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In Somno Omne Revelatur

By Jeune Ecrivain

Rating: K+

Genre: drama, romance (Clana)

Summary: A dream reveals all and forever changes Lana's understanding of a certain farmboy.


"Clark…," Martha Kent half-whispered as she shook her son on the shoulder. When he didn't stir, she shook him a little harder and raised her voice. "Clark!"

Clark stirred, and his eyes fluttered open. "Mom?" he said, blinking in rapid succession for a few moments to assure that he stayed awake.

"You have a lot of explaining to do," she said, only half-serious.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, for starters, it's after ten o'clock and you're just now waking up," his mother began. "Secondly, there's the mystery of why you apparently fell asleep fully clothed in the loft instead of on your bed and in your usual boxers and a T-shirt." Martha then half-smiled. "But I think the most important thing you have to explain…is her." She directed her gaze just behind his range of vision, and Clark turned his head to find Lana asleep next to him. Her head was resting on his shoulder, her left hand was laid delicately on his thigh, and her right arm was curled up and tucked against his forearm. She looked so cute and peaceful that Clark could've looked at the sight for hours and not grown tired of it.

For a moment, he didn't remember why she was there. Then, the past night's events flooded back into his conscious memory, and he couldn't help but beam at Lana with a small smile on his lips. He was still somewhat in awe of the whole situation. Lana knowing his secret had forever been something he had thought would only happen in his dreams.

Martha saw Clark's smile through the back of his head even without x-ray vision. "I know it's been tough for you keeping your secret and feeling you have to pushher away. For what it's worth, I'm really glad that you and Lana are still good enough friends to fall asleep together on a couch occasionally."

Clark turned back to face his mother and smiled genuinely, secretly reveling in the irony of his mother's words. He decided that telling his parents Lana knew could wait for now. "Thanks, Mom. Me too."

Martha nodded warmly. "If you'll wake her up, you guys can come down for a late breakfast. Whatever you want."

Clark grinned his trademark Kent grin. It was times like these he felt like a little boy again. "Thanks, Mom. We'll be down in a little bit."

"Okay," Martha replied quietly before turning and leaving the loft quietly.

Clark turned back to Lana and groaned. Who was he to disturb such a peacefully sleeping creature? But then again, she can be even more beautiful when she's awake. He rested his head upon the crown of hers. "Lana," he said gently, nudging her softly with his shoulder. "G'morning, Lana," he said with a little more volume, nudging her again.

The slightest moan escaped her lips as she stirred slightly before appearing to settle back into her slumber, amusingly defiant even in her sleep. Clark chuckled to himself. He then nearly laughed out loud as an idea struck him. Her movement, however slight, showed that she was at least marginally conscious. "Oh, well," he said slyly, "Still asleep, are you? Then I guess you won't mind if I take a little peek with my x-ray vision…"

Lana's eyes shot open, and her head jolted off its post upon his shoulder so that she could look him straight in the eyes. She gaped at him, and it wasn't long before her intuition (and a certain pair of blue eyes) told her he had been joking. However, she decided to play along for the moment. "Clark Joseph Kent!" she admonished, slapping him playfully on the chest. "You wouldn't!"

"You're right. I wouldn't," he admitted resignedly. "But a certain sleepy-head needed something to get her attention before she'd let the circulation return to my shoulder."

Her resolve melted as he smiled once more at her, and she laughed. "You're bad!" she protested, rising to her feet and giving in to the urge to yawn.

Clark stood up next to her as she stretched her arms far above her head, letting the last of her sleepiness leave her. "Mom's offered us breakfast,…if you can still call it that."

"What time is it?"

"It's a quarter past ten," answered Clark, looking at his watch.

"That late?"

"Well, we were up pretty late at night," he reminded her.

"Could anyone blame us? We had a lot to talk about."

Clark gave her a small grin before growing serious.

"What?" asked Lana.

"It's just…you're being really amazing about all this. I mean, with everything you just found out I would think you'd be a little upset or overwhelmed."

"Well, I did take several hours yesterday to get my head around the whole thing before I came to talk to you about it," she explained. "And I feel a little gypped by the fact that you were so protective of me that you didn't really consider my right to decide whether being a part of your life is worth the risks or not." She smiled at him gently as his expression turned apologetic. "But, on the other hand, it's actually admirable."

"I felt I was doing the right thing, as much as I hated it," Clark explained somewhat meekly.

"It's okay," she stated. "Just…promise me you're not going to give me any more of that Spider-Man nonsense."

"I'll always be concerned for your safety…"


"But I promise," he reassured her quickly. "You're involved now whether I like it or not, although I must admit most of me is liking it."

"Good," Lana said, relieved that Clark wasn't resisting it any more. "I never liked having these secrets between us."

"I hope you don't think I did," Clark replied.

Her expression turned sympathetic. "I never knew what all you had to deal with every day."

"It's not easy," he conceded. "But having the support of people like you really helps."

"That's what I'm here for," Lana said warmly.

An awkward but pleasant moment passed between the two before Clark let out a heavy sigh and decided to go out on a limb. "Lana, now that you know…and you're going to be a part of this…there's really no sense in me holding back."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I…" Clark began, scratching the back of his neck. "I love the fact that we're still friends after everything that's happened, and I'm glad we have this new opportunity to get even closer."

"Closer…how?" Lana asked, though she had her suspicions as to what Clark was trying to say.

"I know there are some things neither one of us can recover from…" He stepped closer to her and took her hands in his, looking her in the eyes the whole time. "But I just have to ask…"

"What is it, Clark?" Lana said at almost a whisper, her heart rate increasing at his proximity.

"Is there still a chance? You know, for us?"

Lana closed her eyes as she let the emotions of the moment envelop her. How many times had she dreamed of Clark letting down his guard and opening up to her and allowing himself to act on his true feelings, whatever they may be? How many times had she imagined how she would react if he did indeed still feel the way she had always suspected? She knew Clark had gone out on a limb, and her heart told her almost immediately that she was ready to receive him with open arms. She had already done so to the fullest extent in a platonic sense, but she knew that both of them were on the brink of casting off the chains of platonic pretense. All Clark needed was for her to say the word.

Lana's momentary silence caused Clark's doubt to grow. "I know you may need time to get over Jason," he said with a swallow. "I just need to know, could you ever…?"

Lana brought an index finger to his lips. "Just kiss me," she commanded at a whisper before removing it.

Clark hesitated barely a second before he complied with a vengeance. Wrapping his arms around her waist and closing what little space was left between them, he pressed his lips to hers. Her arms found their place around his neck, and she returned his kiss passionately. Clark's passion and boldness grew, and the kiss deepened. Lana moaned softly. Everything the two of them had held unexpressed within themselves finally found silent voice in the hungry yet loving lip-lock.

When they finally broke apart, Clark said breathlessly, "I'll take that as a 'yes.'"

Lana nodded, and added just as breathlessly. "Maybe we should go down for breakfast."

Clark shook his head as he gathered her up in his arms and lifted her off her feet. "Breakfast can wait."