sir, we may have a problem sir."

"What sort of problem Leroy?"

"Well sir, the navigators are telling me that the stars are…"

As he hesitated, the admiral got the feeling that Leroy was stalling on purpose. "Spit it out Leroy, the stars are what?"

"The stars are just wrong Luke."

"What do you mean wrong?"

"Some of the stars are where they should be, but some aren't. As near as we can tell, the only system that's where it belongs is the Sol system."

"Anything else Leroy?"

"Yes sir, our patrol sweep found something on the far side of the system."

"What did they find?"

"Well from its description, it sounds like a dry dock setup, but there are only the outer struts. No command section or supply areas."

Admiral Douglas checked his monitor for a minute, "Have the Galahad and the Jason check it out with an escort wing of Sabre's."

"Yes sir."

"Oh and Leroy,"


"Discreetly this time."

Leroy smiled at the Admiral, "Yes sir."

Thirty minutes later, Commander Blackwell of the TCS Galahad was looking at the most unusual looking thing she had ever seen. "What do you think Alan?" she asked her XO.

"Well it does look like a dry dock, but it's got some really weird power readings."

"Well, keep us back a bit while we check it out."

"Yes ma'am."

As they were talking, the sensor opps tech called them, "Captain, we're getting an energy spike from the structure."

Commander Blackwell looked at the object, and watched as the 4 outer pylons powered up, and then the energy charge traveled down the structure. The next thing she saw was a blue vortex opening inside the structure. Then she saw 4 ships coming out of the vortex.

"Red alert, all crews stand by. Sensors, talk to me."

"Ma'am, one of the ships is a warship of some type. The other three appear to be cargo ships, I'm reading approximately 20,000 life signs on the cargo ships Ma'am"


"The warship is showing what reads as 2 large plasma cannons, 2 large laser cannons and 8 smaller laser cannons. And…"

"And what?"

"Ma'am, none of the ships have shields. And the warship is showing signs of having been in a fight recently."

She looked at her XO, "Maybe their shields were damaged."

On the bridge of the EAS James Carter, Captain Ricardo Santiago looked at the strange looking ships. "What about it Mickey? Are they friendly or not?"

His XO looked at the sensor readings and then at the captain. "I don't know sir, our scans aren't able to get a good read on them, and they appear to be shielded by some form of EM covering."

"Like the Vree?"

"It does look similar sir. But their ships don't match anything in our data base."


"Yes sir, 2 heavy laser turrets, 4 small laser turrets, 12 missile ports and I think 2 anti matter cannons."

"Put us between them and the convoy, then hail them."

"Aye sir."

The large ship turned toward the two smaller ships, and tried to keep itself between these new ships and its charges.

"Ma'am, we're being hailed."

"Let's hear it."

The comm. tech worked on the controls for a moment, before getting the frequencies right.

" … EAS James Carter please state your intentions."

"EAS James Carter, this is Commander Blackwell of the TCS Galahad. To whom am I speaking?"

"I'm Captain Santiago of the Earth Alliance, again I ask you what are your intentions?"

Commander Blackwell was a little stunned by that last remark, but she continued.

"Our intentions are peaceful. We were inspecting this structure when it activated, and your ships came out of it."

Captain Santiago looked at his XO, who looked as surprised as himself. He was surprised that the person speaking to him was speaking English, with a clear slightly Southern drawl, and that this person sounded like they had never seen a jump gate before.

"Captain, it looks like your ship is damaged, could you use any assistance?"

Before Captain Santiago could reply, his sensor tech called out.

"Sir, a jump point forming, I'm reading one Tinashi Frigate coming through."

"Oh hell, Battle stations people. Charge all weapons, and try to keep us between the convoy and the Tinashi."

On the Galahad, Commander Blackwell listened as the other ship was preparing for combat, then she looked at her XO. "What about the new ship?"

"400 meters long, some form of polycrystalline armor. 1 large beam weapon, 5 large fusion cannons, 10 smaller fusion cannons, 6 neutron cannons and 4 smaller cannons I can't ID, and 1 missile port. They also have some type of Active EMCOM, compensating for it now."

"Any shields?"

"No ma'am. Ma'am, they're launching fighters."

The comm. activated and Captain Santiago was calling. "Commander, if you were serious, we could use your help here."

"Comm., open a hail to this new ship, and inform the Sabre's and the Jason to stand by."

On the Minbari frigate Red fire, Shai Alyt Nasalle looked at his holographic display. The 4-earther ships he had been chasing were trying to get away. "Target the rear ship, and fire when in range."

The weapons station tech just nodded. His XO called to him "Shai Alyt, we're being hailed by one of the unknown ships."

He just nodded and a portion of his display showed a human female in a strange uniform.

"This is Commander Blackwell of the TCS Galahad."

Shai Alyt Nasalle just closed the channel. "More Earthers. Target their ships as well, and fire."

The weapons tech nodded and locked on to the Jason and fired.

On the Galahad, the sensor tech called out."They've targeted the Jason ma'am, they're firing."

Two beams of energy hit the Jason, but her shields held. Commander Blackwell hit her comm. button; "All ships return fire, Sabre's you are weapons hot."

The Galahad and Jason opened fire; their 4 antimatter cannons hit the ship and literally punched right through it.

"Helm move us around her, let's keep them from getting to close to the transports. Comm. notify the Admiral that we are under attack and are engaging a hostile force."

Both techs just nodded, and did as they were ordered. The two destroyers moved around the new ship and continued to fire. The alien ship returned fire at them but the beams were still not getting through their shields.

"Weapons find their engines and take them out."

"Aye sir."

Major Janet 'Momma Bear' Halko of the Polar Bear squadron called out to her pilots. "Ok people we are weapons hot, pick a bird and take them out." she listened as her people acknowledged. The 12 Sabre's each chose an enemy fighter, and they started closing rapidly.

"Bear one, fox 2." and the Major fired an Image Rec missile at her target.

The missile locked on to the fighter, and the pilot juked his ship into a series of tight twists and spirals. The Minbari pilot for the first time when facing earthers, was truly afraid. This missile was locked onto his ship, and he couldn't seem to get away from it. The missile hit his ship, and the fighter for the briefest of moments was as bright as a small star. The other pilots of bear squadron had also taken out their targets as well. Now the fighters were headed toward the big ship.

On the Red fire, Shai Alyt Nasalle was trying to keep from falling, as another blast ripped through his ship. This was impossible; these new Earther ships were actually hitting his ship.

"Is our stealth field active?"

"Yes sir, but the earther ships seem to have found a way to negate it."

"Have the fighters concentrate their fire on the new ships."

His XO looked at him, "Shai Alyt, our fighters have been destroyed by the earther fighters. Sir I think we should withdraw and inform the council of this immediately."

Shai Alyt Nasalle looked at him, "We are Wind Swords clan, we do not withdraw from barbarians continue firing. We will crush these earthers."

His XO just bowed slightly, and ordered the weapons tech to continue firing.

On the EAS James Carter, Captain Santiago watched as the 2 ships were engaged with the Minbari ship. His XO was just as shocked, when the first ship had been hit. A large bubble became visible around the ship, but the ship didn't appear damaged. Then the two ships opened fire on the Minbari. Their weapons seemed to tear right through the Tinashi Frigate. Everyone on the bridge watched as the two ships started to move as fast as the Minbari ship, and continued to fire on it.

"Can you believe this Mickey? They're ripping the Minbari apart."

His XO smiled a little, "Good thing we didn't shoot at them, Eh sir."

Captain Santiago just nodded his head.

The TCS Galahad fired a blast from it two antimatter cannons, and the blast ripped through the engine room of the Red fire. The containment field of their engine failed, and the engine immediately overloaded. The Tinashi frigate seemed to shudder for a moment, and then it exploded from the inside out. All of the people on the EAS ships just watched, and could only gasp at the destruction they saw. The TCS ships and fighters just got away from the ship as fast as they could. After a few minutes, Commander Blackwell contacted Captain Santiago.

"Captain, I think our Admiral will want to speak to you. We're sending coordinates to you and the transports."

"Roger Commander, I think I'll definitely want to speak to your Admiral."

Soon the six ships and fighters were headed for the rest of the Confed fleet.