Alright a new fanfic I'm doing and this one is going to have longer chapters to. I'll also try to update it more as I have already written up most of it in word. This one is also going to be a Yakumo/Mushra and about there bound together I don't know why I'm doing this I just got board. But don't worry I going to keep bad stuff happening so it's not going to be all sappy.

For one thing the Cedrians are in it and the Celestial Guardians to. The characters are

Yakumo: the last human on earth/Entarra and is trying to bring peace to the world in a place called Shinzo. She is very much against Violin's. And survived the Enterran war against Mankind 500 year's ago. Only a few Enterran's like but really all of them want to kill her.

Mushra: Is the main Enterran he has a high temper and loves to fight. But would protect Yakumo to the very end. He was also once a celestial Guardian to until he gave up his immortality and was reborn as an Enterran.

Sago: One of Yakumo protector's he use to be a thief but gave that up when a gang set him up. And soon joined Yakumo on her Journey for peace. He is more cram and aware of things to.

Kutal: the last of Yakumo's protector's he is a great chief but first meet Yakumo wanting to eat her. The things he cares most about is Yakumo food his family and food.

Kittens: Kutals family they are very adventures and wont to help if the can.

Raven: is Mushra older Brother from when Mushra was a Guardian. He has a twin sister called Crystal. And is very powerful. When Mushra was going to give up his life Raven was highly against it.

Serenity: Anther Guardian that is good friends with Raven. She has an upbeat personality. And try's to cheer anyone up when they are down. Which is Raven who she is always looking out for.

Teran: Anther Celestial Guardian that is friends with Raven he is a skilled fighter and has the scares to prove it. The only problem is he starts trouble of and worries too much.

Cosemist: A guardian that left the Celestial realm 6000 years ago not liking the way things where there. And went out to have an adventure. But kept the rules of the celestial guardians.

Crystal: Mushra older sister from the celestial realm. She is Raven twin and has a very short temper. she loves flowers and fighting.

Zafire: An evil Cedrian that hate Yakumo for no reason and would look for any reason to hurt her in anyway. She also wants to free Lanancuras from his prison. She was spared from the prison with a few other Cedrian.

Entra: Zafire older brother who wants nothing more but to have his master free. He also gets annoyed over Zafire stupid garage over Yakumo. Along time ago he was had suddenly got the power to see the future.

Gem: she is a celest but joined the Cedrian to destroy Mushra. She loves distraction and ruining people's lives.

Lanancuras: A guardian gone evil as he hated his destiny. And set out to conquer the universe. He was finely defeated by Mushra who sealed him in a meteor.

So there you have all the main Characters in Shinzo Guardians and there profile. If you have any ideas to improve this fanfic send them in. now on with the story. Oh yah I do not own Shinzo blah blah blah only my characters I made up but you probably know this already.