He smiled. To think that only nine years ago, he as a lovesick teen already chose a wedding ring, from that one prom night kiss everything seemed right. A dreamy look came to the blonde, 27 year old's eyes, as that same ring was cradled in his pant pocket with the help of a small pink rodent.

Never the less, it was just a flood of sweat to even think about what he was going to be doing. Anything for her, he would always think.

But it was a mystery as to whether she will even say yes, even though we've been dating since the near-end to the Senior year of Highschool…He thought, taking the ring out and tossing it gently between his two hands. We even stayed in touch during college, me being only a few feet away from her dorm, having my own halfway across the hall…

It was the same to the young redhead. Green eyes sparkled at the thought of seeing him again, even though they had just seen each other that weekand. And it was only Wednesday.

It's true; they were inceperrable, but at the same time, were not controlling. And when they weren't beng a serious figure of a young adult, they still acted like teenagers, playing video games and quarreling (in a decent way) about what to watch on TV.

She smiled herself, white teeth showing a perfect grin. We still go on missions, well….rarely, and we still act like our old selves, maybe we are only 27 years old in age? She thought, twirling her long red hair. When will he propose? I know the thought's been aching him….yet it's been aching me, too….I mean, he tries to tell me about it, and I can tell, because he'll always turn a bright shade of pink, and it's different from a regular affectionate blush…

"I don't know about this….." Ron said, looking over at Felix, who was slightly busied with video games, as no fad ever dies out.

"What if it doesn't work?" Kim said to Monique over the receiver.

"And what if she doesn't want to do this at all…." He said, slapping himself in the head, flopping back on his bed.

"You shouldn't worry about it." Monique replied, much to Kim's knowledge that she was smiling.

"You know she loves you, I mean really." Felix said, continuing to destroy enemies in his game.

"What about our friendship?" The blonde retorted, looking at a picture of them from their highschool years.

"You proved that it was already okay," Monique said through the phone, Kim looking at the same picture of her and Ron. "Remember Highschool? And College?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Ron said, showing confidence on his freckled face.

"But I really don't know…." Kim protested, shoving her face into a pillow.

"Don't worry about it!" Felix said, already beating the game and coming to his friend's side.

"You know it will work." The two friends replied.