Dangerous Liaisons

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He had rested his back against the stone balcony. Obi-Wan had not bothered to move from the deep shadows that had crawled across the veranda with the setting sun.

"It was very kind of Senator Amidala to invite us to her Lakeside retreat for a few days of leave." Obi-Wan had muttered, his face blackened by the dusk. Anakin had nodded, leaving no room for a simple reply.

Padme was late. Anakin had supposed it was another meeting with the new Queen that had only a standard week before taken office in Theed. Padme had always been thorough in her duties.

His fingers had flexed over the rough hem of the balcony. The soft hum of birds had lost its approached, as the sky dispersed in colours. Obi-Wan had remained still on the chair that he had taken before the sliding door of the villa.

He had frowned. It did not feel right that she would leave them to wait for more than an hour. Padme was usually punctual and never left people waiting for too long.

"Relax, Anakin." Obi-Wan breathed, "I am sure that Senator Amidala is fine." Anakin had nodded. He would have known if something had happened to his beloved wife. No matter how far they were divided from one another, he would know if something had taken hold of his bride.

Anakin's eyes had rested on the spec that had began to grow in the nether regions of the Lake Country. The golden spectral had grown stronger as it cautiously made its way to the veranda, its arms bound in luggage.

He could make out her form as she departed from the small raft. Gi'deon had been the paddler today. He could hear Gi'deon's faint laughs as the boat departed to another dock lost on the other side of the lake.

"I am sorry for leaving you stranded out here for...over a standard hour!" She exclaimed, shocked by the time that she allowed pass in her meetings with the fair new queen.

Obi-Wan had muttered that it had been no waste of time to them. Anytime away from the horrors that had plagued the Clone Wars, brought no trouble to their hearts. She had bowed, her fingers crawled against Obi-Wan's back for a moment before she turned to face her husband.

"It is good to see you again, Anakin." She had brought herself to whimper. Anakin had nodded in reply, forced to stop himself from taking her into his arms and never allowing her to squirm away from him.

Her lips had quivered for a moment. The same tension had passed through her own body as she brought her hands down before her, clasped tightly into a ball.

"3P0 will you show our guests their bed chambers for their stay." She had broken the silence. The protocol droid had dumped her luggage away and heartily took the two men to the rooms that they could enjoy ten days worth of undisturbed rest.

Anakin had been quick to return to her. There lips had hungrily joined for a brief eternity. Obi-Wan had been quick to retire to his room, claiming unease from the long trips and the hours lost from slumber due to the war efforts.

"I missed you, Padme!" He had whispered into her soft coils of hair. She had rested her cheek against his breast, as they stood embraced on the veranda.

"I have missed you too, my love." She sighed against his strong chest. She had raised herself away from the embrace to entreat the comfort of his lips. He frowned, as their lips pulled away once again allowing a cold air to run between them.

"We can't." He whispered, as his fingers fumbled with the tails of her rouge dress. He refused to risk their exposure that would open them up to the media. The freshest meat to a galaxy full of scavengers.

"Why not?" Her lips pouted, as she withdrew from her husband's loving embrace. He had never refused her advancements before, especially after times that they had been departed for so long that it had been the only way to reimburst themselves for the time lost.

"Obi-Wan is here. If he caught us..." She had broken his muddle speech with a sensual kiss that had taken his breath away, that left him starved for air.

"I think it would be best if I slept in one of the guest chambers, Padme." He said sadly, his blue eyes drained of the happiness that had come to his heart when he had relaid eyes on her. She nodded, as he turned himself away from her to head back to the small chambers that he had left his small suitcase in.

He had no doubt that if he were to share the same chambers as his wife. He would end up making love to her.

"This should be interesting!" She had whispered to herself, as her mind cycled with ideas. Tomorrow would be interesting, she would make sure that if the day was not hot, her husband definately would be.

To Be Continued...

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