Someone For Everyone

By Daydream Omega


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Spoilers: Hope and Fear, Killing Time.

Subtext: J/7

Chapter One.

The U.S.S. Voyager, captained by Captain Kathryn Janeway, had been lost in the Delta Quadrant for more than five years. Through those years, they had faced their fair share of aliens and battles. Some they had won, others they were lucky to walk away from with their lives. The Starship had gone through many repairs and improvements, new technology had been added. It would have been surprising if the original ship's engineers could recognize some areas of the ship.

Five years ago, Captain Janeway was trying to locate her missing security chief, who had for the past few months been undercover with a band of resistance fighters. The resistance ship along with U.S.S Voyager, ship and crew, vanished in an area of space called the Bad Lands. Taken in an energy wave, by a being called the Caretaker, who through the use an alien array, had kidnapped them.

They were put through some rather painful experiments, there purpose to find a way to procreate. The Caretaker had wanted to protect a people to whom he owed a great debt. The Caretaker was dying, and he was the last of his kind remaining on the array. To protect those same people, Janeway had to sacrifice their only chance of returning home... She destroyed the array.

Four years into their mission to return home, Voyager came upon Borg space. The Borg, a species with very little regard for any other life forms assimilated all they came across. Their purpose was to achieve perfection by assimilating other species, to take their knowledge and make it their own. Millions of worlds had been destroyed, and the Federation had barely survived their last encounter.

Entering Borg space had not been unexpected, to get home they had to travel through the heart of the Borg Empire. To Survive, Captain Janeway would have to join forces with the Borg in an alliance to destroy Borg's greatest threat.

What was unexpected was that by the end of the conflict they would lose one member of their crew, only to gain another, one who had spent the last 18 years of her life as Borg. This very Borg would eventually test Janeway's skill at command, and take her patience to the very limit.

She was a woman who had no recollection of being human. Her humanity had been stolen from her when she was a child of five. When her family had the misfortune of being assimilated Annika's life became service as a done, her name, Seven of Nine.

Now over a year later, still years away from home, Voyager's crew had become more then just a group of people working together, but a family. Their sole mission was to survive, and return home to their loved ones.

The star ship Voyager, at the time of building, had very little use for a kitchen, since replicators where used, and power, readily available. However, being lost in the Delta quadrant had left them with a few, little problems. Their meagre supplies would not last them over the 70 million light years it would take to return home. One of the first friendly contacts they made was with a small freighter. Containing one lone member of the Talaxian race, called Neelix. Neelix was a valuable addition to the crew, since he had knowledge of the Caretaker, and the people the caretaker protected.

The mess hall was the lively home Neelix had made into his kitchen, much to the Captain's horror one morning when looking for her breakfast. Today the room was rather quiet as crew members sat eating and quietly discussing their up coming day.

B'Elanna Torres, the Chief Engineer, at this moment in time, was not feeling up to par. In fact, she was looking, a bit green around the gills.

"What the hell did Neelix but in that stew last night?" Exclaimed Torres, holding a hand to her pounding head, and the other one around her waist.

Both Tom Paris and Harry Kim laughed, and then groaned. Ensign Kim squeaked. "God knows, but half the crew wants to kill him this morning. The only person who is not ill is Seven."

"Yes," Tom muttered, "Neelix has finally found something that our Borg friend likes. He was so pleased."

"Great, just great," said Torres with her head resting on the table.

"I don't know about you two, but a trip too sick bay is in order." Tom unsteadily stood, and was followed by his two sickly friends who gave Neelix an evil look as they passed.

"What? What did I do?" Neelix shouted, to their retreating backs. A small chuckle ran around the room.

Sickbay was a mess, which was highly unusual. Sick crewmembers were placed everywhere, on beds, and chairs around the room. The Doctor was being run off his holographic feet, and was having the time of his life, lecturing crewmembers, on the importance of finding out what you're eating, instead of just shovelling it down, because it tastes good. However, looking at some of Neelix's, dinners it was best not to look to closely. Things tended to move, in some of Neelix's creations.

The Doctor turned, as the doors of his sick bay opened. "Well, well, well, we are a three-some. Over there." The Doctor smirked, as he pointed to an empty bed. " You must be the last few to come in here this morning. Neelix's stew has made quite an impression." He tried in valiantly to keep the smirk off his face. No such luck.

"What the hell was in it?" B'Elanna muttered walking wobbly over to the bed.

"Oh nothing much, just a herb, from the last star system I believe. It seems to create a bad case of space sickness." The Doctor proceeded to give each of them a hypo spray in the neck. "This will take care of the effects, in only a moment or two you'll be a nice healthy colour again"

"Didn't you check what the hell he was bringing aboard?" Exclaimed the Engineer with an angry tone.

"Of course, I did," Snapped the Doctor. "I informed Neelix, that using the herb, in small amounts would cause no harm. I do not however, control what Neelix considers a small amount, no doubt he used too much in one pot"

"Really, what gave you that idea?" Torres said trying to stand up straight.

" I can see that it's brought out your sense of humour Lt," said the Doctor, as he looked his patients up and down. "So, how are you feeling now?

A sigh was heard. "Thanks, Doc," Kim and Tom responded, with a muttered thanks, with Torres not too far behind.

"Yes, yes, get out of here." The Doctor stared at Torres. " I have some sick people to take care of." The Doctor waved them off, as the doors opened yet again, and some more very green and unhappy people entered.

"Stew by any chance?" Asked the Doctor with a grin, as he went to re-fill another hypo.

Captain Janeway stared up at her ceiling, wondering what to do about Seven. After all, she was the Captain, and Captains did not go around eyeing up grew members; no matter how good they looked in a silver body suit. Captains were supposed to be above that sort of thing... above human needs and wants.

It has been four years... four very long years, Janeway my girl. Other than Chakotay, and his puppy dog looks, you have taken no real notice of anyone until Seven. So, what is so special aboutone youngblond Borg?

A picture of Seven, in a sexy dress, came to mind. Seven was singing, a slow emotional song, in a war-torn bar not so long ago.

"Right," Janeway snorted into the night. That is the reason you lay here unable to sleep...well, that and Neelix's stew, although Seven did really like it. A smile came to her face, at the thought of last night's dinner, and seeing Seven's eyes light up when she tasted the stew. It had taken ten minutes of Neelix's persuasive chatter, to get Seven to try it, and even then, it had been a very small spoonful.

Then there are her eyes, which you can drown in, not to mention a figure to die for. She is intelligent, beautiful, and stubborn. You can be yourself when you are around her, something I cannot be with some of the men I have been with...

Janeway slowly sat with a grown,her stomach was threatening to start a war. Gods, I have a velocity match with Seven this morning. That is the last time I try one of Neelix's stews, trail bars from now on.

"Janeway, too sick bay."

"Yes, Captain?" Came the quick response.

"I'm on my way in Doctor." Janeway said unhappily getting up on unsteady feet.

"I am sure you will not be the last today Captain," Replied the smug Doctor.

"Wonderful" Janeway headed for the door.

A Short Time Later:

Janeway was standing outside Holodeck Two, taking deep, even breathes. Neelix has a lot to answer for, she thought darkly. Least of which, was having the Captain, making a trip to sickbay in the early hours of the morning. The Doctor was not going to let anyone forget this in a hurry that much Janeway had decided, as she had sat and listened to his rambling as he gave her a shot.

"There Captain all better now." As the Doctor patted her on the arm, turning with a humours smirk in place.

Secondly, there was Neelix, making half the crew sick. Really, it is surprising we all have not died of food poisoning by now. Besides, she was due for a game with Seven of Nine; the last thing she wanted was to be sick all over Seven, or the Holodeck for that matter.

"Wouldn't that start the day off nicely?" Janeway sighed. She took another deep breath, and walked through the Holodeck doors. Janeway came to a quick stop, and stared at her surroundings in wonder.

Instead of the usual grid for their velocity match, a forest was laid out before her. The smell of the woodlands and the noises of the animals, made a peaceful change to the humming of the ships systems.

Seven of Nine, late of the Borg Collective, was standing in the middle of a small woodland clearing, surrounded by animals, trees, birds, and a gentle breeze that ruffled the flowers and the grass.

Seven was looking around with mild interest, as deer and rabbits, went about their business, unconcerned about anything and everything.

"Seven?" Captain Janeway walked slowly towards the tall blond.

Seven turned around, and for a split second, Janeway saw the innocent look of a child. Just as quickly, the look was gone, replaced by a cool mask with no sign of the emotions that lay behind them.

Janeway moved her arm to identify the area "Am I early Seven? This doesn't look like a velocity grid to me."

"No, Captain this program was still running when I arrived. I believe this is one of Naomi Wildman's programs," replied Seven.

Seven took a closer look at Janeway, noticing a slightly paler hue than her usual healthy colour.

"Are you ill, Captain? Perhaps we should postpone the game for a later date?" Seven inquired, ever concerned for Kathryn's heath. After all, Janeway did have a tendency not to take care of herself.

Janeway gave a small laugh. "No, Seven I'm fine, really"


A small sound came from the forest, which conveniently got Janeway off the hook.

Seven turned to see the small form of Naomi, running into the small clearing, her eyes were bright with excitement.

"Seven do you-um, Captain?" She squeaked as Naomi abruptly stopped running and did a good imitation of Seven: Hands behind her back and standing ramrod straight.

"You're normally not this early." The child turned bright red "Sorry, Captain. I wanted to show Seven my new program, I didn't mean to take your holodeck time." Naomi said unhappily looking at her feet.

Janeway had to smile. Naomi was the only child, so far, born to the Voyager family, and Naomi had taken it upon herself, to teach Seven how to have a bit of childish fun. Seven in return, was quiet taken with the girl, and spent a good part of her off duty time playing games, and sharing holodeck programs with her.

"It's not a problem Naomi. I do not spend half the time I would like, looking over the programs we have. I tend to stick to the same ones, so this program is quite a change for me. Seven should get to see what some of Earth is like, not just what the crew says about home. She may find that she like's what she sees," said Janeway as she gazed at Seven.

Seven gave her a weird look. Seven had no real interest in Earth, and could not see the crew's fascination in the planet, let alone the desire to return there. Her home had always been the Collective, in space, and she had very few memories of her parents, or her life before.

Seven gave a small sigh. Captain Janeway it seemed was still determined to make her see that returning to Earth, would be the best thing for her, and that learning about Earth and it's places, and people, would only make her feel like she was finally going home. After a year with the Voyager crew, Seven had finally come to see them as her collective and her home. Returning to Earth would change all of that. Besides, how would the Federation take to having, a Borg drone, even an Ex-Borg, in their midst. However, that was in the future. Their main worries were at the moment, staying safe, and well. Worrying about things in the future would serve her no good. Worrying after all was irrelevant.

"Indeed, Captain, it would seem that Naomi would agree with you, although Naomi herself has never been to Earth. Perhaps it is mainly curiosity on her part. After all, her mother is human," responded Seven looking down at the child.

"Oh yes, Mother tells me about my family, all the places to go to, when we get there. I will meet my dad and my grandparents. It sounds like a wonderful place, Seven, you should come and listen to my mother's stories." Naomi smiled up at Seven.

"Indeed," Seven muttered giving a good idea of what she thought of said stories.

Janeway had to hide a smile. Seven was determined not to like Earth, but between Naomi and herself, perhaps that would change. It would just take a little time. Time after all, they appear to have.

"So, where did you get this program? It looks wonderful," said Janeway. Green grass and trees lined one side, and a small lake was to the left, a range of snow-capped mountains' lay behind it.

"Neelix found it for me. He said something about having picnics when he was a boy." Naomi frowned, looking at Janeway "Captain what's a picnic? My Mother said we would have one when her duty shifts were over. It sounds very boring," Naomi waited for the Captain's answer.

Seven also turned to Janeway, waiting for a reply. Seven had noticed early on, that Janeway, although an excellent Captain, did love to teach, and seemed pleased to be able to explain things to Seven. Janeway wanted to help Seven improve her social skills, even though Seven had no real interest in the subject. Although Seven, over the last few months, had found that listening to Janeway's voice was rather pleasant in its own way, and looked forward to their discussions.

"Um, picnics. Well, that is when you get together with family, friends and pack loads of food and drink to take with you. You find a beautiful spot, like this, lay out in the sun and relax. Enjoy each other's company, perhaps swim or play games," Janeway replied, smiling a little at the memories.

"I agree with Naomi. It does indeed sound like a waste of time and energy." Seven stated.

"Just once, it would be great to find something that Seven of Nine did not find a waste of time," groaned Janeway internally.

"Maybe if you were to try it Seven?" An internal grin came to Janeway's eyes, as an idea took form.

"Maybe the Captain can show you Seven," said Naomi.

Bingo. Way to go Naomi.

A slight panicky look came across Seven's face. "I am sure that Captain Janeway has other things to do than to go picnicking Naomi"

"Oh," said Naomi sadly.

"Oh, I don't know. It has been a while. My off duty rotation is up and for the next few days I'm on R & R, I'm sure I could find the time to show you what a picnic is, and how much fun they can be. What do you say Seven?" grinned Janeway.

Seven gave Naomi a stern look, which made Naomi giggle aloud.

Seven had been backed into a corner. She could always say no, after all, she had things to do. In which case the Captain would remind her, that the Doctor had left instructions, that she was not to over work. That she should have some fun. Secondly, this would please the Doctor and just maybe get her out of another of his social lessons. Third, she would be spending time with the captain and would have all three things tied up into one neat little package.

"Yes, I would like to partake in a picnic," replied Seven.

Janeway and Naomi smiled. "Excellent. I look forward to it Seven. I'll bring what we need, and get Neelix to make us up a picnic basket"

Naomi giggled, and looked up at her friend. "I've got to go or I'll be late for class"

"Thank you for the program, Naomi. I will see you tomorrow."

"Bye Seven, Captain." With a small wave, Naomi was gone.

"So, Seven do you wish to stay in this program or play our match?" Janeway questioned.

"Computer!" Seven got her self in the right frame of mind, ready for the game.

Unfortunately, things being what they were, the picnic had to be postponed. A message from Star fleet was discovered through an old communication relay system. Deciphering the message had taken much of Janeway and Seven's time.

They had come upon an Alien, from a race of linguists, who had helped decode the message in record time. Unknown to Voyagers Crew, the alien was seeking revenge on the crew and Captain for helping the Borg and those who had helped to destroyed his race.

Due to this encounter, and much to Janeway's relief, she found that Seven no longer wished to return to her life as a Borg drone. However, Seven was very unsure of her place on board Voyager.

Janeway promised herself that at the next available time, she would show Seven that Janeway herself needed her, not just Voyager

After all, in this life, there was indeed someone for everyone. It was just a matter of taking a chance and following you heart.

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