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Whose Line Is It Anyway: LOST Style

Chapter 2: Scenes From A Hat

Christina: Alright, welcome back everyone to Whose Line Is It Anyway? Where the points don't matter, just like those irritating sand fleas. Alright, now our next game is going to be scenes from a hat.

(She pulls out the pilot's cap.)

Christina: Inside this is several suggestions that at the beginning of the show we had people fill out (actually I just made them up), and our panelists will have to think of as many things as they can according to the topic. Ok, here we go.

(Charlie, Hurley, Locke, and Sawyer walk up front in a line, ready to go. Christina pulls the first paper strip out of the hat.)

Christina: Ok, first one: What is the "monster" thinking right now?

Charlie: Fresh meat, fresh meat!

Locke: What gives you the right to invade my island?

Sawyer: It's so much fun to watch them try to figure out what I am!

Hurley: Duuuuuudddddeeeee!

Locke: Do you really want me to attack? I am a security system for a reason, you know!


Christina: Island newspaper headlines!

Hurley: Steamrolled Harry Potter, Read All About It!

(Sawyer glares at Hurley and blows some smoke his way.)

Locke: Hatch Happenings: Today's Newest Mysteries

Charlie: Driveshaft Is Back!

Sawyer: Worried About Rogue Polar Bears of Bears? Shoot Them Idiot!

Hurley: Head For The Hills, The Others Are Coming!


Christina: One thing you would do if you ever got off the island.

Hurley: I'd go to Disney World!

Sawyer: Definitly get some contacts.

Charlie: Never ride a plane again.


Christina: Things you wouldn't say to the "others".

Locke: Want to join our circle of love?

Hurley: We are all pathetic people here, just kill us all why don't you!

Charlie: Oh Ethan? Yeah, well I killed that bloody arse.

Sawyer: Why don't you just tell us what the he you are doing?


Christina: Actually I can imagine you saying that Sawyer. Alrighties last one, what do you think Jack is thinking right now?

Sawyer: I'm actually not a doctor, I'm just good at pretending.

Hurley: I have to pee.


Christina: Alright that was great! Now will Sawyer please come forward?

(Sawyer walks forward looking only slightly interested.)

Christina: Alright Sawyer, for you I have a Dr. Phil book….

Sawyer: Cute.

Chrisina: And some Nicorette patches. Might come in handy.

(Sawyer accepts them, and mutters a thanks.)

Christina: Alrighties, we'll be back soon after the break.

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