Okay. Here's the second chapter (actually the second part of the first, but hey. :shrug:)
Did i forget to mention that this is set BEFORE Lost Souls? & Nothing's birth? early 80's maybe.

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She figured she might as well precipitate the inevitable. "Where're you fellas headed?"

Green Eyes'smile grew. "North aways. 'There somewhere you want us to drop you?" He smirked a little at this.

She laughed internally at his joke too, and then shook her head. She held his steady gaze as she replied, "You can just dump me anywhere." It was a casual statement, save for the subtle emphasis she artfully put on "dump." His brilliant eyes flashed as he openly appraised her more carefully.

She thought of something she'd heard and decided to change tacks. "It's a full moon tonight, isn't it?" She caught movement from the front and noticed the occupant of the passengers' seat watching her and glancing occasionally at Green Eyes.

The shining orbs grew brighter and wider in the nodding head. "Above the haze, yes." He paused a moment, still contemplating her coolly. "You know something we don't?"

She faltered slightly and wondered if she could have made a mistake in her boredom. Then she decided to put the ball back in her companions' court. "Maybe. Though it's probably the other way around." She forced herself to hold Green Eyes' gaze, as his smile turned to a feral grin and her heart began to race. She took a larger gamble.

"No matter who knows what though, you're probably lonely … and thirsty." She let her eyes trail over the empty bottles rolling around the back of the van with them as she finished.

The front seat onlooker drew in an audible breath and looked to Green Eyes who studied her thoughtfully a moment more. He suddenly burst into a loud bark of a laugh, throwing back his head. The meager light glinted on strange teeth. He returned his attention to her as his companion joined them, sitting against the back of the seat he had previously inhabited.

Green Eyes silently acknowledged her with a nod. "So…" The statement concealed innumerous ambiguous questions. However, his brilliant eyes no longer hid that which had been lying behind the quiet façade.

She swallowed and answered the first question she perceived. "I figured you may as well not have to wait." She shrugged nonchalantly. Green Eyes chuckled and a light lit in his companion's eyes. He kept them trained on his leader now, as if asking or waiting for permission. But Green Eyes ignored him, easing forward and crawling languidly over to where she sat on the mattress' edge, legs folded and slanted off to one side. He placed his hands on the fabric close beside either of her thighs, effectively straddling her with his upper body. He started to lean forward, when her velveteen bag was pushed into his chest. She looked deep into the mesmerizing depths of his emerald orbs as she made her first offering.

"There's two hundred bucks in there, and these might be worth something if you pawn them." She removed the silver and amethyst dragons from her ears and held them out for him. He smiled his self-assured smirk again and shoved the earrings into a pocket as he tossed the bag aside. His eyes never once left her face, except to unceremoniously glance over her second "gift."

He continued his advances and she went down willingly beneath him. At the sensation of his body fully covering hers once more she forced herself to speak.

"One question." His brow furrowed in curious annoyance. "Your name?" the alluring smirk flashed again.

"It doesn't matter." He lowered his head, sucking at her collar bone.

Between deep, steadying breaths and low moans she explained. 'Well, I have to know what to scream." Her tone teased enough to make the flashes of brilliant green rise to meet hers again. Through a quirk of a smile he murmured, "Zillah."