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Who do you think you are?



Heroically, Garfield Logan stepped up to the plate, and practiced to swing the bat. He skewed his head, smirked, and winked at a pretty gothic girl glaring in the distance. She had vibrant violet hair and eyes to match. She gasped, noticing his attention, and looked away. The pitcher threw the ball in the air, straight for his head. The pale, emerald haired guy swung forcefully and hit the ball. Not waiting to watch it soar through the air, over everybody's head, he ran as fast as he could towards first base. Every person, spectator, and even the mysterious pale-grey gothic girl was in aw. The crowd watched as he made his way back to home base, while the opposing team was still struggling to catch the ball.

"Marvelous job again, Gar! I'm glad you're back on the team this year. Thanks to you, we've just won our first game. See you at practice tomorrow!" Coach Jones said, patting his back. He walked off the field and into the parking lot. 'Gar' turned around and noticed the random girl he winked at walking to the parking lot. He jogged over to her just as she was reaching her black Audi TT with the license plate saying, "KNIVES."

"Hey! That's a sweet ride. It must have cost a fortune!" He said, catching her door before it slammed shut.

"Excuse me, but I'm trying to go home. Now would you please let go, jerk?" Her voice was charming, but venomous at the same time.

"What's your name?" Garfield asked.

"What's it to you?" She spat.

"Just curious. My name is Garfield." He tilted his head towards her, showing off his charming smile.

"Well Garfield, I have to go. Goodbye to you now." Raven pulled the door out of his hand and slammed it shut. Garfield was about to turn on his heel to leave but realized she didn't tell him her name! She already had the vehicle in reverse and was about to speed off until she saw him run up to her car again and knock on the window. She glared up at him and reluctantly rolled down the window.

"What do you want now?" She spat, waiting for his response.

"You never told me your name!" Garfield said desperately, needing to know what to call her when he saw her again, because he sure hoped he saw her again.

"Raven," she said simply, and drove off before he could respond. Garfield stepped back instinctively and smiled to himself. So her name is Raven. I like that.

Garfield sighed and plopped down on his bed. Night had began to fall and his stomach was full. He flipped open a magazine, ignoring his textbooks, and perused through the pages. He couldn't seem to get the violet haired girl, Raven, out his mind. She wasn't his usual choice when it came to girls. He tended to go for the blonde average type who was active in cheerleading or other after school activities. Being that he played baseball, his group of friends tended to associate with those also into sports. Raven was completely different though, and he thought that maybe that was why he was attracted to her. Honestly though, he had never seen her before in the school. If she was in any of his classes, he surely had not noticed. But now that he had, she seems so perfect and flawless. Except for that snarky attitude, he thought.

He shifted over to his side and laid the magazine aside. What would he do if he saw her again? Surely he couldn't just walk by her, pretending like they didn't meet. He liked her too much to do something like that. He thought maybe giving her a gift would show her how serious he is in getting to know her. But, what did girls like who were like her? He thought back on to her outfit that she wore to the game earlier. She wore black capri pants with red straps that hung loosely in the back, a black tank top that hugged her figure, and dark red armlets. Her make-up consisted of intense black eyeliner and black eye shadow. Given that analysis, he figured she liked black. Black roses? They seemed harmless enough. The hardest part would be finding out her locker number and hiding them in there without anyone noticing.

The Next Day at School

Garfield hurriedly made his way into he school. Not many of the students had arrived yet, given that first period wouldn't start for another 20 minutes. Garfield wanted to get there early, however, so he could put the freshly purchased flowers in Raven's locker before she arrived. Making his way down the long hall lined with lockers on each side, he hoped to spot someone who may associate with Raven. As if luck was on his side, he found two guys leaning against a couple lockers chatting. They were dressed in black from head to toe, and even wore black eyeliner. Garfield knew these two had to be friends with her. He slowed his pace as he approached them and mentally prepared himself to speak.

"Hey, what's up?" He asked, shoving his hands in his jean pockets trying to look nonchalant. To be honest, these fellow students intimidated him a little bit. Garfield thought of himself as a popular student who made friends easily, but he vary rarely associated with people who looked like these men.

"What do you want?" One of them spoke up. This student had shoulder-length straight hair that had been dyed so black it almost had a purple hue to it. Said student lifted himself off of the lockers and straightened his shoulders to look directly into Garfield's eyes. Garfield knew the guy was trying to assert his dominance but he held his ground.

"I was wondering if you knew a girl named Raven? I'm looking for her locker number," Garfield said, lifting his head confidently. He knew that with these guys, all he had to do was act like he knew what he was doing.

"Yeah we know her. But, what's in it for us?" The student challenged him, and Garfield could feel their mocking eyes studying him carefully. What could he give them? He had nothing to give in return for the information. While he was fairly popular in the school, he had no clout or resources that would even remotely interest these punks.

"I have nothing to give to you in return. She asked me to meet her at her locker, but if you don't give me the information I need then I can simply go to the principal's office and get it myself," Garfield retorted, crossing his arms defiantly. The pair exchanged glances, and the correspondent spoke up again firmly.

"Her locker is number 34. Now beat it, kid." Silently thanking the Gods, he nodded in appreciation and hurried down the hall towards the double digit locker numbers. He wasn't sure how much time he had wasted talking to those guys so he knew he had to move fast if he didn't want to be caught. Nearing locker number 34, he sighed in relief by the fact that the area was clear of any pretty, violet haired girls. He stopped in front of her locker and slipped off his book-bag. He opened the bag and carefully slipped the flowers out of his bag. Luckily, they had not been too damaged on his way here. Quietly and quickly, he opened her locker door and gently placed the flowers on the top shelf of her locker. Tied with a red ribbon was a small card with her name written in cursive writing. Just as he was about to close the locker door, he heard an angry voice behind him.

"What are you doing in my locker?"

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