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Who Do You Think You Are
You're Not So Far Away

Once again, screams started filling the room- high-pitched and shrilly. The skeletal hospital patient viciously jerked and screamed as she jerked out her IVs and attempted to jump out of the bed. She almost made it to the door before Garfield Logan caught her and tried to drag her back to her bed.

"Raven, you have to calm down!" Nurses began to run into the room to help control the wild girl. With four nurses and Garfield, they were able to strap her down to the bed and inject her with a narcotic. But it didn't seem to have much effect on her as she kept trying to jerk out of her restraints. Tears were streaming down her face harder as her attempt to break free slowed.

Garfield backed up into a corner and began crying his eyes out has he watched his love break lose. He could only watch as life drained from her each day that passed. The doctors had told him earlier that it was too late for life support; she was just too far gone. He begged and begged them, but they said it wasn't worth the try- she'd die anyways. He slid down the wall and just sat with his head in his knees to hide the face that he was crying.

"Sir, are you okay?" A nurse politely tapped his shoulder to get his attention. He immediately swatted her hand away.

"I'm fine!" He yelled at the young girl and noticed her face became pale. "Look… I'm sorry. I'm fine, really." He softened his voice and tried to look as pleasant as possible. She nodded and backed off slowly and exited out of the room.

One of the nurses left glanced at him quickly and said, "Do you think you can handle her alone? If you think you need someone to stay… I can." She looked down at a crack in the floor and waited patiently for the response.

"No, I'd rather be alone with her… please."

She looked at his pleading eyes and nodded swiftly. "If you need anything, do not hesitate at all to ask me." She took a small glance at Raven and then quickly exited the hospital room before tears could fall.

"Garfield…" A weak voice crept out from the bed. Raven used all of her energy to summon him to her side.

Gar quickly scurried up and sat down on the chair he had pulled up to the bedside earlier. He grabbed her small hand and leaned in slightly to be able to hear her better.

"Garfield… how far gone… am I?" She looked up at him with confused eyes- faded eyes.

"The doctors said that… you probably won't last through the night. That scene you just caused didn't help much either- it drained a lot of your energy, as you can tell. Raven, you must try to stay as calm and relaxed as possible so you can maybe last a little longer. Please, just try." He lightly squeezed her cold hand hoping that maybe it would give her strength.

He watched as misery streamed down her face; there was nothing he could do to save her but wipe away the tears.



Garfield woke up to the whispers of his name being called beside him. It was a faint voice, but it was just audible enough.

"Garfield… please…" Raven started to grope Garfield's hand trying to pull her to him. He quickly took off her restraints and cradled her as close to his chest as possible. He lightly squeezed her for comfort, but it didn't seem like it helped. He gazed down into her eyes searching for any light, but her eyes were dull and faded.

"Garfield," She repeated slightly weaker than the last but she held up her head high, " I never got to tell you this, but I'd never had so much fun in my life until I met you," Her face fell a little, but she brought it back up enough just to finish her last words.

"…I love you." Then her head dropped completely, and her body became limp. A small sigh slipped from her lips and then she was gone forever.

"No!" Garfield shouted as he gripped her body tightly to his, "You can't leave me now! I love you!" He started to sob as his screams filled the room. Uncontrolled tears fell hard has he rocked back and forth with his dead lover in his arms. He started to cry so hard that his own tears began to choke him.

A nurse that was nearby on the night shift heard the commotion and ran down the empty hallway as fast as she could. As soon as she knew which room it was coming from, she gasped and burst through the door with her vibrant red hair following behind. She was stopped dead in her tracks when she became insight of the pitiful scene. She brought her tiny hand up to her mouth and had to quickly turn away; it was too sad to even look at.

"Don't leave me…"


In a small church way out in the woods, sat Garfield with his head held up strong. That was the only thing to do with out breaking into tears. It was getting harder and harder each day, and this wasn't helping. Looking at her cold and unnatural colored skin made him almost break down upon entering.

He sat by himself in the back away from the others. But, it wasn't hard, since there were only five people- including him- attending this sad funeral. The principal and the vice principal both sat in the second pew back from the front; a relative of some sort- probably an aunt- sat in the fourth pew back; and a young lady with vibrant red hair sat in the pew just in front of him, but against the wall.

His eyes wandered over to the empty seat marked 'Reserved' in the front- the seat reserved for a man so cruel and uncaring. Her father never did seem to care for her; he actually didn't seem to be nice at all- even to him. But he would have thought that of all days, Mr. Roth would attend his daughter's funeral. The world really is pathetic.

The preacher, standing behind a podium dressed in black robes, droned on about life and God and all sorts of things positive about her past life. Of what he knew about her, her past didn't seem so "positive" at all- more like lonely. She grew up with a neglective father, and no mother- who wouldn't be lonely? But soon into the mess of a speech, the preacher called him up to have a word or two- since he was the only one in the church close enough to the girl to even know something.

He shakily rose to his feet and slipped quietly up the aisle. As he did, memories started to whirl suddenly around his head- their first kiss; accidents; shopping. Every moment that he spent with her started zooming by on fast mode, and they weren't going to stop anytime soon. Even the lady with the vibrant red hair was amongst the slur of memories, and he couldn't help but steal a glace at her when he pasted. He held on tightly to the object in his hand as he silently got behind the podium.

"Love is not a word to be thrown around- love is a word that should be taken to heart and kept. Raven Roth was the type of person who was cautious with love; she didn't just give herself to anyone. She was stubborn and hard-headed, but inside, she was caring and compassionate. I ended up being one lucky man- she gave me her heart. Oh, I tried and tried to get her from the beginning- but she held strong.

You have no idea what it's like to have the love of your life die in your arms whispering a love confession. You have no idea what it was like, having to hold her cold and lifeless body to yours, trying to make her wake up. You have no idea what it's like to have her ripped from your arms even though you want to never let go. I'll tell you something- it is the worst feeling ever imaginable to experience this pain, but somehow, even though she is gone, I feel her presence with me- even now. She's with each and every one of you, and she's never going to let you go; she will watch over you and protect you; she will be a person to talk to, when you have no one else. She is just as lonely as we are. We just can't open our eyes to see that death is just another life, and she lives that life forever happier now that before."

He slowly stepped down and looked down. It was true- he could feel her presence right beside him- almost touching him- urging him to keep going. He took a breath and looked up to the people and saw a man that had slipped in just before his speech- her father. He looked up at Garfield and slightly smiled. Everyone's faces had different emotions going through them, but all eyes were on him. He could see sympathy and concern in each of their eyes, and it almost made him want to run away- so far away so no one could find him.

But he didn't. He held his head high and walked steadily to the end of the coffin that held his beloved. On a stand, he placed the object that he held so protectively down- it was time to let go. He swiftly turned and left the church, leaving everyone in admiration.

There, up on the stand, set a drawn and framed picture of Raven Roth looking confident and beautiful- just how she truly was. And a man with a tear in his eye, realizing just how much he really loved his daughter.

The End.


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