Someone for Everyone Part 6

Unexpected Guess's

"What is that?" Seven asked looking towards the front door. Janeway left her comfortable place on the floor beside Seven and made her way over to the front door.

"I don't know." Kathryn waited a few moments before starting to open the door. She was hoping it was not one of the crew, although if there were a problem they would be contacted her through the holodeck systems.

After another look at Sevens inquiring face, Janeway continued to slowly open the cabin door. As the door opened, a strange light seemed to enter the cabin, bathing them for an instant, but just as quickly was gone. So quickly in fact, that nether woman was aware of it.

Seven reached for her nearby tricorder and levelled her instrument towards the slowly opening door. After only a few inches, a white streak of lightening shot through the small space, making Janeway squeak in surprise and alarm. Seven in the interim, had shot up from her comfortable seat and watched the hurtling object as it went straight under their coffee table and did not resurface.

"What in the hell!" Janeway pushed the door shut and tried to spy their fast intruder. "Did you see where it went Seven?" Janeway slowly made her way back into the middle of the room. Her eyes were searching every corner, coming to rest near the small table.

"Under the table Kathryn. " Seven gave a small frown as she read the information on her tricorder. " It is alive, not a part of this Holodeck program."

"What!" Kathryn quickly took three steps back away from the table. She slowly leaned over to see underneath, becoming aware of Seven, across from her, doing the same.

"Carefully Seven, we don't know what it is."

Seven lifted one silver brow before sparing a quick glance at her captain. Janeway's face wore an excited expression as she looked under the table.

"Oh!" they both exclaimed together. In the middle sat one small silver fur ball. It had the blackest eyes either woman had ever seen and long soft hair covered its body. The creature's two small, sharp pointed ears seemed to be twitching in every direction, trying to catch the least bit of sound.

Janeway slowly got to her knees "Well, hi there little one, where did you come from." Janeway slowly moved a little closer for a better look at their new roommate. "You're sure it's not a hologram Seven?" asked Janeway looking across the table.

Seven scanned the small for a few moments. "It is alive Captain, although I have no record of a creature that looks like it does. Nor do I know how it came on board Voyager without setting off the intruder alerts."

Under normal circumstances, a ship wide alert would have been sounded, but looking into the little fellows eyes Janeway found herself relaxing. " Seven…" Janeway whispered not wanting to scare it. "Go get some of that bread we have for dinner, maybe we can entice him out."

Meanwhile on Voyagers bridge…

Red Alert, Red Alert…all hands…

" Captain Janeway to the Bridge, All hands Red Alert."

" Report." Chakotay demanded holding onto his chair, looking over to Tuvok at the science station.

The ship shuddered as another energy wave hit, shaking crewmembers from their posts all over the ship.

" Unknown energy wave, highly unusual readings." Tuvok shouted over the red alert.

" Where's it coming from? " Exclaimed Paris as he wrestled with the helm.


"Paris try to keep us steady, computer turn off that damn alert, I can't hear a thing." Chakotay stumbled out of the command chair as the computers voice died out, leaving only the red glow of the alarm lights.

Just as quickly as it started it was over. Voyager came to an easy rest as crewmembers picked themselves up and returned to their posts.

Chakotay ran his hand over his head looking around the bridge. "Chakotay to Janeway…." The bridge crew gave each other uneasy looks. " Chakotay to Captain Janeway please responded…. Seven of Nine respond…"

Tuvok looked up from his board "It would appear commander that neither the Captain nor Seven are aboard Voyager."

Seven placed a plate of breadcrumbs to one side of the table. They moved over to collect their cooling dinner, keeping an eye on the table. Filling their plates with the pasta and meatballs they decided to sit on the nearby settee and wait. They also snagged and opened another bottle of fine wine.

"Hey, this is not to bad." Janeway rolled another string of her pasta around her fork, watching Seven do the same at her side. After a moment Seven looked up and smiled a rare full smile and with a slightly shaking hand reached over to rub some sauce off the Captain's chin.

" He, he." Janeway laughed, ran he tongue around the edge of her lips taking away the rest of the sauce. Watching Sevens eyes go wide and return to her own plate.

They sat in companionable silence finishing of their meal.

"Perhaps he is not hungry Kathryn." Seven observed after half an hour watching the plate of bread.

Seven picked up their now empty plates and deposited them in the sink." Would it not be easier to simply lift the table and capture it that way?" called Seven, filling the sink with warm water before returning to Janeway's side.

" You saw how fast the little chap moved, 'Frankie' would only hide somewhere else." Janeway grumbled.

" Frankie?"

A blush highlighted Kathryn's face as she moved her head around to look at Seven. " Had to call him something Seven, 'It' is not a name." Janeway gave a yawn as her head turned back to the coffee table and the bread. Kathryn wriggled her toes as the warm fire heated them. Seven slowly leaned over until their shoulders where touching taking small sips of her wine. Seven watched in amusement as Janeway's eyes began to drop and her head came to rest on Seven's shoulder.

Janeway gave a soft snigger. "This reminds me of a time when my sister, some of our friends and I went camping in the woods near our home."

"Indeed, what happened?" Seven rubbed her cheek against the soft hair on the top of Janeway head.

"We had all sat down for dinner, and after a few beers and burgers we were ready for bed. Off we all went only to come running out of our tent a few minutes later." Janeway smiled at the memory stifling another yawn. " We already had something sleeping in there. A family of skunks and they weren't into sharing."

"Skunks?" Seven took another small sip of wine.

"Yep, black and white little beauties, and believe me Seven…you do NOT argue with skunks. Not unless you want to be friendless and sit alone. Hopefully 'Frankie' will be a better to live with."

Janeway shifted around so that she could see Sevens face. " I am so going to enjoy showing you my home Seven. My mother will love you. We can go to all the places I love, we will simply enjoy life and not have to worry about the next attack, other then my sister's," Janeway giggled. "I can show you the Academy and introduce you to Boothby the gardener. We can do anything you want."

Seven looked down into sleepy eyes and watched as Janeway slowly moved towards her waiting lips. The first touch was so soft and gentle that Seven was not sure at first that Kathryn had kissed her. Until Kathryn's hand came up to softly rub a pale cheek. Seven released a soft breath when they parted staring at Janeway in wonder. Watching, Kathryn swallowed a little nervously but soon relaxed when Sevens face lit up with a shy smile.

"W.. w.was that ok?"

Seven-pulled Janeway back towards her hugging her close and leaving a kiss in her hair. "More then that, it was perfect. Kathryn…I..I have waited so long for you to kiss me," Seven felt so safe holding Kathryn close to her.

"Emmm…perfect." Kathryn smiled into a warm neck, which she gave a kiss. Before long, a soft snoring could be heard.

Seven picked up her tricorder again, careful not to awaken her sleeping captain. Seven studied the readings, taking note that although they had an unknown creature sitting under their coffee table, there appeared to be no danger and looking more closely their unexpected guest seem to be asleep. Placing the tricorder to one side Seven slowly moved. Janeway did not stir other then a small grumble, as if missing Sevens warmth.

In one swift movement, Seven softly picked Kathryn up, one arm around her back the other under her legs and quietly made for the stairs.

After a few close moves around the stairs, they made it to the top. Seven placed her snoring captain down on the bed. Kathryn moved onto her side and continued to sleep. After a few moments of simply watching, Seven removed a blanket from a nearby chair and covered her captain. With as little movement to the bed as possible Seven slid in behind Kathryn placing one arm around her waist. Janeway moved back with a contented murmur. Before long only the sounds of the night, soft breathing and the odd little snore was all that could be heard.

To be continued in Part 7.